All About You (Krissie) Labor Day Edition

It’s starting out as kind of a Mournful Monday. Funny the stuff that can set you off – for me it was a dress shirt of Tim’s. It just brought back the time when things seemed relatively normal and there was a future ahead.
But weeping is a waste of time (though maybe occasional little weeps are all right – you can’t just ignore loss) as long as I put on my big girl panties and move forward. Though trust me, even keeping almost 30 pounds off, my panties are always big girl.
It’s a cool, glorious day in the north country. I have a lovely cup of Sumatran coffee, my children are stable, I’ve had fun with my heritage BFF (Sally) and I get to spend time with my indie BFF next month (that’s Sally and Jenny), and I get to spend a week with my grandchildren due to unforeseen circumstances. I have a pretty close relationship with my almost-DIL, which is lovely, so I get to help out, etc. Sometimes DILs can make it hard to see the grandchildren, and God knows Erin’s family tries to keep me away, though I think they’ve finally begun to accept that we’re part of the kids’ family (grudgingly).
So, tell me what your week looks like. (No, this isn’t a stupid, disinterested (I just accidentally spelled disinterred) writer on Facebook trying to drum up hits, this is me and community wanting to know). Do you have one thing of joy you’re looking forward to? One thing you’re dreading?
My joy is seeing my grandchildren on Saturday. Beyond joy.
Am I dreading anything? Not crazy about the flight. Oh, I know. I only have a 55 minute layover in Atlanta, and I can’t move fast (leg gives way). Kinda dreading that.
But most of all I soldier on, and even on a Mournful Monday I taste the Sumatran coffee and watch the the bright orange and red leaves dance in the breeze..
So, tell me about your upcoming week.

Working Wednesdays: Finally, It’s Fallish

So it’s considerably cooler this week, and I’m considerably more in the mood to work.  I realize it’s still August, but once the temps are back in the 60s and 70s, my thoughts turn to Getting Things Done.

What are you Getting Done this week? (Or Got Done last?)



OK, here I am, chiming in.  Let’s see if I’ve got some sewing room photos.  Jeesh!  There’s nothing on this computer.  Oh, well.  Here are my sewing duties.  Put new binding on a dress and a top (I took the old binding off and changed the shoulder seems so the neckline wouldn’t be so loose.  I have narrow shoulders and with plus sizes they tend to upsize everything, including the shoulders.  Though actually I’m wearing a lot of non-plus size clothes nowadays).  I need to sandwich at least three quilts – the farmyard one (fabric bought the day I learned I had to have a hysterectomy in 5 days – lots of years ago) and the batik quilt, made from a jelly roll Jenny got me, and Alex’s flannel quilt, which might need one more border.  I’ve got backing and batting for each – I just have to get it together).  Then put gussets in the mismarked skirt and and dress..  Gotta dig out my poor machine first.  Here’s a reminder of the sewing room.


All About You (Krissie)

Ah screw trying to come up with a photo.  I just gotta get to work.

True confession time = I didn’t write last week.  Seemed like just too much stuff was going on.  I did get a bit more work done on the sewing room, but that’s because I’d go to bed and not be able to sleep so I got up and folded fabric.  Oh, I know why I didn’t work – Monday and Tuesday I spent the days with Sally, mostly playing the guitar, because she was heading down to NYC and when she came back her son will be visiting, so that’s pretty much the end of her visit.  I don’t know what I did on Wednesday but Thursday Richie and I finally got to the big city for much-needed shopping, and Friday … God, I don’t remember.  Not work.  Saturday a funeral, reception and then visited relatives.  Sunday, church, then lunch with said relatives.  I baked a double batch of blueberry coffee cake (from our blueberries) and froze half, I cleaned the kitchen (amazing!) and … damn, I don’t know what I did.  Still working on the time management thing, and I’ll get there.  But I’ve been happy.

Today’s Daniel’s (older child) birthday.  He’s 32 and has worked less than a year in his life.  Sigh.  Somehow my kids turned into special needs children when we weren’t looking.  At least I don’t have to feel guilty about my laissez-faire style of parenting.  Strict boundaries wouldn’t have helped them – they just have their own issues, some of which may come from adoption.  But I love them both desperately, as does Richie, and mostly we try to support without enabling.  Best we can do.

We’re having gorgeous, cool weather.  Summer is over.  Disasters keep flooding the world (Texas in our country, Sudan and shit, is it Yemen?  I don’t even remember where the terrible humanitarian crisis is.  It’s shameful that I waste more attention on 45’s foolishness and not what matters, which is people.)

So, this week.  Finish the book or die trying (not really).  Get the other two cabinets up into the sewing room and work on more organizing.  Enjoy the weather.  Do some sewing.  Love my children.  Find ways to make money.

I feel so old and wise  now.  We had lunch with long lost relatives (my beloved cousin Jody’s children) and loved what they were doing, the stupid financial choices they made out of love of art.  They were beating themselves up over it (Josy and Jason tried to start a theater company and lost $400,000).  I told them that when they’re older they’ll be proud and happy they did it, even if it failed.  And they’re still fighting the good fight – Josy got her graduate degree and works for the California Arts Council (or whatever their official name is) and Jason, who got a law degree, is a lawyer for charter schools and works in special ed.  I’m so happy and proud of them.  Her brother Jackson (lots of J’s there) is working for a company (I sat too far away to get the deets) but he looks happy and healthy and he has a lovely girlfriend he’s been with for years.

I like to concentrate on the goodness of things.  I had a little meltdown over 45 on Friday, and I’ll continue to get outraged and be part of the resistance, but I’m still going to try to reach for joy and beauty and love every time I can.  Which, I think, is why I’m happy.  Even when I’m depressed I still tend to reach out for those things.  It’s only when it’s really bad that I can’t see them.

I know Jenny talked about happiness for the week.   I’ve got an alternative question – what do you do to reach out for joy, instead of waiting for it to come to you?  At the end of Scrooged the Bill Murray character says you have to be greedy for love and goodness, and I think that’s true.  Sometimes you have to chase it down.  Do you guys have any way you use, and if you don’t, we should brainstorm some ways to do it.  Like walk in a garden.  Swim in a lake.  Reread a beloved book.  Clean the kitchen (some people find joy in polished surfaces – I’m not judging).  Oh, and singing.

I’ll tell you what’s on your agenda this week – identifying a way to seize beauty and kindness in your life.  Any of you figured this out already?

Working Wednesdays Are a Lot of Work

I have a ton of work to do today because I blew off yesterday–spent the day with my grandkids and–and blew Monday on the latest season of Midsommer Murders.   Mostly I’m doing things while waiting for impeachment, but at least I’m doing things.  I may even have figured out a way to do my ceilings in the workroom and bedroom.

So what have you been up to, working wise?