Working Wednesday

It’s cold outside so today I’m going to work on making chicken noodle soup.  What’s on your agenda?

8 thoughts on “Working Wednesday

  1. I’m trying to up my hours to six a day – four editing and two proof-reading – in order to manage the two jobs I’ve foolishly taken on. Because I’m anxious to earn as much as I can, since the move’s delayed.

    Also chasing the house purchase and trying to find a good person to build the retaining wall cum raised bed I need in the garden.

    And trying not to skip my daily walk.

  2. Briana says:

    I have a snow day. Which means trying to get papers done for my masters program.

    I’m almost through one. I have high hopes for a second one getting finished.

    Then maybe I’ll do some work for my students. They won’t care if I don’t – I have tests to write! 😀

  3. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Holy. Mother. Forking. Shirtballs. (I love The Good Place swearing) It’s not what I have to do, it’s what I don’t have to do that should be my list.

    I have to make a big batch of broth, multiple kinds of muffins/fruit breads/scones/et cetera (like banana, peach, peach banana…) as I have bunch of frozen fruit that needs using up, sew a laundry bag, post some things on Instagram for creativity month, clean my library/work room so I can move in around there and start doing stained glass art again (it’s only been 2 years), and watch a couple of the tv shows I have recorded. That’s a fun thing and I can do it while I get some prep work done on other things but if I leave them for too long I get bored and then watching them becomes just a chore, no matter how much I want to watch them. I also need to start painting our bedroom furniture and finish up the sanding/waxing on the china cabinet as well as get a piece of glass to replace the one in the door that I broke. The glass might have to wait until next week though.

    Oh, and get in 2 hours of work and go to the library to watch Thor: Ragnarok.

  4. MJ says:

    Work falling as steadily as the snow. Writing about gas seals, hi-tech batteries, gender inclusiveness, customer relations, and developing lay leaders in the church.

    Not all at once.

  5. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’m angiemgcaughlin. I’ve only put one picture up so far, I’ve had a couple of hectic days of work and out of town appointments but I’m hoping to get a few more up before Monday. If you look me up you will also see a picture of my very spoiled dogs.

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