Working Wednesday: Baby. It’s Cold Outside

Anybody making something to keep somebody warm?  Oh, you live in the southern hemisphere?  Forget I mentioned it, I’m too cold to think straight.


12 thoughts on “Working Wednesday: Baby. It’s Cold Outside

  1. I was expecting to wake up to a good covering of snow, but there was just a dusting – it must have fallen as rain. Not making anything warm, instead am struggling to do four hours of proof-reading a day: reading line for line against copy is hard on the eyes, and ‘Mrs Dalloway’ is more depressing than I remembered.

    Am also working on my seed order, trying to work out what to grow this year, in a temporary garden of annuals – while I design the permanent planting and structures. Which all depends on my moving of course: finally got hold of the estate agent five minutes ago, to hear the vendor’s still not completed the legal stuff we’re waiting on, though it’s down to one more change, apparently.

    So I guess frustration’s keeping me warm.

  2. RanchGirl says:

    It was 17 degrees (feels like 7) in the Houston TX area this morning. We actually had snow yesterday. Its time like these that I really find out how poorly our homes are insulated for really cold weather. I have thermostats at the north and south sides of the house – set the heater at 69 will get me 62 on the north side and 64 on the south :(. The whippets are really not happy but they have been real troupers heading out to do their business. Really really fast business – nothing much moves faster than whippets, but they are being really good about going out. Ready for our normal 60’s winter!

  3. Office Wench Cherry says:

    We’re having a bit of a heat wave, it’s 2C/34F and rising outside and I’ve got the windows upstairs open to get some fresh air in the house. It was about -35C last week but this is our January thaw.

    I’m working at my job this week and hopefully playing with my new sewing machine if I can get my hands on some fabric. I’m a total novice sew-er (as opposed to sewer). We are off to the city on Saturday so I might be able to hit up a fabric shop. I think I’m going to practice by making some dish clothes and dish towels. Something that won’t be wrecked if I can’t sew a straight line. I have to do a lot of practicing because there’s some upholstery sewing in my future and I really don’t want to muck that up.

  4. Last night I was seriously contemplating getting an electric blanket, even though I LOATHE electric blankets. Usually I like my toes to be cold, but last night they were frozen, even after I got into bed, and I couldn’t seem to get them warmed up. And this isn’t even the coldest weather we’ve had — that was earlier in January.

    Anyway, I am making something to keep someone warm, but it’s a gift for much later in the year, so it doesn’t help right now and it’s proceeding slowly. It’s going to be a queen-sized quilt, and I got the background fabric during a post-Christmas sale (the contrast fabrics I already had), and I managed to get the new fabric washed, but I got stuck at the ironing step. Ten yards of fabric is a LOT of ironing, and it’s awkward ironing. I need to divide it into smaller chunks first.

  5. MJ says:

    I’m making progress with my words for 2018, “clear” and “early.”

    Cleared some space in the attic, including mailing off photos that I’ve been saving for 40 years.

    Got going early on a couple work projects, and left early for a couple meetings – which means I arrived comfortably on time, instead of flying-through-the-door-dropping-things on time.

  6. I don’t know how you all manage in the winter. Thinking of you. I haven’t made anything much lately. Plowing through self-edits, paperwork for a board position in our local writing chapter, and organizing the last of the tax receipts.

  7. Susanne says:

    I envy your delight in learning how to sew — it brings back memories. It’s a wonderful hobby. Good luck and have fun!

  8. sjmcclelland says:

    It was about -10C today – warm compared to the last week. I dropped by my favourite flower store on the way home and picked up a spring bouquet in pink tones – my happy colour. This week, I’ve been practicing a new technique for making cards – colouring stamped images with water colour pencils. I’ve made one card but several others in development.

  9. LILingner says:

    There is a movement, started by Martha Pullen I believe, to use the term sewist for just that reason!

  10. Jill says:

    I am huddled in my Harley quilt in a condo in South Padre Island , TX. This is out first experience as Winter Texans. And like Ranch Girl this January weather is –unusual.

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