Working Wednesday: How did it get to be Wednesday so fast? (Jenny)

I swear I thought it was Tuesday.

So I got the back porch cleared off (today is cleaning it off as in scrubbing off the dirt) and possibly putting up new rail tops so I can put the planters on and fill them with dirt and something growing. But I did get all the junk off, so progress. And I wrote 2000 words this week which is pathetic.

Man, I really have to accomplish something this week. Working Wednesdays as a motivator only works if I remember when Wednesday is.

So what single thing did you accomplish this week?

27 thoughts on “Working Wednesday: How did it get to be Wednesday so fast? (Jenny)

  1. JenniferNennifer says:

    I filled bird feeders. I will be filling bird feeders. How are they getting through sunflower seed that quickly? This may be my main activity of the week if this keeps up.

  2. I’d planned to finish machine-quilting a bed-sized quilt (three rows, plus a wide border), but that was a bit ambitious and should have counted as two things, with adding the binding as a third thing. So, I got the three rows quilted, and now it’s too humid to do any more machine-quilting (fabric sticks to bed of the machine), so instead for the coming week I’m committing to piecing a single block that I promised to do for someone who’s making a sampler quilt, so I can mail it next week.

  3. I’ve been brainstorming my fiction project again, and feel much clearer on the story I want to tell. I’m now editing my discovery notes in Scrivener to reflect the new direction.

    My big thing for this next week is, with luck, to hire the camera and macro lens I’m interested in for the weekend, and decide whether they’ll work for me. (Won’t be too heavy for my dodgy wrists.)

  4. Jessie says:

    Do some more work on the kitchen. The drawer fronts are ready to install then will need the last varnishing. I have the bathroom door almost finished. Plus company to stay. Plus two or three days with the temperature over 100 F and a bunch more in the 90’s so I am not going to want to do any thing.

  5. Carol says:

    Really need to spend some serious time on the top secret 60th birthday present crochet project (, if you’re interested). This is not my first one, but it’s a time-consuming project since it’s laceweight, and I would ideally like to get it done before my roadtrip (8/16) since it would only have a day to block/dry before I head to the birthday celebration right after the roadtrip.

  6. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I managed to get 3 out of 4 closets painted, I decided against painting the master closet right now – I’m not sure what colour I want to paint it and I’m really not keen on sleeping in a room stinking of paint fumes. I painted the exteriors of the front and back doors and promptly had them chipped all to hell by the violent hailstorm we had at 3 the next morning!

    The plants were planted but it was too wet and rainy to do any real weeding. We decided that we can live without a garden next year and work on getting on top of the weeds (we just spread about 3″ of composted sheep manure from my parents’ farm last fall so lots of new weed seeds sprouted), either by using black plastic and weed barrier to kill them or by ruthlessly hoeing and hand picking or both.

    I decided against using the varnish we had on the basement stairs, I’m going to get a kind that can be tinted (it’s a Benjamin Moore product) so that will have to happen later.

    I think I did okay on my list.

    We’re going away for a few days starting Friday, so there’s not going to be much work done besides tomorrow’s prepping of all the fish TB caught and my actual job. The week after I’ll be back in full swing.

  7. Maine Betty says:

    My visiting sister and I got the bath tub re-caulked with nice caulk strip, hope it works. Also got a good plan to paint the yucky old grey linoleum tile floor, I have peachy pink ceramic fixtures, mint green plastic tiles, so what the heck, peach/mint/white stripes, maybe even zig zags.

  8. I got all the IGO entries and score sheets finished and returned to their respective coordinators. YAY! I have to confess it’s been hard to get much of anything at all done since Son and Grandboy are here for a visit. Son is working on his thesis–down to the final writing now and is way focused, so Poppy and I are taking care of the 5-year-old. Love him to death, but we’ve been just the two of us for so long, it’s been an experience having him 24/7. This week’s work commitment is to try to start my new series or at least get down into notes everything in my head about these 4 Irish brother . . . they’re talking to me like crazy!

  9. JulieR says:

    Back from our travels, so I will commit to something for this week….

    I have a gift to package up and mail with a thank you note to friends who hosted us on their travels. That, and a writing a couple of birthday notes and a “sorry for your loss” note. Doesn’t sound like much. But they need to get done and are the type of thing that I usually push aside for “more important” work-related stuff.

  10. Jill says:

    Today I caught up on internet stuff. Mostly. We got back Sunday from a 5230 mile 2 1/2 week motorcycle trip. from Missouri to Nogales, AZ on the Mexican Border to Roosville ,MT on the Canadian Border, up to Lake Louise/Banff, across part of Canada, back to Missouri. I think it was 11 states and 3 Provinces. Krissie,, I would gladly have sent some of the desert heat to you.
    Tuesday we picked up my new car. A 1961 Metropolitan-turquoise and white. Just like the one my dad bought for me in 1963

  11. Susanne says:

    Very inspiring reading all your accomplishments. Go team!

    I’m working on a new morning habit. Beds. Dishes. Shower. By 10:00 a.m. Working so far. Next week I’m away, but week after that I’ll commit to something bigger.

  12. I said I’d plant something nice in the big pot in the courtyard but I didn’t. Instead I’m house sitting for my daughter. I did some planting for her, and laundry, and housework, so, good enough. Now I’ll float around in the pool.

  13. Kieran says:

    Drilled holes in all kitchen cabinets and drawers using cabinet template I had to research and buy; I found out that if you’re off even the slightest bit when you’re spacing two holes for a drawer or cabinet pull, it won’t go on…duh! Therefore the template. Scary drilling into hardwood I spent a couple thousand to get made. But saved $$$ and everything looks good.

  14. Alis says:

    Had new brain meds prescribed a couple of months ago and have had a doozy of a time getting used to them. But, finally, a little glimmer of creativity is back. I actually (gasp) managed to write this week. The dreams started about a week before that, so I have high hopes that this means that by NEXT week I’ll actually like what I’m writing.

    Laundry and dishes and straightening happened. My little house gets underwater fast, and before the new meds I’d get overwhelmed and ignore it. Now “oh, that looks bad” doesn’t automatically mean “Whine. Wail. Let the teeth gnashing commence.” I will take it and be happy and go out on a limb and say it’ll happen again next week, too.

  15. Jill says:

    Everyone is being so creative with home improvement projects. It almost makes me want….. But -no. We have added on to this house 4 or 5 times. We are done. Except , I told Joe that if he bought a Chopper I got to redecorate the family room. Joe won’t so I will not get to.

  16. Karen says:

    I threw out a plant that died last winter!!! I just hadn’t gotten around to it as my husband and I had some health issues. Plus 45 was elected and I list my will to organize. (And I have a very largish OCD will to organize.

  17. Thea says:

    Ooh ooh. Do you take orders? (smiles while looking off envisioning a wrapping around by a hazy gray cloud.)

  18. MJ says:

    I stayed on schedule with the big work project. It has to be done by noon next Wednesday, so there’s my Thing.

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