15 thoughts on “Whistling Past the Past

  1. I’ve been thinking I need to do some work on forgiving myself for not having a better past – one where I earned a living, had a family, and published lots of novels. Sixty is proving quite a tricky turning point.

    I felt happy photographing blue sky in a mountain tarn – it was glowing. And again when I got back to my car safely after five hours of hillwalking, with the descent turning out to be through a bog, and taking so long that I walked the last 45 minutes in twilight. But there was my car, with a cereal bar in the glove box (my cheese sandwich having run out some time before).

    And I’m about to meet an old friend off the train – she was 60 on Friday. Looking forward to cheering each other up.

  2. MJ says:

    I started reading “Designing Your Life,” recommended by librarian Kelly S., about building toward a joyful life no matter where you are right now.

    It hit home in a startling way: I had a 10-minute window where I decided to sit on a bench in my office area and think about how I might redesign the space. At the same time, I flipped open the book – and under the header “Try Stuff,” this sentence jumped out: “There is no sitting on the bench just thinking about what you are going to do.”

  3. Had a wonderful overnight trip with a friend to see an amazing an amazing one-woman show about life after 50 – lots of life truths about menopause, being invisible in society, etc. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Yesterday, I took a jewellery-making course and made a sterling silver pendant and funky earrings. Today, DH and I are unpacking my mother’s good china – it’s been boxed in my garage for over a year. Haven’t gone through any of my mother’s things since she died in June, so this is a big step

  4. Kelly S. says:

    I had a frustrating experience in buying a car. I’ve been applying that frustration towards the car and am having limited joy (the heated seats are AMAZING) in owning a new vehicle. I was told yesterday to “Get over it!” and indeed, that’s what I need to do. It really is fun to drive and nice to have reliable transportation, plus heated seats!

    Yesterday I baked bread. One of the two loaves is already consumed.

    I was also happy (and wheezing) as I made my connecting flight on Monday. Original flight was 30 minutes late, so my 45 minute layover became 15 minutes to deplane and get from terminal A to terminal B. I was blessed that the gates were near the tunnel between the terminals on both ends.

  5. JenniferNennifer says:

    Got some necessary tasks done yesterday and this morning, and I am having a lazy afternoon with book and a fire.

    Boss is traveling, so I will have the office all to myself tomorrow and can play music.

    I also turn 60 this year, Jane and Betty. It does seem like a time to examine one’s life. I am successfully turning over some of my volunteer activities, which I have long wanted to do. It has been a long process, but by the end of July I expect to be left with only things I find at least somewhat entertaining. This is a future I am really happy to be moving into! Now if we can only find the part time employee of our dreams, the my future relationship with the organization looks pretty darn serene!

  6. Carol says:

    I just turned 59, and it (and some other stuff) have given me a huge kick in the get-er-done portion of my psyche. I’m using the Leonie Dawson Your Shining Life books to identify and set goals (highly recommended, although might be a bit hippy-dippy for some) and am finding the mere act of writing things that I want to accomplish down, and then reviewing those lists, is having an enormous impact. I did a lot of “stuff” last year but found myself at the end of the year wondering just where the year had gone, and I didn’t want that for another year. Feeling much more positive and focused and deliberate.

  7. Thea says:

    Toward present and future joy —

    Dave Alvin concert in an intimate auditorium, acoustically nice. Sang some songs he did with his brother, the Blasters, X. His backing group was terrific. At set’s end, Alvin forced us all to join them in singing “This Land is Your Land,” as subtle a political statement as I heard last week.

    Annual Feng Shui class, so now all ready to greet the Fiery Rooster (or the more spiritual Phoenix bird). Forecast as still a time of conflict, but more yin, less yang. Uh-huh. Just upped our monthly contribution to the ACLU.

    Figured out the 2017-2019 budget for the horticultural non-profit I volunteer with. Done with that for the next two years, yay.

  8. Spent the week with three cats while husband traveled. Felt accomplished at making inroads in sorting through boxes of baby stuff that had been stored in the attic for the past 25 years. Some classic toys and dresses saved for coming granddaughter. Much tossed or given to Goodwill.

    Greatest joy was picking up husband at JFK on Saturday – he had been in Kenya for the week. This was made more interesting by the gathering of protesters (the protest was only just starting) by the entrance to Terminal Four and they later realization that some of the detainees had probably come in on the flight from Dubai that we usually come in on.

    Be you for or against Trump’s executive order (I’m not in favor), at the least you have to agree that it was implemented in a very poor, un-thought-out manner, with many, many unintended consequences. At least I HOPE the consequences were unintended. (Banning someone who is one year away from getting their citizenship for example? Come on!)

    In meantime, cats and I are enjoying having husband home!

  9. Jill says:

    Did my medical conditioning this morning. I hate getting up at 8AM.
    Then I tackled picture filing. I have been putting this off for 6 weeks. The girls took 100+ pictures from my photo albums to display at our 50th anniversary gig. Now I have to put them back where they belong–in 50+ albums.

    Forgive I can hope to do. Forgetting is another thing.

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