With today’s smartphones, anything is possible. Even with the most basic of devices, users can read books, watch YouTube videos, play live baccarat casino games, and communicate with their friends. Furthermore, they can help you develop as an artist. Install one of these user-friendly painting apps on your device if you want to create stunning works of art.

Instrument of Reference for the Visual Arts

Because a painting is a story that has been preserved in time but lacks words, painters must use all of the nonverbal communication tools at their disposal. Handwork is treated with great care and significance by professionals, who place importance inon every gesture. Simultaneously, hands can be a source of frustration for beginners. Because of the intricate geometry of the hands and fingers, portraying them can be difficult.

The Handy Art Reference Tool attempts to address this issue

When it comes to motions within the app, you have several options to choose from. The brush and various parts of the forearm can be rotated to achieve the desired angle.

If you are dissatisfied with the available variants, you should create your reference. When the model is in a certain mode, it will display “bones.” You can rotate the model’s hand by moving it, which will bend and uns bend the model’s phalanges. Please keep in mind that the application does not take into account the constraints imposed by anatomy. As a result, it is simple to “break” fingers and twist them into unnatural positions.

In addition to models of hands, the Handy Art Reference Tool includes models of male and female heads, stumps, and skulls. There is a fee for purchasing models of animal feet and skulls.

If you need to illuminate a model, you can add up to three different light sources to a scenario. They travel in all directions at the same time. This should be enough to create a basic three-point lighting scheme that includes a primary light source, a backlight, and reflected light.

The Arts & Culture search engine on Google

You can get free admission to exhibits at over 1,200 museums around the world by using this Google-supplied software! People who do not have access to art in person can benefit greatly from using this app. You can zoom in to examine the nuances and strokes at a nice quality. Online exhibitions, daily art news summaries, and virtual tours of prominent locations around the world. This app contains not only these files, but also a wealth of other useful information.


Only iPad users will be able to use this editor. When it comes to digital drawing, ProCreate simulates the behavior of real materials.

The application comes with a large number of brushes already installed

There are approximately 200 individual elements that must be organized into groups. You can customize each one, including the stroke action, smoothness, form, and edge correction, among other things. Touch force, stroke speed, and stylus tilt are all factors considered by the tools. Other devices, in addition to the Apple Pencil, can be connected to the iPad.

Layers are natively supported in ProCreate, and the program includes over 25 different blending styles to choose from. This application includes eleven filters for creating the appearance of depth or motion, as well as other special effects. Your drawing is automatically saved after each touch to ensure that it is not lost if the device unexpectedly shuts down or the battery dies.

The completed work can be exported in a variety of formats, one of which is PSD

ProCreate also allows you to capture time-lapses in 4K resolution. You can share them in their entirety or in a condensed version that is only 30 seconds long on social media.

The app’s creators decided to capitalize on its popularity by releasing “Procreate Pocket,” a mobile version of the program. In any significant way, it differs from its predecessor. It is possible to draw on the phone, but it will be difficult because the screen is much smaller than that of a tablet. However, all of the necessary components are included. Its primary function is to be portable, allowing for quick sketches whenever inspiration strikes.

Artflow in the Studio (Artflow)

You can turn your smartphone or tablet into a digital sketchbook, complete with over 80 paint brushes, blot mode, fill, and eraser. You can let your imagination run wild with this simple and easy-to-use drawing and painting tool. You can use your smartphone instead of a traditional painting canvas because it allows you to control the amount of pressure applied by the stylus.

This software is free to download and use, but to gain access to a variety of additional features and capabilities, you must make a one-time purchase directly within the app to obtain the professional version. The purchase of a single license allows you to use the software on all devices that are linked to your Google account.

SketchBook by Autodesk

SketchBook by Autodesk is a raster-based graphics editor that simulates real-world drawing materials. It can be downloaded from the Autodesk website. It includes over 190 customizable brushes, markers, airbrushes, pencils, ballpoint pens, and other writing implements. The tools respond to the pressure and angle of the stylus, which determine how the paints are mixed and shaded. As a result, you’ll be able to make smooth transitions between color tones.

The user interface is straightforward and easystraightforward to grasp. Throughout the space, there is a strong emphasis on drawing. The mobile version and the desktop version are not all that dissimilar. You have the option of drawing with your finger or using a stylus connected to the tablet. The canvas can be rotated and scaled using gesture commands, as well as the image.