Lani: New ReFab, New WTFW

With the new ReFab comes the continuation of WTF Wednesdays… be they f**ked or fab. What went unexpectedly well this week? What had you fuming in your winter boots? Go ahead and share!



Meanwhile, when I see something on the internet I find interesting, be it f**ked or fab, I’m going to share it here, and you can decide… f**ked or fab?

69 thoughts on “Lani: New ReFab, New WTFW

  1. Micki says:

    (-: My WTF is mostly how the fuck can it be Wednesday already? Only four more days before I have to head back to work . . . and I’ve actually got to get some stuff done before then. Argh!!

    But isn’t it fabulous to spend a Wednesday at home, surfing the internet for basketweave and getting side tracked with British game shows like Qi? (-: Rhetorical question; of course it is!

  2. I got up this morning, journaled (which I NEVER do), then worked out. This morning IS my WTFW since, in honor of the ReFab rehab, I’m taking life by the horns in 2013 and making the changes I need to make to be happy.

    Come February, I do not want to be in the position I was yesterday of freaking out completely because my unemployment was about to end. I actually don’t know that it didn’t; have to call them this morning and find out. But regardless, I’m picking up the pieces of my business life and gluing them together with something stronger than cookie dough.

    So, this week, I’m doing what the sign says. I don’t like where my life is, so I’m changing it. Feel free to join me in the fun!

    Oh, and if you know anyone who needs PR/social media maintenance/book covers on the cheap, send them my way. (the first and last of my shameless commerce here, but for all I know, someone here woke up and said, “Damn, if I just knew someone who could…” And now you do!

    Happy 2013 everybody. I haven’t posted often here, but you kept me sane through 9 months and still going of unemployment. Thanks for that.

  3. It’s what the f**k, it’s WEDNESDAY?! How’d that happen? I guess I need to read more Bad Astronomer (not that I understand much, but I’m trying.)

    My what the fab, was New Year’s Eve and Day- I keep mentioning it everywhere because it really showed me something about myself. Last year this time was a tough lesson (some a y’all might remember some mopey posts here) and it took this year, same place for me to clarify and understand that lesson.

    Lord, Micki- I love QI. I follow the QI elves on Twitter and laugh more than if I didn’t.

    • Micki says:

      (-: Insane hits of silliness, QI. I’ve gotten quite addicted, and would watch the hour-long shows except I’ve got to get stuff done.

  4. My WTF is more WhyTF…do my kids have to leave? Got one more hour of hugs and kisses and cuddles in with baby Cam and hugs for Son and DIL yesterday, but gosh, it tore my heart out to leave them. Thinking already of how soon I can get back out to see them. Invitation to come out and be Nanny on the spot when DIL starts tech for Don Quixote…hmmmm…February…

    Love, love the polka dots, Lani! They make me happy!

  5. stephanie says:

    It’s so selfish, but I’m saying it out loud anyway, I’m so glad to have the day to myself! DH is back to work and the kids are in school. I don’t go back to work until tomorrow. I have until the kids get out of school to do whatever the F*ck I want!! Mostly it’s been housework but I’m going to write and then head over to the yarn store. I love ‘free time’ like this and I need to figure out how to get more of it;)

  6. Rachel V says:

    Mine is swinging rapidly between fabulous and f****d; despite all the insanity of December I managed to accomplish my professional goals of designing and launching a webpage, a blog, and completed edits on my MS that is under contract. How the f**k did I do that??? It’s great but I feel slightly insane in the aftermath.
    And a fabulous thing; my parents just left with my five year old for an overnight stay and I have the whole house to myself for 24 hours and my hubby and I will be ADULTS tonight-huzzah!

  7. julianna says:

    I have an appointment in a few hours to confirm a diagnosis of macular degeneration and see how far it’s progressed.

    I hope this isn’t insensitive to Jenny — I know hers is worse than mine and she’d probably love to be in the early stages. But I’m really scared. Losing my vision has always been my greatest fear, and now it’s coming true.

    And I’m only forty. Of course, it would be terrible in twenty years, but I really never expected it to happen this soon. I’ve been legally blind in one eye since birth, so to have my one good eye get hit like this is completely freaking me out.

    I’ve always thought of myself as a strong person, but I guess I’m not, because I’ve been having constant panic attacks for the last few days. I’m really, really scared.

    I guess my Wednesday is What-the-Freaking-Out-Completely-in the Fetal Position.

    • Breathe Julianna. Just breathe. That’s all you need to do for now. No matter what the diagnosis there will be people to help you do what you need to do.

      I know this sounds ridiculous, but try to find peace in your soul. Or inside yourself. That’s all. Just for today, just for this moment in time. Breathe.

      • Catherine says:

        Breathing is under rated. If you get the chance physically bring yourself somewhere beautiful and calming to you. For me nature works, the air feels different on my skin and I feel calmer and more in the moment. Perversely if it’s windy outside walking against it helps somehow too. Maybe because some part of me feels like I’m making headway at least in that moment. Peace to you.

    • Maine Betty says:

      Yikes, no wonder you’re freaked. Do not add guilt to your burdens here, it’s bad enough. (how’s that for sensitive?) Best wishes, Julianna. Progress for treating this condition keeps on. I’m sending you vibes for strength and calm whatever you find out, and hope for the best possible outcome.

    • Julianna, of course it IS scary! (One of my biggest fears, too.) What the others said about breathing and knowing there will be people to help you, some way, somehow. One day at a time, not the whole thing at once. Sending you calming, healing vibes.

    • Office Wench Cherry says:

      Julianna – I’m sorry to hear about the macular degeneration. Losing my sight is one of my biggest fears too and since I have a family history of MD, glaucoma, detached retinas and cataracts it’s a real fear.

      I don’t think your fear and worry are insensitive to anyone, it’s your sight and your life. I don’t blame you for freaking out. (hugs)

    • Hang in there, Julianna. Don’t borrow trouble. Whatever the diagnosis turns out to be, you’ll deal with it one day, one minute at a time.

      It’s okay to be scared. It would be unusual for you not to be!

      I don’t know if this helps at all, but I found out right before Christmas that my uncle has had macular degeneration for years… WMD too. He gets a shot in his eye every month.

      Why didn’t we know before now? It isn’t just that in the last 11 years since I moved to Florida I only see them once or twice a year. He drives, jogs, works, and basically carries on despite the condition. He’s in his 70s and his vision is far from lost. I know every case and experience is different, but perhaps that gives a little hope.

    • It’s not insensitive; good lord, woman, we’re both in the same boat. If it helps, I was first diagnosed with AMD in my thirties and it had absolutely no impact on my vision until January of this year, three months after I turned 63. So it’s entirely possible that yours will be the usual slow degeneration. Truth is, most people die of natural causes before their eyes go from AMD. So listen to Kate and breathe and keep seeing your eye doctor and checking that Amsler grid.

    • carolc says:

      Of course it’s scary. It’s perfectly understandable you’re freaking out. Now go and re-read the posts from Mary Stella and Jenny until you feel better.

      {{Hugs}} and I’m thinking good thoughts for you really hard.

    • ChelSierra Remly says:

      julianna: I pray your sight lasts a good long while. I have always had the fear of going blind too. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just because I’m blind in one eye, or if it’s a premonition. I’m hoping for the former.

      I was born cross-eyed, and I used my nose to block my right eye from seeing what I was looking at, thus ridding myself of double vision. Over time, my brain began to ignore my right eye. I’ve been told that should something happen to my left eye, my brain will go back to using my right eye. However, with the lack of use over the years, I’ll still be legally blind. The doctor told me I’ll be able to see shapes and shadows and will be able to use that to not run into furniture and other objects in my way. I told him that was good, because I’m always running into furniture and objects, and it was nice to know I wouldn’t do that should that happen. LOL! He looked at me strangely.

      I hope that made you laugh. That’s what I was going for.

    • Julianna,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your AMD. I’m not Jen, but I know she’d say that in no way is your talking about it insensitive to her. You’re both going through the same thing; as awful as it is, as much as you would never wish it on anyone else, there’s comfort in knowing you’re not alone. So I’m glad you’re here where you know at least one other person with AMD.

      You have every right to feel everything you’re feeling, and the only helpful advice I have is don’t take your right to feel away from yourself. It’s bad enough to be going through it and to be freaked out without that voice saying, “You have no right.” You have every right. You’re only forty. You’ve already lost one eye. This is supreme universal BULLSHIT and it’s not fair. You have every right to feel everything you’re feeling.

      Come here when you’re freaked, and we’ll do what we can. Also, if it helps, AMD can move really slowly. I believe Jenny was officially diagnosed ages before it ever did anything to her eyesight. She can come on and tell the tale, but last year was just when it started to get worse, not when she was first diagnosed. It’s slow moving, and the research is moving really fast; by the time it affects you, they might well have cured it.

      But the right-now reality is, this is fucked. I’m so sorry.

    • Amie says:

      I think you are a strong person. Look at what you have already had to deal with your entire life!! I agree with the others – breathe – but I have panic attacks, and sometimes I need to let some of it out, so throw a pillow or something physically demanding and let some of it out. I know finding peace is very important, but sometimes you have to release some of the negative energy before you can focus on that part.

  8. Hold tight, Julianna and know we’re all sending you good energy for peace and calm. Take it each day and trust that all will be well. Praying…

  9. My WTFab is that it’s one more day before I have to do anything. I obviously need it because I woke up kind of dizzy and so didn’t do all of my exercises. Also kept nodding off over the laptop. I’m awake now.

    My WTF is how can it be so hard to get back into the habit of exercising after 10 days away from it? I was so good. But now that I’m awake and once I’m not feeling so light-headed, maybe I can do them. I liked getting up and doing exercises every morning. Or, rather, I liked the good effects on my body from doing them. 🙂 I’m also still struggling with come back through 2 time zones, after I’d adapted to Pacific Time.

  10. Cindy says:

    WTFab 3 day workweek! WTF 3 day workweek! 🙂 Not sure which way it’ll go. I’m feeling so positive that it scares me. WTFab!

  11. My WTF is more of a WTFrustration. I’ve been wrestling with goals and plans for the new year. I’m a list maker. I love to do things and then cross them off and smile. I told JC on her blog that I’d make this a gap year and observe multi-published authors, but my fingers are itching to write down a plan and yet I have no clue what goals to include. Ha ha.
    Okay…going for a walk to think this thing through.

  12. Hellion says:

    LOVE the “You are not a tree” thing. Hilarious.

    Well, for me, this Wednesday is more like a Monday because it’s my first day of work after a 4 day weekend, so I might not be able to have a WTF until Friday. Monday, though, I tried to do a birthday lunch for my dad but it snowed so I couldn’t get to him. But my cousins from out of town made it so I had lunch with them instead–so we made it a cousin lunch instead of a dad birthday lunch. Then we went to a natural foods store and went wild–so all in all it was fun even if it not according to plan.

    Tuesday went relatively to plan. I wore red; I did my black eyed peas and rice, had salad greens for my greens–so I should be chock full of luck this year. 🙂 Spent the day with friends, laughing, debating, and indulging–so that was awesome. 🙂 Then came back home and got ready to come back to work today…

    So far work has been doable. So far. *LOL* Though I am getting tired of international students thinking they can negotiate with me about their application requirements. If requirements were NEGOTIABLE, they wouldn’t be requirements. I can’t make this clear.

  13. Deb says:

    Well the WTF is the furnance that decided to die on me. Really, I think the universe is just messing with me now.

    My WTFab is loan from my parents that allows me to have the furnance replaced, the heating folks that got the new furnance in on New Year’s Eve and are completing the installation today, and the wonderful volunteer fire department in my town who responded to my 911 call when my dying furnance filed my basement with smoke.

    2012 ended with a bang. I’m really hoping 2013 will be better.

  14. Carol says:

    My WTF* is that I’m back at work.

    My WTFab is that it’s dead quiet here, so I’m sort of sliding back into things. As it should be.

  15. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’m saying WTFab that it’s Wednesday, that means a three day week for me. I like that.

    Tall Boy and I spent some time last night discussing the renos we need to do on the house – chief of which is putting in a downstairs bathroom. At this point in time, it doesn’t need a shower but the plumbing is there for it so we will keep that side exposed until we’re ready for that. As long as it gets a toilet and sink, I’m happy. TB has bad arthritis in his knees and running upstairs to get a drink is rather difficult for him.

    Also on a WTFab note, I just got an email from my sister who has been in Botswana since the late middle of November with a voluntourism organization. The first place she was they were out in the middle of nowhere doing predator and elephant counts, it sounded amazing. Now she’s in Zimbabwe at a rehab centre doing whatever needs doing – from cleaning cages to feeding a baby monkey to scratching an old hyena’s bum.

    My animal adventures so far this year include *NOT* hitting a lynx kitten on the road this morning. The roads were dry and I had my high beams on. Mom and siblings were already either in the other lane or in the ditch. First lynx I’ve ever seen in the wild.

  16. My WTF is after today it’s back to ‘real life’ with school starting and so many things to get done for both kids.

    My WTFab is no one sick over the holidays, I got some good deals on house plants (I WILL get my lights up and green things growing in my house again), and I got a ‘steal’ deal ($40) on a 40 gal. breeder tank for my lizard.

  17. My WTFab is that kiddo and I made it. We just had to get through the holiday and that short visit with her dad and now we can breathe for a while.

    My WTF is way too much TMI but I’m pretty irritated about this new development. Gah!

  18. In the spirit of all the New Year talk & WTFab, someone reminded me today of this Mark Twain quote:

    “Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.”

    Nothing like a bit of humour to take the pressure off.

  19. My WTF is how did it get to be Wednesday already? New Year’s Day is supposed to be closer to the end of week or at worst, on the weekend, so one can properly extend the revelries out by at least three more days.

    My WTFab is coffee. And QI, which is my spirit animal. Also, I first locked eyes with The Prince 11 years ago today and we still haven’t killed each other. He’s even realized he’s not a tree in the interim. And his next got a killer review in RT and it turns out that I can think of a lot more Fab than F*#@#$@#$* at the moment, which is a mindset I intend to cultivate, so I’m stopping here.

  20. Redwood Kim says:

    WTF- the kid who was not sick on Christmas Day got sick yesterday. Severe headache, with light sensitivity, sever headache and a stiff neck, just to freak her mother out. The doc says she’s ok, just a virus. Plus my incredibly articulate daughter suddenly has a noticable stutter.
    Still, it’s a New Year, with all sorts of possibilities!

  21. Catherine says:

    I went down to the coast to a local shopping mall last Saturday. The plan was to check out the specials and walk in the air conditioning for a exercise before having lunch with Dad. Just as I stood in an emerald green dress thinking hmm with a good slip this could look good on me…my cars make model and number plate was called out over the PA. My WTF. An older gentleman driving a muscle car had stepped on the accelerator instead of the break and ploughed into the SUV next to my car…which in turn ripped up the back of my car to the point that’s it’s been written off. My car then got pushed into the smaller car next to it.
    My first thought after WTF was I hope the other driver didn’t lose control due to a heart attack or stroke. He was shaken up but ok. On a massively busy shopping no person was hurt. Only things. I thought this rather WTFab at a community level.

    My WTFab was Dad. He picked me up and we started discussing hire cars to provide with my some way to get around till the insurance got sorted. Next thing I know were at a car dealership and I’m the proud owner of a five door 2010 Yaris with only 40k on the clock The car dealership loaned me a car over the weekend and I picked up the Yaris on NYE. Dad’s comment after I thanked him profusely was that saves us messing around with hire cars. I’m still a bit flabbergasted at the whole thing.

    • Catherine says:

      Argh crap we’re not were… We are not of the fur and fang persuasion. I’m grammatically all over the place today. New to me car ownership still has me a little rattled 🙂

  22. German Chocolate Betty says:

    My WTF is a long overdue phone call with my BFF who wrote that she was going through a bad patch, only to tell me when I finally got her on the phone that she swallowed an overdose of tranquilizers on Christmas. Luckily she miscalculated (or not, she’s not sure). Anyway, she slept for two days and her idiot husband asked her AFTER SHE WOKE UP what she’d taken. Duh.

    My WTFab is: she miscalculated. I am trying to get her from the wilds of Montana here to Bonn for some loooong overdue girl-time and will raid my somewhat-healthier-than-usual savings account (due to a Christmas bonus) to help her with a ticket because $$ are tight on her end.

  23. Chris S. says:

    I say my WTF in tones of hilarity. My sister and I went out for dinner this weekend whereupon we were seriously hit on… by 24 year olds. When we left, my sister said “I wanted to kiss them NOT LIKE THAT like I kiss my baby, Mwah! Mwah! (big smacking kissy noises).”


  24. Saturday, my sister and I started a blog, set up a new email account, and bought our own author websites. We were very proud.

    Sunday, my favorite podcast came out and said, Don’t do that, do this, and also do XYZ.


  25. Kieran says:

    MY WTF gripe is this: how can GoodReads allow star ratings to be posted on a novel that had not even left my computer and gone to New York before the rating was posted–and it was posted with a “Want to Read” caveat? A book that ARCs have not even gone out on? Am I slow here? Am I missing something? This woman has posted identical ratings on *all* my books, I’ve come to discover, without having read *any* of them. She’s done it to a bunch of other authors, too.

    For me, this makes GoodReads not credible. I was going there today to acquaint myself with it more. I thought that perhaps I should do more promo at the site. But now I’m like, to hell with it.

    If someone knows a way to make me love GoodReads, bring it on, please. Although I’m so over promo, I really want to hide in a hole and just write.

    Hugs to all who are suffering far worse than I am at the moment. My gripe is really not a big deal. But it’s nice to vent.

    • Micki says:

      Oh, Kieran, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience. But remember, more than 90 percent of the fans on GoodReads are not assholes, or people with some sort of issue that they must prove on GoodReads.

      I really like GoodReads as a personal way to keep track of the books I read, but to tell the truth, I don’t want the authors to read what I’ve written. My opinion is just my opinion — one data point in a whole constellation of data points. (And I think they’ve come up with a way to keep those things private.)

      I’ve really enjoyed some of the interviews with authors that I’ve read on GoodReads, so please don’t give up on them because of one idiot. (-: Give up on them if other authors tell you they are worthless or your own experience says there’s nothing of value there.

  26. Eileen A-W says:

    My what the WTFab was having a wonderful visit with my mom & her selective memory. We had no disagreements while I was there.

    My WTF was having to go back to school on a shortened winter break today. It makes for an easier transition being a short week. But I kept thinking today was Monday. This is the first time the school district’s tried this & I had a lot of kids absent. Don’t think it will affect the higher ups thinking that this was a bad idea.

  27. Reb says:

    I’m back! I’ve got a nasty feeling I forgot to say I was going to be away, but I was. I’ve been at a hippie camp for the last week and had a fabulous time. Much better than I expected. Lovely people, lots of sunshine, a wood-stove sauna, lots of massages, a fantastic New Year’s Eve ceremony, and interesting workshops even for a total non-believer in tantric buddhist mayan astrology.

    The cat’s even pleased to see me. So no WTFs here. Long may it continue!

  28. I have a list of WTFs:

    1) How is it that these holidays have seemed S-O L-O-N-G. Ready to move on already – ok? Thanks!

    2) My hubby got me tools for Christmas. I love tools so it wasn’t a bad idea, but he got me tools that duplicate some I already have and others I have no need for because I am not a mechanic. When I gently pointed this out to him, he took them back. Presents for me? Apparently to pay for a car repair when my car tried to spit off a tire while I was driving it. Childish I suppose but I am not feeling the love.

    There is more but I’m trying to block it out.

    My WTFab is that my DD, who was bumped down to the lower level travel team at summer try-outs, is being moved back up to the upper level team which pleases her enormously. Also, seeing some friends who were back visiting from Cairo on NYE. Awesome afternoon.

  29. Amie says:

    My WTF is I actually had 4 days off in a row where I had plans to do some much needed cleaning that I put off for a couple of weeks trying to finish my crocheted Xmas presents, and I was sick the entire time (and I’m still sick). It was kind of a blessing?? because I quit smoking on Friday, and I’ve been so sick I haven’t wanted to smoke, but do I really need bronchitis and an ear infection?? A little sinus infection would have been enough. Oh well…maybe this will mean the rest of my year will be wonderful??

    And, on a side note, I know most of the ReFabbers are Mac people, but I have always been a Windows person – and I just had so many WTF moments with my stupid new laptop that two of my posts went away because I moved my finger weirdly on the stupid mouse pad and it zoomed me all over the place and then took me back two pages…and don’t even get me started on the “new and improved” operating system – blah…and I’m a computer-literate person, so I truly feel sorry for anyone who is not and they are dealing with these problems.

    My rant is done. That felt nice. I will have to do this more often 🙂 So, I guess that is my WTFab.

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