Working Wednesdays: The Work Never Ends

Krissie was here and we spent the week cleaning my living room.  It’s still not cleared out.  That’s how bad it is.  But it’s BETTER.  And Krissie has a car full of yarn, and I can see the floor.  I also took some of my WiPs (Works in Progress) and gave them to Krissie, frogged them, or threw them out.  I still have baskets of them, but the ones that are left now are the ones I want to finish.  Goal for today: Get the dining room table off the front patio.   BIg Plans.

How was your work week?

All About You: The On The Road Edition

Krissie has just pulled out of my driveway with  a chunk of my yarn stash in the back of her car along with the shopping she did while she was here and her overnight bags (notice the plural) and  her cooler and a lot of grapes and tonic water.   She did not take Milton (although she tried).

So Krissie’s on the road for the next seven hours.  I was up until four, so I need at least another hour of sleep and then it’s back to cleaning out the house and finishing Nita.  What’s up for you? Continue reading

All About You (Krissie)

Yeah, that’s not me. I thought taking my picture this morning would be boring so I looked among pictures stashed on my desktop and thought, there’s never too much Hiddleston in this world, even on Pinterest.
Got a thousand things to do, coz I get to go down to see Crusie tomorrow! Gotta cancel the knee surgery (more later), order refills, deal with all sorts of ephemera. I finished the taxes (phew!) and now I can enjoy myself for a few days (though I’ll work in NJ too).
One hassle – I was going to bring beer down as a present for Mollie. Up the road is a world class brewery – people come from all over the world to get their special brews. I was going to bring down a couple of growlers, and Richie was going up to buy them when we discovered they’re closed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (and last week they were closed on Saturday as well). With the brewery they don’t give a shit that it’s one of the biggest tourist weekends in VT (Columbus Day and Canada Thanksgiving) and they just closed. (No matter what time of year or time of day you have to be prepared to stand in line to get your beer – they’re that hot shit).
I’m really lucky in that I have two BFFs that I can have girl time with. With Crusie we talk writing, pop culture, crochet, and everything else. With Sally we talk family history, quilting, k-dramas and everything else.

So here’s the question. Do all of you have a BFF that you get to run away with/to every now and then? Or do you have to live through it vicariously? My sister actually used to be one of my BFF’s. We did masses of stuff together – travelled, shopped, took each other to the doctor, etc. I just realized that’s not usual. I also realized that I’m actually suffering from some PTSD from my mother’s rages. Interesting.

Anyway, do you get Girl Time with friends or sisters? The soul needs it, as well as a room of one’s own.

I promise reports and pictures from NJ.