When there are so many new online slot games to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one to play first. Should you take a chance on something fresh and exciting, or should you stick to your favorite slots? It’s nothing to be concerned about. Here are a few of the top NetEnt slot machines that you should try in 2018.

NetEnt has hundreds of different online slots to choose from, and the company releases a few new ones every month. This enables NetEnt to serve a wide range of users. The majority of their slot machines have a variety of scatter symbols, wild symbols, free spins, and bonus games.


Despite its simplicity, this game is great. Glow is a NetEnt video slot with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The stunning natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights serves as the inspiration for this online slot game. This online slot game is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs.

Glow is a slot that emanates class when it comes to overall visual appeal. It is quite magnificent in its loveliness to gaze at. As you spin the reels, you get a sense of tranquility as you gaze up at the vibrant colors in the sky. In addition, you will be listening to calming music. The background is a stunning nighttime forest image with only the moon and stars as light sources. When exposed to darkness, the symbols represent a variety of creatures that light up.


Can you identify whether this game is about hell or heaven just by looking at the name? However, one thing cannot be denied. This slot game, which has 6 reels and 100 pay lines, may be played online. As a result, it appears to be quite enticing. You can easily access and play this online slot machine from a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device.

This internet video slot game has a stunning interface, and NetEnt did an excellent job building it. In Archangels, hell and heaven appear to be entirely united. On the left side of the reel, you’ll notice several patterns with angels. It is rich with icy tones and exceedingly pure white colors. A gorgeous angel warrior may be seen circling the mountains in the distance. The design on the right, on the other hand, is opposed to that on the left. On the right reel, you will see a demon standing on the molten ground and surrounded by very hot smoke.

When it comes to the problem with the wild, you will find a 2×2 wild. Except for the scatter, this will substitute for every sign. Aside from the wild, there are a few other fantastic attractions to be discovered here. The first of the infernal features is one that randomly adds wild symbols to the reels. The Heaven feature, which increases the number of wild stacks, is the second.

As a last bonus, you will be given a free spin bonus feature. When you trigger it, you will be granted 25 free spins, as well as six, scatter symbols in the correct order. This slot machine, which can be played online, is impressive. Furthermore, if lady luck is on your side, the bonus providing free spins has the potential to increase your total stake by a heavenly 375 times.

A Case for Fruit

Everyone enjoys playing traditional fruit-themed online slot machines. It is one of the most frequently used positions available. Fortunately for us, Fruit Case is another terrific NetEnt slot game that can be played this year. It is a 5-reel, 20-pay line video slot machine with a fruit-themed theme. It employs a more typical slot arrangement. On the other hand, it has its distinct flavor. The Fruit Case offers a large selection of preserves and scrumptious jams in addition to wonderful fruits.

For some reason, people like Fruit Case’s absurdity. The reels have a fruity design with individuals with comical faces depicted as strawberries, oranges, pears, and lemons.

Its gameplay is straightforward and pleasant, as it is in any other fruit-themed slot. You will be granted a prize if you successfully land a combination of symbols that run from the right to the left reel. This online slot game offers a wealth of extraterrestrial bonuses. This means that after each of your victories, the winning symbols will explode and be replaced by other symbols. As a result, if you are fortunate enough, you will have the chance to win numerous times in a row.

Furthermore, the multipliers increase by up to eight times with each win. This is exciting. Furthermore, wins that include a wild will be rewarded with a wild multiplier. As a result of this, things are going to get a lot more exciting. If you appreciate fruit machine slots with a variety of distinct elements, you will enjoy Fruit Case.

The Golden Grimoire

While playing this internet slot machine, you will have a surreal experience. NetEnt created this video slot game, which has 5 reels and a total of 20 pay lines. Do you know what the phrase “grimoire” means? To clarify for those who are unaware, this item is extremely enchanting. A grimoire is a book of magic in the possession of a magician. The Grimoire is essentially a compilation of the most potent magical knowledge, spells, and secrets. As a matter of course and by definition, you should expect this online slot to be jam-packed with enchanting rewards and awards.

When you spin the reels, you will have the sense that you have been transported to a fantasy destination. The fact that the sorcerer’s lair is barely lit by a couple of candles adds to the sense of mystery surrounding the slot machine. The symbols contribute to the game’s overall impression of being magical because they sparkle on the reels.

The golden skull is the symbol you should look out for when playing this online slot machine. This scatter symbol can reveal a few enchanting treats for the player. When you activate the free spins feature by collecting three or more scatter symbols, the game’s excitement level rises automatically. The bonus round will begin with a total of eight free spins. However, once you have them, you will never be able to get them again.

The mystery book symbol might appear on additional reels during the free spins feature. This boosts your chances of winning more valuable prizes. When you successfully land a mystery symbol, it will transform into a sticky. They will remain in that place until the feature concludes. This slot’s overall quality is excellent. It’s thrilling, gratifying, and lovely all at the same time

These are just a few of the casino games that NetEnt will offer in 2020. There are other slot machines available, each of which provides a distinct experience while also delivering high payouts.