WTFab Wednesday: Medical Edition

Sorry for the late post! Today was a crazy day. Crusie and I did a couple of her medical appointments, mixed in with some Christmas shopping and dropping her car off at Toyota for service. In the midst of our running around, I got this Krissie Ku on my iPhone:

I’m on the road and can’t

Blog. Can one of you just say I’m

Having fun with Sally?

There was something so beautifully poetic about that that I had to copy-paste and share it with you, as part of a Fab WTFW in which Crusie got her eye shot and discovered that, while they made no promises that her eyesight would improve, it did, and is now almost as good as it was before her AMD went wet. It was 20/40 originally, 20/400 after it went wet, 20/100 last time, and 20/50 now. Celebration!

Then we went to the blood doc; some of you may know she has a blood disease that means they basically have to bleed her every three months to keep her healthy. The last two times, her counts were so good that they didn’t have to bleed her. She’s never gone three times in a row with normal counts before… but today she did!

Sadly, her Prius isn’t in quite as good shape, but the good news on that is that for six years, it’s given her almost no maintenance troubles so… fair enough. And the good news is the car is going to be nice and reliable for the long drive back to New Jersey.

So, ReFabbers…. how was your Wednesday?

46 thoughts on “WTFab Wednesday: Medical Edition

  1. So glad I checked in again before starting my afternoon writing. What fantastic news all around. I love that Krissie is having so much fun she can’t blog.

    And Jenny’s news is super-fabulous. I hope and pray she continues to get those wonderful test results. What about you? Anything good on the Lani front, or are you just soaking up the cheery vibes from your sisters? : 0

  2. Yeah for all the good news on the Jenny’s health front. Will keep my fingers crossed that everything continues to go well.

    Last week, we discoved that the one gift DS wants most for Christmas was sold out across the country (more than 2 week before Christmas!). Today my PIL called to say that they had found it in a store near their house – I guess reinforcements were brought in across the border). We will be at my PIL’s on Christmas morning, so all we have to do it wrap the gift. Very happy that it worked out.

      • Most days, that’s what I’d say, but my parents-in-law really came through on this one. My husband asked them to check their local stores last week when we couldn’t find one in town and they took it upon themselves to keep checking back. I’ll hold onto this moment over the holidays.

        • German Chocolate Betty says:


          Actually, I am going to keep “pain-in-law” — although I must admit that my sisters-in-law are mostly okay (just slightly overwound sometimes, both of ’em). But who knows when it might come in handy?? (heehee)

  3. Fabulous Wednesday indeed for the three of you. Yippee!

    I am at a place of treading water. It’s an okay place to be for me in the month of December. This is year end, quarter end, holiday time, vacations planned, and visits with family and friends peppered throughout. So, not feeling as if I am drowning means that treading water and keeping my head above it all is good place to be.

    Some day I may learn how to manage this time of year — maybe.

  4. Oh, I forgot it’s WTF Wednesday.
    This week I also have a fabulous: I just signed the third contract with The Wild Rose Press(for my GH final book) and I signed off on the galley of book #1, and am currently proofing book #2.

    I is busy, busy! : )

  5. Carol says:

    What a wonderful fabulous Wednesday. Krissie is having fun and all the excellent health news for Jenny and Lani is having fun and the Christmas shopping. Such good news which means all the prayers and best wishes and vibes and good thoughts for Jenny are working.

    WTFab Wednesday as things are coming into place and the cleaning and sorting going well and the work is getting done. WTF I got another cold from my GD who goes to day care. All those bugs visited me when I watched her on Monday. Bloody hell. Again with the cold, WTF!

  6. So pleased and excited by the good news for Jenny and Krissie and of course Lani’s joy as part of that. Sorry about the car, but I guess they all go through that part where they need everything replaced. Sorry it’s now. But at least you have a happy to more than balance it!

    My WTF is that I visited the dermatologist yesterday and I left with two wounds on my back and one on my nose that I have to take care of (and wait for the biopsies on). I’m not supposed to let them scab up, which means keeping this anti-infection stuff on them all the time. The nose is exposed, meaning I’m always rubbing it, then I have to go put more gel on it. The ones on my back are positioned such that I can only see them with my right side/back to the mirror, leaving me having to do all the cleaning and gelling and bandaging with my left hand so I can see what I’m doing. I should sell tickets to this it’s so ridiculous! So WTF, definitely.

  7. Gin says:

    MY day was fab — had to have some blood drawn for a medical study, and it was a complicated arrangement, doing it at a place other than the study’s home site that’s a five-hour round trip from here, and this lab is only half an hour away, and I was anticipating all sorts of chaos and confusion at the local lab, but it went smoothly, which was fabulous for me and I can’t say enough good things about the fabulous person on the research team who coordinated it to save me the insanely long trip (which would have also been during twelve hours of fasting before the blood draw, so no caffeine or road food on the way there at 4 a.m.).

    OTOH, a friend’s day was the opposite of fab — I arrived at her office this morning to drop something off, only to find that she had somehow dislocated her artificial hip last night, and was at the hospital, finding out whether they could pop it right back in like a dislocated shoulder, or if they needed to operate. Either way: WTF! And ew, ew, ew, ow, ow, ow.

  8. AuntieJB says:

    After all that talk about depression yesterday today is definitely WTFab!

    Congrats to Jenny on all her great news. Congrats to Krissie on having fun on the road with her BFF.

  9. Maine Betty says:

    Great news for Jenny!
    I’m home with a cold that has hovered for more than a week, so that’s my WTF. I get to sing the Part 1 Messiah alto solos with an orchestra next Tuesday, so that’s both WTF and WTFab. Gotta get better to sing well.

  10. Yay for Jenny and Krissy (and Lani who gets to spend time with Jenny).

    For no reason whatsoever, I’m having a fab Wednesday. It’s as if the Universe said, “you know, you’ve had a pretty messed up year, but here’s a good Wednesday for you.” 🙂

  11. Cindy says:

    Yay for Crusie & Krissie! I’m so happy about Jenny’s test results. And I live that Krissie is having fun.

    Wtf holiday edition. The cold bug that kept on giving…oldest kiddo is super sick now. Her temp hits 102.5 at night, and her delayed stomach makes Motrin not work for a loooong time. I’m missing more work with a doctor’s appointment for her. My dentist has to fix my crown tomorrow, so more missed work and more $ to spend on non-gifts. Wtf?! Make it stop!!!!

  12. Micki says:

    What fabulous news! So happy to hear it!

    (-: Yesterday was anti-procrastination Wednesday, but I’m only getting around to doing stuff today.

  13. my wtf – my daughter is home from college one day and I already wish she were back at school.

    Why is it they constantly want me around, but then when I am around they treat me like crapola. Kids.

  14. Yay! This is great news. Nothing but good times ahead! (Except the car thing, but still.)

    My characters are talking again and we’re taking one day at a time. Won’t be able to get presents for the fam until January but I have a pile for Kiddo already and she is going to love the stuff I bought. A happy Kiddo makes the rest seem not so bad.

  15. Eileen A-W says:

    Yay for the great news for Jennie & Krissie having a fun day. My WTFW was having my monthly dinner with my best friends, minus one. We were lunch pals and then separated by a “fresh start” by a new principal who wanted to break up the best staff of teachers a high school had. All are retired except me & one moved away to live near her daughter. Their friendship & support are what is keeping me sane this year as I teach & plan to retire in June.

  16. Oh, how fabulous. I was worried when there was no post. I’m so glad Krissie’s having fun and thrilled for Jenny for her eyes!

    We had a nice 10 days or so. The daughter at the beach with a friend, leaving the husband and I alone again, like we were when she was at college. Nice.
    She got back yesterday and our son and his girlfriend were over today for a bit of Christmas shopping with us and dinner. Bought them both nice shoes (they’re both on their feet all day — hotel front desk and poker dealer — and figuring out if you do that sort of thing, you need really good shoes.) and a few other things for Christmas.

  17. Redwood Kim says:

    Whoo hoo, Jenny can see! Great news!

    My WTFab was two beautiful little girls, anda wonderful mall Santa (the Big’s feet slid out form under her and she landed hard, and he was very kind and concerned,and made her feel very special.) We got a great shot. It’ll be on my Sunday list,too.
    My WTFuck is for bodily fluids coming out at the wrong moments. We’ve had a stomach bug (the Big lost it at kindergarten, poor baby, all over herself. Luckily, she missed everyone else. Also, note to self- bring achange of clothes next time.) We’ve got some really nasty laundry over here. Parenting is not for sissies.

  18. German Chocolate Betty says:

    Redwood is right: parenting is not for sissies. Nor is step-parenting, I am learning.

    My WTF: After having my husband’s teenage son (who lives with us) in therapy for the past year and a half or so (because of some VERY costly “creative bookkeeping” with our bank accounts a while back), we had the feeling that he was making forward progress. He acted much more stable and we had hopes. Although I sometimes had the niggling feeling that he had just learned to manipulate us and the therapists better. But my husband was so happy, and we had no reason to believe in any re-occurrences of the behavior that triggered the therapy.

    Except I found out last night that my husband discovered, by pure coincidence, on Sunday that in fact the behavior has continued. So my niggling suspicions of “he’s just hiding it better” were actually correct. I just found out yesterday (my husband wanted the kid to get through a couple of big exams first — then had a heart-to-heart on Tues evening, and informed me on Wed). Another couple of thousand euros gone. But even more upsetting, we are back to square one again. And he’s 18 going on 19, so I am terribly worried about what is going to happen when he leaves home. Sigh. (And his idiot mother is too concerned with her own problems to care about his. She yelled at my husband when he called to tell her about this newest round — this has been going on now for over 3 years. But because it’s never been her money disappearing, her attitude is sort of “so what”…?!)

    Right at the moment, I am just so depressed and feel like it is never going to end. So I can really sympathize with Krissie’s travails with her kid.

    On the other hand, the sun just peaked out, and great news about Jenny!!!

    • Rose says:

      No advice to offer, just wanted to send you my sympathy about the step-son situation. My sister is in a similar situation with her middle son, who is 16. It’s heartbreaking to watch – if he was anyone but family, I’d advise her to cut that toxic person out of her life, but of course he is family. And hopefully not irredeemable.

      • German Chocolate Betty says:

        The trouble really is that he is NOT a toxic person, he is actually a very sweet, very bright and very charming young man. It’s just that he has issues with money and “buying stuff” to fill an emotional void that his mother left by basically ignoring him as a young child, treating him like he was crap while the older half-sister could do no wrong. And she still basically does. Which is why I am so mad that WE’RE the ones being punished by his pilfering (the kid has never tried it on with his mother, because she would cut him out completely if he did, she loves money, no question where he gets his worship of Mammon…). Sigh. Onward….and thanks for the sympathy!

        • You need to talk to your bank about setting up your accounts so that he cannot get into them. And also talk to any credit card companies about changing the numbers on your cards and/or canceling any cards he has access to. (This means keeping your cards out of his hands from then on so he can’t memorize the numbers.) He may be family but you do not need to allow him to put you into financial difficulty. Charming manipulators are the hardest to deal with, but this has to be brought out into the open and dealt with before he gets out into the world and winds up in jail or worse. Many {{{HUGS}}} to you and much good luck and strength to get through this.

          • German Chocolate Betty says:

            Been there, done that…several times. Each time he gets better at it. He has never had legitimate access to anything of ours at the bank. But has learned how to manipulate online and credit cards. It’s a long sad story.

            But thanks for the support!!!! I appreciate it!!!

  19. Reb says:

    Great to hear so many people with good news, though ouch for those of you who are sick and injured. And GCB, that kid sounds like a dreadful situation.

    My wtfab was today’s swimming lesson. Amazing the difference a bit of change to my stroke can make! A couple of decades ago, I was nearly as much at home in the water as on land. I came away feeling like I’ll be able to get that feeling back.

    My wtf is that I lost my keys on Monday. Unless someone at work threw them out, they must be somewhere there. I’ve hunted and hunted and can’t for the life of me find them. It’s going to be suuuuch a pain to replace them all.

    • German Chocolate Betty says:

      Look in the fridge. Or some place equally unlikely. I am absentminded and am always finding things in places where I can only ask myself, duh, how’d THAT get THERE??


  20. Rose says:

    WTFab this week is that I posted a couple of fanfic short stories I wrote to a website, and they are getting some reads and favorites, so I am happy about that. I started to qualify this comment by saying how they’re only fanfic, etc, etc, but I’m not going to do that. Some people are reading some stuff I wrote, and some of them are liking it. Yay me.

  21. stephanie says:

    I’m late to Wednesday! but happy for this news.
    my WTF is that I have by passed bifocals this year but my RX is still wrong. back to the eye dr I go today.

  22. WOOHOOO!!!! Fabulous, fabulous news!!!!!!!

    My WTFrack is that I finally actually threw up due to pain. For years my mantra has been “I do not puke and I do not pass out” – through broken bones, dislocated joints, no matter what. Time for a new mantra. Also found out that suppressing that kind of pain makes me manic. Not fun for anybody around me.

    My WTFab is that I’m having happy no-pain juice injected into my SI joints next week, so am looking forward to chunk of time when I can do what I want without having to get manic and puke. Much better way to close out 2012!

  23. Deborah Blake says:

    I missed this news earlier in the week (December is crazy for me, and I tend not to be online as much). YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

  24. I missed this news as well. Yippeeeeee!!!! on the brilliant news that Jenny’s eyes have improved and the vampires have to wait a while longer. That’s got to be the best Christmas present ever. 🙂

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