Working Wednesday: Slow But Sure

I’m still working to clear out the kitchen, get my lavender in, build my raised beds, and finish my book.  Progress on all fronts but no finished projects.

Bird by bird, people. Bird by bird.

So how’s by you?

17 thoughts on “Working Wednesday: Slow But Sure

  1. Adjusting to being back from vacation. Must weed, write, and run errands, i.e., take cat for shots, get birthday present for D.I.L.

  2. JenniferNennifer says:

    Helping my sister get projects done this week, which is almost more satisfying than working on my own. It’s certainly easier to face someone else’s pile of kludge than one’s own. I hope to drop off a trunk’s worth of stuff (some hers, some mine) on Thursday, which will feel like a big accomplishment.

    I also meant to reclaim some flowerbeds from the weeds before 25 people visit my yard on Friday, but sadly thus far my “done enough” feeling has trumped my weak kneed shame at the lack of upkeep. Who knows, I could suddenly feel inspired……………

  3. I hired the camera I was interested in, took over 1,000 photographs to test it, and bought the system for myself on Monday morning. I’ve sorted two-thirds of the photographs and am waiting for the lenses to arrive (the body came today).

    I’ve also finished updating my Discovery notes, and have printed them.

    This week, I really want to do at least my 20 billable hours. In fact, I’ve got two jobs due to arrive in the next few days, so while I’m anxious to make up for some of the income I’ve lost, I really don’t want to overdo it and fry my brain.

  4. MJ says:

    I handed in the big project pretty much on time! Without working past midnight!

    This week, I am continually going to ask myself one question: Is what I’m about to do the best use of my time?

    It stems from asking my nieces to clean their room, especially the floor – and coming upstairs to find the 7-year-old focused on aligning her doll’s necklace.

  5. Jill says:

    I figured that if I saved this project for Wednesday I would be motivated to get it done. So, I did. I sorted out my Harley t-shirt closet. Moved a bunch to another closet to make room for the new ones I bought on our border to border trip. Harley t-shirts are the usual trip souvenirs for Harley Riders. Since I have been at this for 10 years …
    I have not counted the number of Harley t-shirts I have-it would be embarrassing.

    Also finished a book: One Truth Revealed by Robena Grant. Reading while Joe is driving is my prime reading time. We went out to eat with friends in Joplin so I had 80 miles of reading time. Then had to stay awake to finish it.

  6. I had to wait to report in so I could do the project I’d committed to — making a quilt block for someone — but I’m pleased that having the public accountability made me actually do it, even if it was at the very last minute.

    For next Wed., I WILL do a certain volunteer project I’ve been procrastinating for a while.

  7. I still have not replanted that potplant near my apartment door, however, I did housesit for my daughter for a week, and I did all kinds of odd jobs for her. Also, based on Krissie’s prior post about the pool float, I finally made it onto the big flamingo float and had a nice afternoon. I’d never tackle that with anyone else around, but it was fun. Felt like a kid again.

  8. Welp, I wrote about 5,000 words (Krissie can do that in a day), dug out some more of the bed for the lavender, made four bowls of beef stew to freeze (two meals in each bowl) and four bowls of chicken and potatoes. Also got some of the kitchen cleaned out; not enough, but some.

    Today, four quiche bowls and four bowls of ham and cheese potatoes to make and freeze this afternoon. And then probably tonight do the stroganoff and tuna cassarole. That’ll just leave tomato sauce to make and I have frozen ravioli so that’s just boiling the pasta tossing it, and freezing four bowls of that. The plan is to freeze the stroganoff, but I usually go face first into it, so the chances of four bowls of that making it into the freezer are slim to none.

    Also tonight, a glass of wine and writing love scenes. Because it has to be done.

  9. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Not much done this past week, we were away for a lot of it, but this week I have to finish the guest rooms that are torn apart from having their closets painted. I’m also going to try to do some weeding but that depends on how my hands feel.

  10. Mama_Abbie says:

    Finally finished baby sweater for granddaughter that I started back in March, just before starting chemo. Going to visit them this weekend, so timing is perfect.

    Next project: picking out cross-stitch scripture stocking pattern for grand-daughter so I can get it finished before Christmas. (Everyone else in the family, including two exchange students already have one.)

  11. Jessie says:

    We had company this week which was fun but it also meant that I am two days behind on my varnishing the new kitchen cabinets. This next week I am going to try to finish varnishing them.

    Some only need one coat, which I usually leave for my husband – he is better at final varnishing, I am better at applying shellac. I spent all of today sanding and varnishing so I at least am started but man are there a lot of those suckers.

  12. I got the first pass done on a big editing gig–yay! Will work on revisions on Saving Sarah as I can while I have Grandboy at the lake next week. Hope to have revisions done before I leave for CA. Hold a good thought.

  13. Jill says:

    A good friend makes cross stitch stockings for all her family as they come along–and there are a lot of them ! the tradition was started by her mother in law many years ago. It is my job to finish them.

  14. JulieR says:

    I got a package and important letter in the mail, so that’s something.

    My list is so darn long, mostly with work stuff, that I’m going to commit to doing something I actually want to do: make a big pot of chili and freeze it in small portions. (Thank you for the idea, Jenny!)

  15. Alis says:

    No matter how often my WNY husband looks at me askance, I can always come here and feel better about certain phrases. “How’s by you?” get me looks every time. So does, “The lawn needs mowed.”

    Potato, po-tah-to… he’s pretty perfect otherwise. I guess I’ll deal with it. 😉

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