Working Wednesdays: Things We Have Made

So we’re thinking about the future, but lets also honor the things we made in the past.  Like on this day in 1975, I finished the best thing I’ve ever made.  (Happy birthday, Mollie!)  What’s a great thing you’ve made?

16 thoughts on “Working Wednesdays: Things We Have Made

  1. Jessie says:

    No one becomes an artist if they don’t think most of their art is the great, or even the best thing almost any other artist has made, excepting my paintings which waiver between merely good and mediocre. I have two intaglio decorated hand-thrown pots that I love, 5 bronzes, a torso and a couple of busts. And a hand-full of fine embroideries that I created and made decades ago are as good as any historic fine embroideries.

    Thank you for asking this. After a year or two of doing nothing except sanding, shellacking and varnishing, I had almost forgotten that I ever created anything that I would love forever.

  2. JenniferNennifer says:

    The thing that leaps to mind is the halloween afghan I made, inspired by directions someone kindly posted of a lovely mesh bat panel. Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I branched out to ghosts (so no longer symmetrical – one of the points of mesh work – sign)

    I shared it years ago
    but just posted it ravelry, so thanks for the reason to finally get around to this.

  3. Happy birthday to Mollie… and here’s to offspring. We have our ups and downs, and Minion 1 has presented us with challenges and steep learning curves. But both Minions have had big days today – Minion 2 started at his new school, and Minion 1 is in the midst of organising his own appeal to be readmitted to the student roll at his university – he failed to complete his registration and is having to negotiate his way back from the brink. Highly motivated by the desire to continue at university, he’s actually getting himself in order, with some support from me, sure, but I think he’s taking further steps to independence.

    As for the things I’ve made, I’m proud of the writing I have done, and I’m really glad that I’ve persisted and headed for the next level of management and involvement in education. It’s going to be one of the most demanding jobs I’ve ever had but now that it is really starting properly, I am really excited about being in an amazing school that is really committed to its students and staff – not just talking the talk, but really trying to walk the walk.

  4. One of my favourites is the garden I made at the cottage I rented for nine years; and the ebook I wrote and photographed to celebrate it.

  5. Susanne says:

    I made two special quilts. One was a brilliantly colourful Amish quilt. All done by hand. We buried my father in it.

    The other was a heart quilt I made for my uncle when he had his heart attack. It had blues and purples and lots of paisley. Twenty-two years later, my aunt still has it over her recliner.

    Belated birthday wishes to Mollie.

  6. Mama_Abbie says:

    With my husband writing the music, I wrote the lyrics to between 60 and 70 songs that were performed by a high school group as part of 6 one-hour Christian themed contemporary musical plays. Some of the lyrics were kind of mediocre but there was always one or two songs per musical that really stood out to me. Of course almost no one remembers them now or will remember them in the future, but that’s okay. They spoke to us back then.

    What will last for a generation or more are the Christmas stockings I have been cross-stitching for family members, starting when my daughter was born. Two of them are even over seas with past exchange students. I just finished the most recent just before Christmas, for my 11-month old granddaughter.

  7. Thea says:

    Given the battleground that was my parents’ marriage, I am most proud of the marriage put together with my husband for 45 years now.
    And the compilation book of garden writing I edited and for which I wrote the introductions.
    Finally, despite all laziness, the house stays reasonably clean and negotiable.
    Friendships sustained floats around there too, filling the cracks.

  8. I just made an inside outside chocolate chip bundt cake with a chocolate raspberry glaze. The kids said it was amazing. Served with ice cream and fresh raspberries. Seconds anyone?

  9. I have no idea.
    Sorry you were stuck there for so long, I don’t check the comments here daily. Krissie? A little help, please.

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