10 thoughts on “Your Moment of Happiness

  1. Even though our color season isn’t as brilliant as usual, I was driving through a long canopy of trees. It was beautiful, I was on my way home–my favorite place–and there were people there I loved. It was a perfect moment.

  2. It’s a wonderful moment every time I look into my backyard, which is about half an acre of trees on a steep hill that ends in a lake. It’s quiet and (still) green and lovely and it’s probably lowered my blood pressure to near healthy levels. So beautiful.

    And then there are the dogs with those big liquid eyes, cuddling close. Every time Milton burrows under the covers to get cosy, I smile. Mona climbs up the pillows to sit behind my head and put her chin on my shoulder. And Veronica, who after seven years is still not completely sure about me, waits until she thinks I’m asleep and then comes and cuddles against my back. Best dogs in the world, best moments, too.

    And of course, every moment with Mollie and her kids and with Krissie, and then there are the moments that I share will my neighbors who are all cheerful dog lovers with cheerful dogs.

    Really, my life is full of great moments. And I’m very grateful for every one of them.

  3. Phone call with a friend yesterday. Invitation to stay with another friend, in Oxford, which I hope to take her up on soon. And losing myself in autumn colour and dying flowers at Powis today. It was even sunny, in between the showers. And then I came home and enjoyed the last hour of sun by my balcony doors.

  4. Bonus extra happy: turns out I am a good photographer after all; and my new camera is excellent. Just imported today’s raw files (490 of them) into Lightroom, applying the preset I evolved for my little Panasonic camera, and hey presto, the images look exciting! I’d been quite depressed about the dull photographs I’d been taking since buying my expensive new camera, even though I knew they looked flat because they hadn’t been processed.

    Reminds me of the days of film: I remember years ago, thinking I should give up flower photography when I saw the results of some print film I’d shot at Powis; until I opened the last packet, taken with Agfa Ultra film, which sent colours completely over the top – and suddenly I was excited about my photographs again.

  5. Carol says:

    Booked my birthday trip to Paris, fell into an inexpensive apartment rental in a great neighborhood via a friend, and am happily making lists of all I want to see and do there (Andre Derain at the Pompidou! Lunch at Joel Robuchon! Bakelite shopping at my favorite vintage jewelry stores! All the things!). Certainly takes any sting out of turning 60.

  6. Thea says:

    Pleased by an invitation to join a table at a Friends of the park luncheon, then saw all those people again, plus more, at our new attempt at a fundraiser. My job was to be nice to the public for seven and a half hours, which turned out to be easy. Then today a rose auction at which I visited with friends from near and far away, some bearing rose cuttings for me. Hauled away half a dozen rarities too.
    Rejoined our doggies and tried to treat and cuddle them out of their separation anxiety. Really, these two are the best and sweetest ever to whom we’ve given

  7. Jessie says:

    This week has been full of wonderful moments. I am so glad we do this because when I first opened the blog all I could think of were the things that were not fun (tooth extraction, bickering with my husband) then I made myself think through the week and now: monday at a vineyard, tasting wine and looking over the rolling hills and laughing with my husband. The colors were spectacular and the sun shone.

    Today is my birthday and I received some really funny cards. And my husband gave me a Kit Carson sterling Alice in Wonderland pin that I have been looking for forever. And we went to a matinee showing of Coraline today. And dinner out tonight. And really life is good.

  8. sjmcclelland says:

    I visited my great aunt who lives 2 provinces away. she was very close to my mother so it was good to talk to someone who knew her so well. But I learned lots about my aunt and her family – her family’s farm was turned into a museum by the province, which I’d never known before. Good news on the job front and and a few hours of gardening. Many of my plants are still blooming which is unusual but is perfection in my view.

  9. Jill says:

    I picked up my 1961 Metropolitan from the shop ! All work is finished. My trike is now in one garage between the 2 cars and the Metropolitan is where the trike was. There are 6 vehicles in a 3 car garage. I fee like a poor Leno. 😉

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