Working Wednesday: March 14, 2018

Krissie put up the first ReFab post on the last day of 2011 and started a great blog.  She had big plans (post every day?) and the idea of the blog morphed over the years, but it was always a private-ish space where we could talk about personal things that didn’t belong on our regular professional (ha) blogs.  I’m going through some of my old posts here now, planning on copying some to Argh so they’re in the archives there, and we definitely had some good times here.   We’ll have more, we’ll just have them over on Argh and Drama Queen.

So thank you all for playing along with us for five years.  We couldn’t have done ReFab without you.

Working Wednesdays have now moved to Argh:

Come on over . . .










Happy Trails (Krissie)

The sun’s sinking in the west and this ol’ cowgirl’s heading for the last roundup.  Okay, enough of that fantasy – the only roundup I want to head for is one with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in Cowboys and Aliens.  Terrible movie, but two fine men.  I’ll take turns.

But I digress.  We’re closing down good old Refab – we’ve both got lots on our plates (a metaphor – we’re dieting) and we need to gather the wagons.

Why am I stuck in the old west?  I have no idea where that came from, but I seem firmly ensconced there.  I can’t think of any other cowboy I’d like to strip down and cuddle with , using his saddle for a pillow …  Aha, I’ve got it! Sam Elliott!  . I’d lay my bedroll next to his anytime. Oh, my!

And of course, David Carradine as Shane, be still my heart.

I never change, lusty old crone that I am. Anyway, Jenny and I are now so completely fabulous that there’s no room for improvement. Just kidding. She’ll be putting the Happiness posts and the Working Wednesday posts up on Argh, and I’ll continue my ramblings at and Jenny and I will never speak to each other again because … God, can’t even come up with a believable joke. Just kidding, folks. BFF means Forever. We’ll do some chats on Argh (surprise, Jenny!) and to keep you entertained. Hmmm, might even be fun doing a live one.

We’ll close down at the end of the week, and catch up with our guests and favorites and co-founder (Lani). Keep tuned for one last space of time and then, adios, amigos.

(where the fuck did the old west come from?)

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Krissie and I are both swamped, so we’re shutting down ReFab again, BUT we’re moving Happiness Sundays and Working Wednesdays to Argh, and Krissie’s Monday updates to her blog.  Krissie’ll post a good-bye notice tomorrow with a link to her blog.  For now, here’s your link to Happiness Sunday:

The Happiness of Power



Working Wednesday: Back Next Week

So I still don’t have power which is what happened to Happiness Sunday, and I’m not supposed to get power until Friday, but I am supposed to get eight to twelve inches of snow tonight . . .

I’m thinking about the Instagram thing and I think it solves our can’t-post-pictures here problem.  I’m thinking hashtag #workingwednesdaypix because that’s really easy to remember.

I’m also thinking it’s time I bought a big expensive generator, but that’s another story.

Working Wednesday February 28, 2018

So I’m still working my way through the house, but I’m making progress.  Got a box of kitchen stuff ready to go to Goodwill (I thought, “Why do I need two butter dishes?” and then I thought, “Why do I need ANY butter dish?” and boxed them both.  PROGRESS.)  Clothes next week.  I was inspired by a BookBub sale book, Dana White’s How To Manage Your House Without Losing Your Mind.  I don’t think there’s anything new in there, but I’m liking it and I’m reading it at a time I need to hear it, so it’s good.  I got way behind on the picture a day thing, but I’m going to try again starting tomorrow.  I made stuff all those days, it was just getting pictures of it . . .

How did work work out for you this week?

Busy woman (Krissie)

. There’s an old song from the Shangri-la’s (a girl group from the ’60s who did Leader of the Pack) called “Give Him a Great Big Kiss” that starts out with someone saying in a heavy Long Island accent, “when I say I’m in love you’d best believe I’m in love.”
Which brings me to my little friend. (As in “say hello to my little friend.”). Gorgeous isn’t he? A company called Hot Toy makes some incredibly accurate head casts of cult characters – actually they make the whole toy and they cost about $300. I’m not going to throw that kind of money at my latest inspiration (hero of Wildfire, Heartless, and probably something else) but on ebay you can buy the heads separately for about $30 and a body for just a little bit more. So my darling, long-suffering husband attached Tom’s head for me, and I managed his feet (his hands were already attached). I stripped an old GI Joe and dressed Hiddles up like Jonathon Pine and now he sits in my window and I smile at him.
My darling husband has had to live with this all our long, married life (43rd anniversary next Thursday), and he just rolls his eyes and rolls with it. He’s not a man who’s easily threatened, God bless him, and I always put my passions into books. Starting with … oh, Jesus, starting with Troy Donahue when I was in fifth grade (I’m ooooold) through Jerry Orbach in 8th grade. I even wrote a beginning with John Lithgow as a Scottish hero (the Laird of LinLithgow), when I was a freshman in high school and he was a senior and president of the student council. Sigh.
Richie survived androgynous Japanese rock stars, Don Johnson (I’m sorry, I’m sorry but Long Hot Summer was hot!). I imagine I’ll be in my nineties, we’ll be sitting in rocking chairs and I’ll be cackling about how lustworthy Hiddleston’s son is (no, his son hasn’t been born, don’t panic). I’m irredeemable. My cousin Helen, who’s 8 years older than me, chastised me a couple of years ago (I was lusting after an Irish actor in our local theater group who would have been a perfect person to play one of my heroes but then he turned out to hate children and shag every available female in the troupe so alas, he got ditched) – anyway, Helen said I was too old for such shenanigans. Never! I cried.
Not even in my 90s.
Anyone want to admit their secret lusts? Mine tend to be elegant and British, ones who could easily play a vampire, but I have a weakness for Vin Diesel and Russell Crowe as well, two exceptionally manly men. There are just so many luscious creatures out there.
And I won’t bring you down by telling you what I really think of men in general. Just that Richie broke the mold, and the rest of them ….
No, Krissie! Behave yourself. I love people on a one to one basis. People in groups or strata, not so much. And I’ve always been a mouthy, uppity woman. It’s likely a very good thing that I wasn’t pretty – I would have destroyed the world.
If anyone’s interested in seeing Tom in action, Wildfire and the two preceding books, Consumed by Fire (fabulous) and Driven by Fire (not so much) are on sale through the end of the month, with the audio versions ridiculously cheap. At Amazon, of course, since they published them, as well as the House of Russell historicals with three sisters going undercover in service to discover their father’s killer.
Montlake thinks my heroes are too dark. I think they’re yummy.
Ok, that’s the end of the advertisement. Tell me who you think is hot. I’ve got Adam Driver for the MIP, but I have an unending need for hero fodder.

Joy: Sock It To Me

One of the most important things about finding happiness is finding out what triggers it.  The more triggers the better, of course, but one of my big joy-starters is socks.

I’m writing a book that has a lot of socks in it, and (thanks to help from the Argh people) I’m finding marvelous socks for the heroine to wear.  My favorite so far is Cthulhu (another motif in the book) swimming while holding a pole that has the a puppet head of the Loch Ness Monster sticking up above the surface of the lake.  Cthulhu is on one leg and and the puppet head is on the other.  I went to look for a picture to show you, and they’ve disappeared from the net.  I know they exist, they’re sitting on the dresser in the guest room right now, but as far as the internet goes, they’re gone.

All of which is to say, hold fast to joy or it goes.  What kick-started your joy this week?