Working Wednesday, the House Guest Edition

As it happens, I worked my ass off this week getting ready for a houseguest (that would be Krissie) and now she’s here and she distracted me and I didn’t get the Wednesday post up in time and it’s her fault.  Kind of.

How did your work week go?

18 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, the House Guest Edition

  1. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I took Monday, Canadian Thanksgiving, off from work after working like crazy for the days leading up to it. I watched half of the final season of Orphan Black and now just need time to finish it. I’ve been too restless lately to binge 10 hours of tv.

    Yesterday I went to the gyno and had my IUD put in. Son of a bench (I love The Good Place swearing) but that hurt. Well, it hurt for about 30 seconds and then was okay. My uterus is still a little cranky with me today but not bad. I drove home listening to a ghost story narrated by Xe Sands who had narrated some of Krissie’s books. She has a great voice.

    I’m glad I went yesterday and not today, we had about 4″ of snow come down over night. Ugh. It will mostly go away I hope but it’s still ugh.

  2. Jill says:

    I am rarely stressed to the max. But, this week I am. Friday we went to Olathe to watch Grand Quinlan cheer at homecoming. Spent the night. Saturday we picked up Joe’s aunt Donnie and went to visit Aunt Maxine. Aunt Max is 102 years young. 103 on Friday. Donnie and Max are Joe’s mom’s sisters. Home Saturday. Sunday was a normal day. Monday( my birthday) I had a Med Staff meeting–we had to inform the Med Staff that we we were going to affiliate with a larger Health Care Organization. I will not bore you with the whys. That afternoon word was sent to the hospital employees, county commissioners, docs, etc. Tuesday was a publicity event at our hospital. I am chairperson of the Board of Trustees. I was a nervous wreck but it went well. I spent the rest of the afternoon and night responding to questions on FB. This is a BIG DEAL for our community. It keeps our local hospital alive. Aunt Maxine passed away Wednesday early morning. It hit us hard. So–we are going to Smithville, MO tomorrow and will stay until Saturday

  3. I’m in my usual bind with the day job. The four hours I spend editing takes over the whole day, and I’m getting upset at abandoning my own work. Last night I remembered that I could spend the first hour of each day on my photography or writing, rather than waiting until after I finish editing, when I don’t have the mental energy for it. So I’m going to try that today.

    Also planning to take a photography day on Monday, when it’s supposed to be bright but windy, and go up into the hills. I really need some time in nature. And I’ve decided not to try and do extra hours the rest of the week to make up for it – which is bound to stress me out.

    (In good news: I have been editing all week, and thus earning money.)

  4. Krissie is here and most of the house is still horrible (her room, however, is perfect) so I’m going through stuff and pitching it right and left, except when Krissie snags it. She’s getting a lot of yarn.

    And we are having a wonderful time.

    One bit of weirdness: We were at the doctor’s for my eye appt. and this older guy was sitting across the way from me while I crocheted. He said, “I’ve got a hole in my pocket, will you come over here and sew it up for me?” and I thought, “Look, old guy, I’m not going anywhere near you,” but before I could say anything horrible, Krissie engaged him in conversation (Krissie could engage a tree stump in conversation, she’s that charming) and I got called in to the doctor. But that was weird. One of the few blessings of being 68 is the end of sexual harassment. And yet . . .

  5. Thea says:

    Sorry for the hard hit. Condolences.
    As Chair of the hospital board, you understand the importance of taking care of yourself. ::huggies.::

  6. Thea says:

    Our group met at a botanic garden yesterday, for our area an old one (tall trees, mature plants) and we learned anew in both words and spirit the importance of contact with nature.

  7. Right off, Jill–big hugs, sweetie. And Jenny and Krissie–I’m jealous. I need some girlfriend time rather desperately. Glad it’s coming up in November for Liz and me.

    I finished a big gig for SMP this morning and am, at the moment, completely without work, which is okay because tomorrow I have to go back for a second mammogram. They found something hinky on the first one (my first 3D mammo) and want to take a closer look. My heart is alternately in my socks and in my throat, but I’m counting on it being nothing. But the 3D technology is how they found my friend Connie’s cancer. Both houses need to be cleaned desperately, I need to start writing on the new series or at least get organized enough to write, but my brain is currently unable to focus on anything except my left boob… hold a good thought, mes amies.

    Oh, and there was a sentence in this book I just worked on: “Are one of you guys Dick Smith?” that’s been haunting me. Should be “Is one of you guys Dick Smith?” Right? I changed “Are” to “Is” and I keep second-guessing… if I were more focused I’d look it up somewhere, except I’m fairly certain that changing it was a good call. Right?!

  8. Is. Definitely: there’s only one of him. And very best of luck with the mammogram. Be kind to yourself: of course you can’t focus on anything else. I’m wishing good things for you.

  9. Thanks, Jane! I already sent the work back, so I’m glad I was right! 😉 You and I seem to be in the same boat workwise–I let the editing take over frequently and forget that my work should be 9 to 5, not all day and all night. When I get up early and devote my first couple of hours of the day to writing, I’m much better for the whole day.

    I’ll let you know what happens today…thanks for the good energy.

  10. Mama_Abbie says:

    Really hope your second mammogram comes back clean! I think that it is the unknowing and uncertainty that is the most stress inducing. Once it comes back clean or worst case doesn’t, but you have an action plan, it is all doable. Until then, treat yourself kindly, do things you enjoy with people that make you happy. The “shoulds” will still be there in a few weeks and there will be plenty of time to deal with them when you can focus on them without your left breast looking over your shoulder!

  11. Bridget says:

    I wonder if he was a widower. The assumption a woman would have nothing better to do than mend his clothes sounds like a long married man.

  12. Nope, his wife was back with the doctor.
    Krissie talked to him while I was with the doctor. He turned out to be cheerfully horrible (his town was full of spics, etc.).

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