Working Wednesday: Getting Organized

I’ve been caught in that “I’ll get to that in a minute” syndrome where I never get to much, mostly because everything is so overwhelming here.  So I went back to Things,  an app I used to like (had to buy it again for the new OS), and set up an every-day plan that gives me fifteen minutes in each room of the house (small cottage) and two hours of writing and revising time, plus fifteen minutes on the yards, front and back.  That’s a short enough time to keep me from getting bored, but long enough that I might accomplish something.  And a little bit every day is better than nothing at all.  So I have high hopes.  Of course, we’ve been here before . . .

How’s your work coming along?

14 thoughts on “Working Wednesday: Getting Organized

  1. I’m proof-reading an annoying book which says I should be cleaning everything every day. Sounds like Japan’s a paradise if you suffer from OCD (it’s written by a Zen Buddhist monk). So I’m ignoring that.

    Instead, my new resolution is to have at least one photography day a week this autumn, to bond with my new camera and find my way forward with photography. The forecast’s good for tomorrow, so I’m planning to explore a garden an hour’s drive away in Cheshire.

  2. Jessie says:

    I have started work on my garden again and weeded a huge section this last week which means I can start moving plants around again. Some people rearrange furniture, some people rearrange their garden. Will continue with that for the next week. Oh, and reloading my kitchen cabinets and getting rid of a zillion boxes of stuff cluttering my house.

  3. Jessie says:

    Which garden would that be? I am once again starting to plan my English garden odyssey so all information on English gardens is helpful.

  4. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Jane, that book sounds horrible and that’s coming from someone whose brain would be happy if I were to clean all the things all the time.

    I’m just settin’ ’em up and knockin’ ’em down today. I’ve finished chores I wasn’t even aware were on my list!

    I’ve got a busy week finishing up all the early fall chores so they don’t become winter should haves. Our trip to the UK is early next spring so I won’t have much time then – or no time depending on how Mother Nature feels about early thaws. Usually she is against them.

  5. Arley Hall. I haven’t been before, but it’s an RHS partner garden, which is usually a good sign (and I get in free, since I’m an RHS member). See the RHS website for these: I also highly recommend ‘Wild Garden Weekends’ by Tania Pascoe – I’ve found some atmospheric gardens through it. And the National Trust has many good gardens: it might be worth joining at the first NT property you visit, if you’re thinking of going to a few of them.

    Do email me via my website if you’d like more suggestions – I might have explored gardens in the areas you’re planning to visit.

  6. PS. RHS partner gardens tend to only offer free entry at certain times, so I wouldn’t recommend joining the RHS unless you’ve researched the limitations. Their own gardens are good, but really best at educating British gardeners, I think: they’ve got a wonderful range of plants. If you’re interested in garden history, design or atmosphere you’ll probably want to go elsewhere.

  7. Carol says:

    The girls in the basement are sending up good stuff, but they’re doing it while I drive to work, so I’ve taken to having a pen and pad next to me in the car and hoping for stoplights.

  8. Today I got my driver’s license renewed, the car plates renewed, and the car inspected, all of which were overdue. But now they’re done!

    Next the kitchen. After a short nap.

  9. Jessie says:

    In the Pacific Northwest, we have a climate very similar to Britain. Well, parts of Britain. Well, more specifically east of the Cascade Mountains it is similar, which is a very small part of the Pacific Northwest and includes Seattle, Portland, Salem, Eugene and some points further south. Into Canada, it included Vancouver and Vancouver Island. So it is always worthwhile exploring British Gardens for new plants and planting ideas. One of my favorite nurseries in the Willamette Valley was owned by a previous head-gardener from Kew Gardens and all of the plants he offered did very well. And one of my favorite reference books is RHS Perennials.

    Thank you so much for all the information you have give me. You always answer my questions and I really appreciate it.

  10. Brussel Sprout says:

    Day job is all cylinders firing with the teaching and the planning, this week is also our local literary festival and I’m on the organising team, so sorting out handouts for visiting writers’ workshops, fixing up venues and catering and lifts to and from hotels – some great events, and on Sunday night, I get to interview Alexander McCall Smith woot!

    And meanwhile bubbling in the background, new job is beginning to shift into place – this week I’ve signed up for an online course starting in November and I’ve been told I can go to a conference in Singapore next spring. Yayayay.

    In the meantime, poor Minion 2 is suffering with norovirus. Crossing fingers I don’t get it too.

  11. Reb says:

    I’ve decided there’s a list of things I can do that’ll make life better: spend time with family, spend time with friends, clean something, tidy a little bit of the garden, cook decent food.

    I’m working full time and studying half time, so on any given day, I’ve got time for one or two off that list. Today we’re eating leftovers so my two are family and cleaning. Progress.

    It’s working pretty well as a scheme – seems to be realistic and stops me feeling guilty that I didn’t Do All The Things.

  12. Didn’t realize where you were. I used to edit gardening books, so I know roughly which bits of North America might overlap. If you’re looking for plant inspiration, then the RHS gardens are definitely worth a visit. You’re going to have fun!

  13. They’re turning off the water at my apartment building today. For about six hours. I’m heading off to my daughter’s place to swim. And I’ll do some housework for her. She’ll be thrilled.

  14. I knew Krissie was my friend for life when I got the norovirus while she was visiting and then passed it on to her. In a cottage with one bathroom. And she didn’t blame me. That’s friendship.

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