8 thoughts on “Working Wednesday

  1. It’s bedtime. Not sure I’m up to standing on my head. As I’ve already mentioned tomorrow, this week I finally made a deal on a house to buy.

    I also finished reading some proofs for Penguin (all American: Dorothy Parker, Katherine Anne Porter and Anaïs Nin. All depressing. That’s literature for you.) Oh, and made the flat clean because my sister-in-law came for the weekend.

  2. Diane says:

    A beautiful, heavy acrylic or painting. Sadly, I goofed and poured on a canvas covered piece of cardboard, not wood. So it’s all warped and 3D. Still, I like how the colors blended, so I’ll try a similar one on a wood canvases tomorrow. Can’t learn if you don’t goof up.

  3. Thea says:

    Just the usual doings, but I did finally break down and wash (gently) shower curtain and liner. Amazing to me how much better – cleaner – they look. Can’t find one I prefer to what I have, so the curtain stays up, slowly drabbing. We’ve got fancy rod hangers, takes an age to un- and redo. Practically have to stand on my head, dontchaknow.

  4. Office Wench Cherry says:

    According to the big dogs and the cats, I made a great big mistake! What was I thinking bringing not only another dog but a miserable, rotten, pushy, chewy, face-biting puppy into the house? Charlie, our old male, is currently trying to kill both Fred and me with his mind.

    I also made the discovery that I can no longer drive at night. Just about made it the hard way but it wasn’t my day to be in a fatal car accident.

  5. JenniferNennifer says:

    Looks great! I tried to freehand a crochetted cat once……. it worked as far as becoming a cat toy but not for the original purpose. I will try this one instead, thanks.

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