Working Wednesday: Are We Tired of Working in 2017 Yet?

I’m just tired of 2017, period.   Whatcha making, besides plans for a better new year?

10 thoughts on “Working Wednesday: Are We Tired of Working in 2017 Yet?

  1. I’m suddenly full-on with the day job: the edit that’s been due back from its authors for more than a month has finally arrived today, and they’ve made so many changes I’m going to have to read through it all again. So looks like I’ll be working on it between Christmas and New Year as well. Can’t see getting it done in the next two days.

    Plus I failed to buy a Christmas tree in town this morning, as planned. There was only one small enough, and it turned out to be the top of a much bigger tree, with a trunk too wide for my stand. So I’m off on a tree hunt now – which’ll have to be quick, because of work. But I love my tree, and it’s my only Christmas decoration. Can’t put it up before the solstice, because it needs to last until Twelfth Night.

    Went and sat in front of the estate agent this morning until I got some reliable information about what’s delaying my purchase: it’s five weeks since my offer was accepted and there’s been no contract or site plan from the vendor’s solicitors. Looks like it’ll be after Christmas before my solicitor can do anything; but at least I feel I know what’s happening. The black hole of no information (or misinformation) is horrid.

  2. Susanne says:

    The novelty of cleaning every drawer, cupboard and closet by the end of December has worn off. I look behind me and think, wow, that looks great, but I look ahead of me and think, wow, there’s still lots to be done. (And then there’s the paperwork project which will come in January.)

    Overall though, I’m happy with my deep clean and purge.

    It’s December 20th everyone. Start your turbo jets — this is where everything comes together one way or another.

    Happy happy holidays to everyone, and hugs to Jenny for giving us this marvellous community.

  3. MJ says:

    Like Jane, I have an unexpected influx of work, so I *can’t* be tired of working. Some of it’s kind of fun: thinking up tradeshow booth themes, writing social media posts…about utility services. But still.

    And in the next couple hours I’ll wrap up the photo book for my father-in-law. In the next couple days I’ll finish shopping. In a couple weeks, the holidays will be over…and I will also be done with my 50s. Eep!

    Meanwhile, daughter and her chihuahua arrived from California and made our home festive indeed. May you all enjoy what delights you.

  4. Found one! They only had 7ft ones, but the guy cut a foot off and charged me £25 instead of £42 – he claimed it’s now 5ft, but it’s actually 6ft and is taking up nearly a quarter of my living area. As ever, it’s like having the spirit of Christmas to stay, in physical form. The lights just about stretch; and now I must get back to work. Tonight I’ll dig out ‘Gigi’, which is my usual background to decorating the tree. And Christmas begins.

  5. Mama_Abbie says:

    Finished cross-stitching my grandaughter’s Christmas stocking last night. Now I have to create lining and backing and assemble it all. I waited too long to buy the backing velvet: all they had left was bright scarlet, not the deeper wine colored crimson of all the other stockings. BAH. Maybe I’ll pull it apart and rebuild it next spring after they restock the correct color velvet. But granddaughter’s first Christmas NEEDs this stocking.

    And back to the day-job which has added more and more tasks as the year gets closer to the end!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. (Also hoping that 2018 is much better than 2017.)

  6. Jessie says:

    Being a different color means it will be easier for the Santas to correctly identify which stocking to put the baby’s stuff in. (One year my husband was confused and put almost everyone’s stuff in the wrong stockings). Also it looks cheerful to have the baby’s stocking more colorful and lively. And children like bright colors.

    You can worry about color coordination and good taste when she is older. Although as she gets older and isn’t quite old enough to read names, she will always be able to identify her stocking as the special color.

  7. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’m with Jane and MJ on the work front, there’s a ton of it right now but I know it will drop to next to nothing over the holidays. I have to be quick here because I have a lot of work to do and I actually need to do something (anything!) in the house so TB isn’t overwhelmed with housework on his days off. I might be a good girl and vacuum. I’ve been working a lot of extra hours and not doing much else besides going to aquafit and work. I’m looking forward to the break. I have the last 4 episodes of Orphan Black to watch.

  8. Susanne says:

    Mama Abbie, I’m so glad you posted. Wishing you the best holiday ever. Sounds like you’re over the worst. May Santa give you a special gift.

  9. Jill says:

    Not making anything. since we are going to be gone all of January and February I use that as an excuse not to start anything. Christmas with daughter’s family so not cooking anything. We just sit back and spoil the grands.

    Mama Abbie, how are you ?

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