Working Wednesday: Back Next Week

So I still don’t have power which is what happened to Happiness Sunday, and I’m not supposed to get power until Friday, but I am supposed to get eight to twelve inches of snow tonight . . .

I’m thinking about the Instagram thing and I think it solves our can’t-post-pictures here problem.  I’m thinking hashtag #workingwednesdaypix because that’s really easy to remember.

I’m also thinking it’s time I bought a big expensive generator, but that’s another story.

12 thoughts on “Working Wednesday: Back Next Week

  1. I think Instagram would be a great solution to our frustration re posting pictures. As far as I can see, although you have to have an Instagram account to view pictures on Instagram, you can make that private and not post anything at all yourself if you just want to look at what the rest of us post.

    It is linked to Facebook, which makes me wary. I daresay I’m now being pursued round the internet more than I was before. But I use ad blockers, so I can remain nicely unconscious about that.

  2. Jessie says:

    Argh. My cell phone is ancient and so I don’t do Instagram (I also don’t do Twitter and Facebook but that is more ideological not technological) . I would be sorry to miss Working Wednesdays.

  3. I can use it on my iPad; and I can view on my iMac but not post – although I ought to go back and check on that, because if I can post online from my iPad, it makes no sense that I can’t do it on the Mac. I haven’t downloaded the app, because it’s designed for phones not tablets, though I might fool the App Store by telling it my iPad’s a phone. (I don’t want to use it on my actual phone, because it’s much more fiddly to type on that, and pictures are so much smaller.)

  4. No, I was right first time: bizarrely I can’t post from Safari on my Mac, but I can on my iPad. May be different with Windows; but it looks as if you need a smartphone or tablet, though not necessarily the Instagram app.

  5. JenniferNennifer says:

    We bought a big expensive generator. I was appalled by the cost. Then the power went out the day before I was to host Thanksgiving. Worth every penny!!!!!

  6. I searched for ways to upload to Instagram from my computer, and everything I read said that IG wants to discourage any intermediation, and want images to come straight from a mobile device. Ergo, a tablet is okay, but not a laptop.

    There was a hack that worked for a while, but then IG blocked it. Now, it seems to be okay to upload from Dropbox (other hacks are reportedly against TOS), but it’s a hassle — upload my pics from camera (my phone has a terrible camera, so I use a stand-alone camera) to desktop Dropbox, then switch to phone to post from Dropbox.

  7. Jenny says:

    I use Uplet to post to Instagram from my computer. I read Instagram on my computer, too. I did just get a new phone so I might try posting from there.

    I’m not a Facebook fan although I belong to two groups on there, the local neighborhood group because we have water/power problems and people do updates on there and my high school class which is mainly silent unless somebody dies.

    I got the biggest iPhone they had this time. Cost a fortune, but I can see the damn screen, so that’s a plus.

  8. Jenny says:

    That was Mollie’s solution. She and Josh spent thousands on theirs (five thousand, I think) and the rest of their neighborhood went the $500 route. Then the power went out and there was huge generator envy as the little ones burnt out.

  9. I can post pictures from my Mac laptop with Uplet. The only caveat they said was that if you post a lot of pictures all at once, Instagram will shut you down, but since I only want to post one or two at a time, I haven’t had any problems.

    I’m all for Instagram keeping a grip on the platform. The Russians are coming. Again. Bastards.

  10. Jill says:

    We had a generator installed before we left for South Padre , TX for the month of January and the 2 week motorcycle cruise in the Dutch West Indies. Peace of mind.

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