If a person wants to play online slots at the top online casino in Malaysia or Singapore, they will come across several terms that could make the procedure more complicated. By becoming familiar with the vocabulary involved with the game, gamblers can increase their grasp of the game and their strategy. The following are some general terms that slot machine players may encounter when playing the machines: 

Terms Used for Different Types of Slot Machines

  • 3D Video Slots are more advanced slot games that contain three-dimensional graphic elements and animations.
  • Three columns of symbols revolve around the reels in a counterclockwise orientation on three-reel slot machines. The slot machine configuration is most commonly referred to as the “traditional.”
  • 5-Reel Slot Machines are slot machines with five reels that spin to reveal five columns of symbols. Players in both physical and virtual casinos will frequently refer to these games as the “modern version” of the slot machines they provide.
  • 6-Reel Slot Machines are slot machines with six distinct columns of symbols that spin in a circle. Any combination of letters, numbers, and/or symbols can be used as these symbols. The bulk of the time, they come with extra features.
  • The term “activity” refers to either the total amount of money wagered by players over a set period or the total amount of time spent playing the slot machine. This number provides numerous options for profit.
  • Slot machines that pay out in any order Paylines can run in both ways, from right to left and left to right.
  • A slot machine’s Autoplay and Autospin functions allow players to choose a stake and a predetermined number of spins that the machine will perform automatically without their input. Gamblers have the ability to opt-out of this at any time.
  • Standard slot machine symbols are bars with the word “BAR” in white writing emblazoned across them. In most circumstances, the combination results in the lowest possible reward. As an alternative, a single layer, a double layer, or even a triple layer can be stacked.
  • When a slot machine has only one pay line and three reels, it is said to be of the basic sort. Because these slot machines do not have any additional features, the prize that can be won will never vary.

Terms You Need to Know when it comes to bets and wagers:

  • The “bet” refers to the amount of money wagered on each spin of the wheel.
  • Max or Max wager The term “bet” refers to a circumstance in which players gamble the maximum amount permitted by the slot machine.
  • Minimum/Minimum Bet Bets are considered placed when players wager at least the minimum amount allowed by the slot machine.
  • Stake One is the slot machine’s default option, and it refers to the condition in which players only stake one credit or denomination at a time.
  • The “big hit” is the maximum payment that may be obtained from a slot machine.
  • The phrases “extra spins,” “additional wilds,” and “another win potential” are meant to be regarded as “bonus feature” and “bonus game,” respectively when referring to slot machines.
  • A “Bonus Round” is a game-playing event that challenges participants to make decisions to win more prizes.
  • If a player has met the required minimum wager amount for each spin, they are eligible for the “Buy a Pay” awards. Players will players may be unable to win jackpots if they do not wager a certain amount of money.
  • When the Buy a Feature option is selected in a casino, players are offered access to a certain collection of bonuses or game modes in exchange for gambling a minimum amount on each spin.
  • When engaged, a slot machine’s Cascading Wilds feature turns more symbols on the reels into wilds, improving the player’s chances of winning.
  • Casinos give comps in the form of free cash or other awards to patrons who have proven a regular level of play at the venue.
  • A gambler will receive a specified amount of credits in exchange for their wager after inserting cash into a slot machine. Symbols indicating available credit are often flashed on the machines’ displays.
  • When playing slot machines, the phrase “denomination” refers to the monetary value of a single coin. Players at several types of slot machines have the option to change the coin value.
  • Demo slots are slot machines that provide gamers with a fun and varied gaming experience. Online casinos often have demo slots. Players who use this type of slot machine will never have the opportunity to win real money.

Features of slot machines:

  • The Drops slot machine provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience in which traditional slot machine spinning wheels are replaced by number drops from the ceiling.
  • Expanding Wilds are a one-of-a-kind wild symbol that can either cover an entire reel or expand in any way that the game’s designer chooses. They are triggered at random whenever a wild symbol appears anywhere on the game’s reels.
  • The term “features” refers to any additional winnings, bonuses, or games that a player can obtain by accumulating a certain number of wins. Free spins, side games, and bonus rounds are examples of features.
  • The “fixed jackpot” is the amount of money that a player is guaranteed to receive if they hit the jackpot combination. Because flat-top slot machines are the most common type of slot machine, they are the most likely source of these prizes.
  • The Gamble function allows players to multiply the amount they won on their most recent winning spin by a factor of two.
  • The terms “hit” and “win” are synonymous and can be used interchangeably.
  • The jackpot is the top prize on a slot machine, and it can only be won in very specific circumstances. In most cases, to have a chance at winning the jackpot, a player must place the highest wager possible.
  • Slot machines with a higher than average return to player percentage are referred to as “loose slots” (RTP).
  • Mobile Slots, which are slot machines with touchscreen controls that can be played on smartphones and tablets, are available to players in Singapore and Malaysia. Mobile casinos in those two countries offer mobile slots.
  • Slot machines with multiple pay lines are known as multi-line slot machines. When a player plays an additional line, both their total wager and the number of possible winning combinations increase.
  • A multiplier is a feature or symbol that can increase the player’s potential winnings in some way. When a gambler wins, the amount of money won is multiplied by three.
  • Nudge slots are a type of slot machine in which the symbols on the reels continue to move vertically after the reels stop spinning.

The terms for Payment Wagers:

  • The “payback percentage” refers to the total amount that a slot machine will pay out over its lifetime. “RTP,” which is an abbreviation for “return to player,” is a common synonym for “return to player.”
  • To win a stake or series of wagers, players must match the pay line, also known as a line or pattern. The payline could run diagonally, straight down the middle, or even zigzag.
  • When a player obtains a winning combination, they are entitled to a payout, which is the amount of money received. The amount wagered, the symbols and any active multipliers all contribute to the payoff.
  • The “paytable” of a slot machine is the page or area of the machine that contains an outline of all of the different ways in which players can win money from the game. Furthermore, paytables explain the game’s rules and symbols, as well as the steps required to activate any bonuses and receive their associated benefits.
  • Slot machines that accept cents have multiple pay lines, but players can only bet one penny on each line. Popular because they provide hours of entertainment while posing only a minor risk of bodily harm.
  • Progressive jackpot slot machines feature a large prize that grows in size until it is won. The jackpot can only be won after the machine has been played a sufficient number of times. The player prizes in these games typically have a low rate of return. When a player successfully claims the jackpot, it is reset to its original value.
  • The Random Number Generator (RNG) is the component of the slot machine that determines where the symbols land. The software employs a mathematical method to generate a completely random symbol location for every spin of the machine.
  • “Reels” are columns that can hold a variety of symbols and are found in slot machines.
  • The term “return to player” refers to the percentage of total bets that the gaming machine returns to the players. This figure is given as a percentage (RTP). The proportion of RTP can be calculated by analyzing data from thousands of spins.
  • The rollover requirement is the total amount that a player must wager to be eligible for a bonus offer. Before a player can receive the bonus offer, this condition must be met.
  • Slot machines have rows, which are lines that run vertically across the screen and contain a variety of symbols.
  • A scatter symbol awards a payout to the player, and in most games, that symbol also grants the player access to a bonus round or another special feature.
  • When the cutting-edge Second Screen Bonus feature is activated, players have whisked away from the main reels and into a fresh take on the minigame format.
  • By clicking the Use/Select Lines button, players can activate or deactivate paylines. The number of lines chosen has a direct impact on both the amount of money risked and the player’s chances of winning a payment.
  • Shifting Wilds and Sliding Wilds both refer to the same type of unique wild symbol that, like expanding wilds, covers multiple reels across the game’s horizontal axis.

Here are detailed terms for different bonuses:

  • “Skill-based bonus rounds” are bonuses that reward players based on their performance in a minigame that assesses their abilities. These bonuses are given to players based on how well they perform in these minigames.
  • When a dedicated slot player joins a VIP club such as the Slot Club or the Player’s Club, they can earn bonuses and other rewards for their play.
  • Slots for levers The lever or arm that is positioned on the slot machine’s side.
  • In slot tournaments, which require a fee to enter, players compete against one another in a race against the clock or a predetermined number of credits. The player with the highest score will receive a larger number of prizes or free play credits.
  • One complete round of the slot machine
  • The practice of awarding larger payouts to players who have contributed a greater total amount of coins is referred to as “staggered payment.”
  • The various images, numbers, and bars that appear on the reels of a slot machine are referred to collectively as symbols. Each symbol is associated with a specific number of reward points. Furthermore, the use of specific symbols allows the deployment of specialized abilities.
  • Tight slots are slot machines that have a low return to player percentage, also known as RTP.
  • The total of all bets placed before a spin is referred to as the “Total Bet.”
  • Slot machines can have a variety of column structures, each with its own set of reels. The unique reels could be displayed in a hexagonal, vertical, or horizontal tower arrangement.
  • People frequently refer to a game’s variance or volatility when discussing its dependability. Payouts from low-variance machines are more frequent but lower in value, whereas payouts from high-variance machines are more frequent but higher in value.

More important Slot machine terms:

  • The video slot machine is a type of slot machine with no moving parts. On the screen, there is an animation that simulates the reels, complete with high-quality visual and aural effects. Video slots include all of the slot machines that are currently available via the internet and mobile devices.
  • The Strategy for Success A slot machine is a type of slot machine that does not have pay lines but allows players to win with any combination of symbols. The only variable is the player’s stake; the coin denominations and the number of coins played remain constant. The player, however, cannot change the number of lines on which they bet. Slot machines may offer 243, 1,024, or even 3,125 different ways to win the jackpot.
  • A wild symbol can be substituted for any other symbol except the bonus and scatter symbols.
  • When activated, a slot machine’s Wild Multiplier function multiplies the payouts for winning combinations that include wild symbols.
  • A prize is awarded to a player who successfully lands a series of matching symbols on an active payline.
  • A “win both ways” combination is profitable in both the left-to-right and right-to-left directions. This type of combination has the potential to pay off in both directions.
  • A zigzag payline is defined as “a pay line that moves across the rows and columns of the reels in a crooked line.” Typically found in brand-new slot machines with the most recent technological advances.
  • Players in Singapore and Malaysia who enjoy playing online slots may come across a plethora of unique jargon terms while doing so. The goal of this article is to familiarize readers with the aforementioned phrases so that they can have a better overall experience when playing the game. 
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Now that you have all the terms needed to start playing on those slot machines!