Working Wednesday February 28, 2018

So I’m still working my way through the house, but I’m making progress.  Got a box of kitchen stuff ready to go to Goodwill (I thought, “Why do I need two butter dishes?” and then I thought, “Why do I need ANY butter dish?” and boxed them both.  PROGRESS.)  Clothes next week.  I was inspired by a BookBub sale book, Dana White’s How To Manage Your House Without Losing Your Mind.  I don’t think there’s anything new in there, but I’m liking it and I’m reading it at a time I need to hear it, so it’s good.  I got way behind on the picture a day thing, but I’m going to try again starting tomorrow.  I made stuff all those days, it was just getting pictures of it . . .

How did work work out for you this week?

27 thoughts on “Working Wednesday February 28, 2018

  1. I made my deadline at the end of last week, but was then wiped out until yesterday. I’d planned to take a break, but it was disappointing not to be able to go on the outings I’d planned because I was too tired. The weather then turned, so I’ve been researching fruit-growing for my new garden. And, as I tend to, have overdone it.

    Expected freelance work hasn’t arrived, so I’m planning to update my website and restart my blog tomorrow. I’m glad I did the Instagram project, but it’ll be good to return to being more spontaneous with my photography. I’m thinking of having a go at posting an image a week – maybe on a Friday – on my blog. But I’m not good at sticking to routines. Still, it’s worth a go.

  2. I like the idea of an image a week. I know the daily thing was a limited-time project to free up creativity and I didn’t do that. I think if I did that again, I’d follow Lee’s old project of a postcard a day. But a weekly here’s-what-I-made-this-week post on instagram could be good. I don’t think the Argh people would be thrilled with craft posts, but Instagram would work.

  3. Yes: I’m thinking that a regular, pretty frequent slot would be more doable. I don’t think I’d be as likely to remember once a month. And daily is too much, long-term.

  4. Are you thinking we might all pile in? That it would be a way for anyone here to post what they’re making, under a shared hashtag? Could be fun.

  5. Carol says:

    I made furniture polish last night. Rearranged my mantle, which led to a bout of cleaning, and when I went to dust a couple of surfaces realized I was out of Pledge, so I looked it up on the interwebs, and made up a mixture of 3 parts olive oil, 1 part distilled vinegar, and a little bit of lemon juice (you can use your favorite essential oil for scent if you like). This cleans and polishes wood LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE, and now I want to clean and make everything pretty. Which, if you knew me, is pretty unusual. The cleaning part, at least.

  6. I rearranged furniture to make a path with no rugs in the way, so I can get from bed to recliner to bathroom with the walker. Less than four weeks until knee surgery. I’m beyond ready. Oh and to reward myself I bought a new TV. I’m about to become a daytime viewer, which I’ve always avoided. Not sure I’ll be up for writing. Could be interesting though while on strong pain meds.

  7. JenniferNennifer says:

    I worked as a freelance organizer today since my boss stayed out of town an extra day. It is so fun to deal with other people’s stuff, even if it is just papers. We got her desk cleared off, and though I am left with a bin of stuff to sort, it was still a major accomplishment. I have already sorted a bunch of bins, and am not intimidated by one more. Next time, we attack the file drawers, where mysteries lurk.

  8. Jessie says:

    My husband rented a truck to take the Morgan fenders in to be repainted, so I talked him into helping me load the old sofa into it and we took it and a bunch of other stuff from my closet into Goodwill. The clean out continues.

  9. Janet says:

    Robena, if you have an MP3 player or a CD player, you can download/borrow audiobooks from your library to help pass the time

  10. Thea says:

    All the native plants are in the ground and are being *rained* in!

    Procured from the Buddha shop two Year of the Dog charms and hung them, balanced to either side, on the hallway tree limb hung with past Year charms, balanced.

    Threw out a great load of old magazines, lots more to go. Only so much our trash haulers can cart away at a time.

  11. Carol says:

    I should have noted that for us asthmatics, this is somewhat of a miracle solution, because the dust stays put until it is wiped up with your cloth. No dust floating around in the air to induce wheezing.

  12. I’ve managed to write daily for ten days. And I’m posting the product on my blog, and shared with students. They really liked the dystopia I created (partly for them as I am teaching a dystopian story by JG Ballard at the moment), and I think I might try to take that a little further.

    This, combined with starting swimming regularly again, has made me feel very positive. But we have major cold (for England) and snow, and that is making me ravvvvvenous, alongside the increased exercise and I am giving in to all sorts of temptations food wise. Hoping I will recover my balance food wise soon.

  13. Shorter would be easier. I haven’t mastered adding tags (had to type it into a Note on my iPad and copy and paste it every day), or replying to people’s comments. But that may be because I was posting via Safari, since there’s no app for iPad or iMac. (I know I could download the iPhone app if I rejig the App store, but I’d started doing it the other way, and couldn’t be bothered.)

  14. I think “memorable” is the key. I had to cut and past from a stickie, too.
    The other key is to make it something that nobody else is using. ReFab and WorkingWednesday are both taken. RFWW is taken. RFWork is taken. ReFabWork is taken. WorkWed is taken.
    RFWorkWed is available. So is ReFabWorkWed. I know those are long, but everything short that I can think of has been used.

    Hmmm. #ReFabWork has only one post, and it was five years ago. That’s memorable, right?

  15. Kari says:

    Oh man that sounds awesome. Now I want salad for breakfast ;-P But also terrific to know I can also use it for furniture polish, so thank you! I tend to use Swiffers for my desk or tops of books/shelves, and microfiber/damp paper towels for everything else. My asthma is highly reactive to dust, thus the non-environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of it.

    Wonder if there’s a homebrew/household recipe for leather conditioner I can whip up that won’t make me crave rabbit food?

  16. Kari says:

    Crossing fingers and toes all goes well. If you haven’t already, also stock up on ice packs (you can get a box of the instant ones to cut down on travel time when you REALLY need one immediately from Amazon) and a heating pad or two.

  17. Kari says:

    We finished installing a “formal” potty spot for Angus in the backyard of the place we’re renting, which is all cement except for a random/leftover patch of dirt behind the detached garage. We had to dismantle the remains of a pergola frame (inherited from previous tenants then ended up half in the pool after a strong bit of wind a couple of weeks ago) and distribute them in such a way as to keep his snoot out of the cobweb-covered ivy across the back fence in that area. We then sprayed down the entire patch with Nature’s Miracle, laid down a rug of fake grass, weighted it around the edges with bricks, and hammered it down with landscaping nails. He was initially puzzled but pleased, and since he’s a 13.5 year old Lab, making him happy is all that counts. Well, that and not hurting him or his human servants getting his furry butt down and back up the front steps. The front yard was redone by owners with nasssty mulch underlaid by cheap plastic weed-barrier before we rented the place. Angus hates it and so do we, so going out the front door is for formal walk n’sniffs or not happening. I also made some progress with deciding which clothes to outright toss and what can be donated, but actually moving that stuff out of the house will have to wait until next week. Happy to post a pic of the glorious fake grass on Instagram if I can remember my password there 😉

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