Everyone who has ever inserted a dollar or coin into a slot machine or placed chips on the green in a casino has fantasized about hitting the jackpot – a sum so large that they will never have to worry about money again, even if they are unaware of it. This is a delusion that all gamblers have, regardless of how much they attempt to reject it.

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Learn from the experiences of those on this list who were successful in their goal of winning a large sum of money at a casino, whether it was an online casino or a regular one in a real location. Some of them were fortunate, while others were not. So, without further ado, here are some of the strangest casino victories in gambling history:

I was awarded one and a half million dollars as a prize

Even though every gambler has heard at least a percentage of the urban legends linked with their industry, the following information is accurate. At one point, a man entered the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas while carrying two suitcases. One of the suitcases was empty, while the other was filled with cash. At the craps table, he bet the full amount, which was roughly $800,000 at the time, on a single roll of the dice. He was able to triple his bankroll with just one roll of the dice, and after he finished playing, he left the table with both of his bags full of cash.

21 million in prizes in the second occurrence

At the time, a 49-year-old business consultant put $10 on a Megabucks slot machine at Caesar’s Palace. The game was played about two decades ago. He was defeated. He amassed a million dollars in fortune after winning the slot machine’s jackpot on the first spin.

For the third time, he has won the equivalent of $34 million

A cocktail waitress at the now-defunct Desert Inn hotel-casino in Las Vegas won the then-record Megabucks jackpot of about $35 million in the year 2000. This was the greatest prize ever won by a single player at the time. At the time, this was the most lucrative reward ever won while playing Megabucks. A little more than a month and a half later, she and her sister were involved in a car accident caused by an inebriated motorist. The other driver was driving under the influence of alcohol. As a result of the accident, her sister was slain and left unable to care for herself.

The fourth instance winner won a sum of 22 million dollars

On her way to breakfast one morning, a woman in her seventies stopped by a casino to kill time. She was only passing the time. She bet just under $200 on a MegaBucks slot machine and won one million dollars as a result of her bet. What could be a more effective way to get the day started on the right foot?

Case number five resulted in a payout of more than $15 million to the winner

A corporate executive and former racetrack manager from Pennsylvania won nearly $15 million while playing blackjack in three different casinos in New Jersey. Even more impressive is the fact that he won this game without using dishonest strategies like card counting or cheating. Instead, he played the hand he was dealt and took advantage of the incentives and promotions that casinos were offering throughout the economic slump.

A little more than four million dollars in total prizes were distributed in the sixth case

Those who believe that playing penny slots will not make them any money could not be more wrong. Playing these machines can be extremely profitable. However, a player at the world-famous Caesar’s Palace Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, struck gold a few years ago when he won approximately $5,000,000 while playing a progressive Wheel of Fortune slot machine. The machine was purchased for one cent.

As the seventh illustration, about 12 million euros were awarded

One player earned about 12 million euros while playing the Arabian Nights progressive jackpot slot machine at an online casino. The internet casino’s tagline was “Anything Can Happen,” and it appears that at least one lucky slot player was able to capitalize on this attitude.

The eighth lawsuit was won for slightly under two million British pounds

This player was already well-known and worth several billion dollars, yet he was able to increase his fortune in the space of a single night. This lucky gambler won about two million British pounds while playing roulette for three hours in a London casino. His fortunate number in this tournament was 17, and he used it in every possible combination to earn great money for himself. He was able to win 480 thousand pounds using this strategy, which was three times the amount of money he had initially put in.

In this example, the prizes were close to one million dollars (case number 9)

Toward the close of the nineteenth century, one guy won a million dollars by playing his favorite game, roulette, for 11 straight hours. This participant completely depleted the participant’s bank account. His accomplishments were so impressive that they inspired Fred Gilbert to write a popular song about him and dedicate it to the public. And if you think stealing a bank for the first time is a fantastic accomplishment, consider that he did it twelve times in the span of one night.