Working (Krissie)

. I’ve been creating. Well, I’ve been doing a million things, including attacking the episode of Hoarders that is my house. This is an outfit for Sweetie (that’s what I’m calling the doll) who’s a present for Ali. She’s a Wellie Wisher – a smaller, younger version of an American Girl doll, and I’m trying to get a wardrobe together for her among all the other things I’m trying to do.

The pattern is from a Craftsy class in making doll clothes, though I had to adjust the sizes for the small doll (feeling very smug about that).

At the same time I’m trying to up my crochet game. I’m taking a course for beginners and advanced beginners, I’ve got the basic Craftsy course and of course Crusie’s taught me a lot. So I made this for an American Girl doll and later added white buttons.

Next up – a new crochet project and sewing a knit dress for Sweetie. Stay tuned.





4 thoughts on “Working (Krissie)

  1. Krissie,now would be a good time to change your computer password since you just announced it to the internet. Argh. The weather”s kicking my butt, too, Jane. I have been making things, I just haven”t gotten up in time to get the light to take pictures, plus with the melt during the day and freeze at night, my front patio is a skating rink. It”s just been one of those weeks already. Argh again.

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