The United States of America is probably the only country whose name is universally associated with poker, the world’s most popular card game. According to the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the longest-running and most prestigious series of poker tournaments on the planet, which is sponsored by Caesars Entertainment, more than one hundred million people play poker online, with sixty million of these players having an IP address in the United States. As a result, despite popular belief, the game, which originated in the French Poque, is still a popular American pastime. The game’s origins can be traced back to the French Poque period.

Card gambling is a popular form of entertainment in many US territories, even though it is not legal everywhere. This is largely due to the skill component of poker as well as its long historical pedigree. It first gained popularity in the American South in the nineteenth century, but it was the military that spread it throughout the rest of the country. As a result, there are many areas in the United States where this game has thrived and where gamblers of all skill levels can enjoy a variety of card rooms.

The itinerary below is for a road trip from the east to the west coast of the United States, stopping in six cities known for their premium card excitement and fun. Many of the locations mentioned are also WSOP and WPT tournament venues. Playing online Texas Holdem poker during a tour is always a great way to improve one’s skill set before sitting down at a table with professionals. Those who are interested in participating in such games should give it serious thought.

Los Angeles, California

Poker is very popular in California. This much is obvious given the Golden State’s sixty-six card rooms. Even though only six of these are in the greater Los Angeles area, the City of Angels is always worth a visit because it has a diverse local culture that every traveler should explore. In addition, the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles are a compelling reason to visit. Those interested in cards, on the other hand, can make up for the cost of their gas by visiting the Bicycle Casino or the Gardens Casino, both of which have more than one hundred and eight poker tables.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Without a doubt, Sin City is the gambling capital of North America. Even though Macau brings in more money from gambling on an annual basis, it is very likely the world’s largest. However, the once-Portuguese colony, which is now a Chinese special administrative region, lacks the allure that Vegas has amassed over the last half-century. As a result, there are numerous reasons to visit Nevada’s most populous city, which is home to twenty-five different poker rooms. The lesser-known Orleans Casino in Las Vegas has thirty-four tables, making it the establishment with the most tables in the city. This is two more than the Venetians have. In 2022, Bally’s Casino will host the main event of the World Series of Poker.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is not typically the first city that comes to mind when discussing resort cities, despite being widely regarded as the world’s best golf destination. Nonetheless, it has the most high-end spas, a diverse selection of hip galleries, a seemingly endless supply of posh restaurants, and more than a few shopping malls. Because of the combination of all of these different properties, it is a popular tourist destination among professionals. Scottsdale also has a thriving poker community. The city is home to thirty-six casinos, the majority of which have poker rooms for their customers. The Arena Poker Room, located at 9800 E. Talking Stick Way, is unquestionably the largest card room in Arizona, with 47 gaming tables spread across its floor.

Kansas City, Missouri

Although Missouri was the territory in the United States with the most caves and the eastern starting point for the Pony Express, the majority of Americans associate the state with riverboat casinos and illegal gambling. This is even though Missouri was the territory with the most caves in the United States. At this time, the Show-Me State allows the operation of eleven distinct types of gaming boats within its borders. There are four of these in Kansas City, and three of them offer poker to their customers. Harrah’s Kansas City is the most reputable establishment in the state of Missouri for playing Texas Holdem, according to reviews that can be found online. There is the standard Caesars Rewards Players Card available, and it is a recognized satellite for the World Series of Poker.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ten of Pennsylvania’s twelve casinos feature dedicated poker rooms for player competition. However, there are only three locations within Philadelphia and its surrounding areas that offer card gambling. It is generally agreed upon that the poker room at Harrah’s in Chester, Pennsylvania, is the most important hub for high-stakes poker entertainment in the state. In addition to daily tournaments, there are twenty-eight cash tables available. The card room in the Parx Casino is not nearly as luxurious as the one in the Sands Casino, but it is a lot bigger than the one in the Sands Casino. There is a daily competition, a bad-beat jackpot, and eighty different tables to choose from. The Poker Night in America room at SugarHouse casino frequently hosts both live and televised high-stakes cash games and tournaments. This is not the least of the casino’s offerings.

The New Jersey city of Atlantic City

It is generally agreed upon that Atlantic City is the second-most visited gambling city in the United States, with Las Vegas being the most popular destination overall for gamblers. It is the perfect place to finish off a poker road trip that started in the west and ended in the east because of its location in the northeast. Surprisingly, there are only five rooms in the AC area, and the most prestigious of these is the world-famous Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. It comes as a surprise that the AC area has such a limited number of rooms. However, the World Series of Poker room at Bally’s casino comes in a close second with twenty poker tables, making it a strong contender.