Working Wednesday: Let the Baking Begin

Except the baking has been going on pretty steadily throughout here.  It’s cold, it’s a good time to fire up that oven.  What have you been doing?

14 thoughts on “Working Wednesday: Let the Baking Begin

  1. Brussel Sprout says:

    Packing and sorting, packing and sorting, visits to the dump, finishing up reports and marking at old school, moving admin – am in the middle of my own mess, as I discovered a couple of weeks ago that I had failed to renew my IoM car tax for two years…I never got a letter telling me to update….and when I went to the Post Office to try to pay back tax and get this year’s tax disc sorted, they told me I needed to get the car tested. But the test centre was booked up until January….and their computer system simply won’t accept my payment until the test is done…I explained that I was leaving the IOM for good on the boat this coming Tuesday…am waiting for a call to explain how we are going to resolve this one!

  2. I finished proof-reading ‘The Beetle’ yesterday: it’s about an MP who’s terrorized by a beetle. I can think of quite a few present-day MPs who would benefit from this.

    Today I’ve just finished writing up the recipe book for my nephew. Want to go for a walk, avoiding where the snow hasn’t melted yet, and then write my overseas Christmas cards.

    This week I want to write cards, wrap presents, sort out the admin for the photography group (I was co-opted on to the steering group, but nobody responds to my emails, so nothing gets decided), and start proof-reading ‘To the Lighthouse’.

  3. Susanne says:

    I am continuing my quest to clean every drawer, cupboard and closet by the end of December. Today I’ll do the refrigerator door.

    I listened to a podcast about cleaning toilets, oddly fascinating.

    And then there’s the regular stuff one does. Shortbread cookies will be done at some point.

    I’ve got piles of paperwork to deal with. I should have done that first, but then I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have so far. (I had a health issue so my home was neglected (except for the basics) for a couple of years.)

  4. Jenny says:

    I moved from a state that made you show up for stickers or plates every two years, so I didn’t do anything about renewing my plates since the state would send stuff. When I went in to get my driver’s license renewed this Sept, I checked on my plates because I thought I might be a little behind. Yeah. Since 2014. At least I got to pay the whopping bill there on the spot.

  5. Eileen AW says:

    I need to do some baking but it’s hard to do one-handed, at least if I don’t want to overuse the broken one. There’s a lot of things I need to work on but just don’t have the energy or motivation. It’s cold here so I prefer to be inside.

  6. Diane says:

    Learning more about CSS and some they stuff to help with my workplace site. Slowly succumbing to a cold. Got the tree up and it looks pretty.

  7. Jill says:

    Made rum and tequila balls for a HOG(Harley Owners Group) Christmas party Saturday night. What a mess . The last of the parties. After that the last open house -at the eye docs.

  8. In the process of cleaning up files. Shredding papers. Putting things in order for taxes. The little bit I’m doing for the Holidays is done, except for dinner at my place.

  9. JenniferNennifer says:

    I have a problem with cookies drying out no matter what I store them in, so no baking until next week. I only have to do a couple of kinds, being “related” to two major bakers who share, so not a problem to wait.

  10. Sharon Bates says:

    Pies–lots and lots of pies-apple , cherry, peach, rhubarb, blackberry. So many that I see them at night when I close my eyes. I wrap and label each one after baking then put them in the freezer. These will be for my 92 year old father and his friends-a winter supply to have with coffee and tea. When done I will have about 25 pies and he will say, as he always does, ” I sure hope this is enough.”

  11. Susanne says:

    Hi Sharon,

    What a wonderful present! Do these pies go into the oven frozen?

    I just bought some duck fat to experiment with pastry. I had an amazing tart at a restaurant and the server said the baker uses duct fat.

  12. Alis says:

    I pack my cookies with two slices of white bread for anything chewy,or two quarters of an apple for ones that are cakey, and they get put in zip bags or airtight containers. Crisp ones get waxed paper and are stored in tins. Fruitcake cookies get a special treatment of paper towels soaked in bourbon and wrung out stored with them. Refuse to let all that hard work go to waste. 🙂

  13. Sharon Bates says:

    I have never had duck fat in pastry but I remember my great grandmother using chicken fat for pies.
    Dad takes the pie from the freezer and sets it on the counter to thaw. If he needs the entire pie, he then heats it in the oven. If he only wants a slice or two, he uses the microwave.

  14. Jill says:

    You are a wonderful daughter ! do you use the frozen pie dough ? People tell me it is good but since I do not make the real dough or use the frozen I would not know. I have great admiration for bakers who use either type of dough.

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