Slot machines dominate the online gambling landscape. This cannot be contested in any manner. Progressive games are indisputable champions of this type since their already-astronomical rewards continue to grow if a loss spin is generated. All of the money wagered on their reels is tallied up until Lady Luck favors one player and he wins the entire pot and walks away with enough money to last him his entire life.

Although advanced physical machines have existed for several decades, the first manifestations of these machines appeared on the internet in 1999. It took some time for them to establish themselves as the most trustworthy betting option in this business, but they achieved so ultimately. During the first few years of their existence, the awards were not competitive, resulting in a low acceptance rate for the programs, at least in comparison to those accessible in the terrestrial environment.

The playing field has been leveled, and advanced online reel-spinners may now compete with their physical counterparts in terms of the degree of competitiveness they give. As a consequence, we decided to perform a quick inquiry into the top five jackpot slots that are most frequently played on the Internet. Continue reading to discover more about these games and how much money you might potentially win if you gambled on their reels.

Mega money

It is impossible to talk about jackpot slots without mentioning Mega Moolah because it is the online casino game that has resulted in most people becoming millionaires. It was introduced to online casinos for the first time in 2006, and ever since then, this straightforward game with a jungle-based theme has garnered a reputation for doling out jackpots that have the potential to completely revolutionize a player’s life.

The amount of $22 million, which was won in April 2021 on the Mad version of the Mega Moolah game, is currently the record for the game. The illustrious Mega Moolah slot machine currently holds the record for the largest payout in the history of gambling, which was a whopping $21.9 million. This slot machine gives out prizes with an average value of $9.9 million each time it’s played (which is once every 41 days). Mega Moolah is a slot machine that has a medium level of volatility and an RTP of 88.12 percent. If you are not hoping to win the jackpot, you should not waste your time playing this game because it is not worth your time.

Mega Millions

Mega Moolah is the largest game offered by the Isle of Man-based online gambling giant Microgaming, yet Mega Fortune is the name of NetEnt’s premium jackpot slot in Sweden. It is feasible for persons to whom the universe intends to bestow tremendous wealth, as the term suggests, and it may do so.

The sole reason to play this spinner is the prospect of winning the jackpot. It is simply a traditional slot machine with five reels, three rows, and low volatility, with winning combos appearing from left to right across twenty-five pay lines. Mega Fortune made headlines in 2013 when a player from Finland won $20.6 million after playing the game. This slot machine, on the other hand, very sometimes rewards such large sums; on average, it awards roughly $3.8 million every three months.

Mega WowPot

WowPot Mega is a popular but sometimes ignored progressive game in the world of online gaming. This game has a four-tier jackpot with a $2 million beginning reward. This means that there will never be a time when the incredible prize is less than this amount. WowPot Mega is unlikely to appeal to modern gamers or those seeking a lot of involvement because of its simple 3-1 structure and antique aesthetics. Those whose primary purpose is to gain fortune do not appear to be disturbed by these considerations, maybe since WowPot Mega’s jackpots are typically about $5 million, and they are won once every 70-80 days, according to MachineSlots data.

The Temple of the Gods

Even though NetEnt’s Hall of Gods was responsible for the company’s most well-known jackpot win, Mega Fortune was the game that was ultimately responsible for the company’s highest prize ever. It was first introduced in 2013, and it possesses a low to medium volatility along with a default RTP that is 95.3 percent. The three entries that came before this one, which is a joke with a Viking theme, have more visual appeal than this one does.

This is because the game has been around for a long time, which is one reason, but it’s also because the design of the game is geared toward people who enjoy playing classic reel-spinning games. Because the amount of money that can be staked on Hall of Gods ranges from one cent to one hundred dollars, it is accessible to virtually all players who gamble online. On the other hand, people who play this game in the hopes of winning such a jackpot should have more realistic expectations, as the game normally produces megs winners of approximately $1.5 million every six months on average.

Millions upon millions of Aztecs

Within the realm of interactive gaming, Realtime Gaming is something of an unsung hero. The primary focus of the company’s commercial strategy is the development of slot machines catered to players from the United States, as well as the distribution of these machines to gambling establishments in Costa Rica and Curacao. Within the realm of interactive gaming, Realtime Gaming is something of an unsung hero. In the year 1998, the city of Atlanta, Georgia, in the state of Georgia, was the location where Realtime Gaming was established.

Following an almost ten-year period, the company decided to move its operations to Costa Rica. In general, their selection does not include a particularly large quantity of jackpot games. Aztec’s Millions, the company’s flagship game in this category, was released in 2015 and can be played at virtually all of the online casinos available today. Even though this product has an unpleasant appearance, it has a track record of awarding prizes that are greater than one million dollars. It has on occasion resulted in awards with a combined value of more than three million dollars.