8 thoughts on “Walking Happiness

  1. sjmcclelland says:

    Visited a farmer’s market with a friend, got a manicure and met another friend for coffee. Baked Christmas cookies and watched curling. A perfect day! A light dusting of snow overnight, so my backyard looks pretty.

  2. Brussel Sprout says:

    Snow day on Friday!!! And my to do lists are shrinking. I’ve been going through the house, and we’ve sorted loads of books from Minion 2’s room…clothes, ornaments, and I’ve been doing selective triage with all sorts of stuff, e.g. dismantled Billy bookcases and garden chairs. Moving day is 8 days away, and I am feeling a little stressed, but that’s mainly because we’re waiting on the bank to release some funds and they are faffing about. Once the money is through, I can start paying all sorts of key bills and get the boxes to start packing properly…

  3. Jessie says:

    Company for dinner. After 3 days of nonstop cleaning and prepping food, everything came together. Our friends brought a couple of bottles of truly amazing Chateau-Neuf du Pape to have with the lamb, my husband’s lemon curd tart with raspberry coulee was excellent and even my slightly over-cooked mussel cassolet with hazelnuts was tasty. And the conversation was lively and we had a wonderful time. It was worth all the work. I am still feeling euphoric.

  4. Lovely but cold here, snow covering all the yardwork that needed done that I didn’t do. Putting up Christmas stuff today and possibly baking. Working on my book which is shaping up into something unexpected which always happens. Feeling cosy and happy here.

  5. MJ says:

    Despite eight hours and 10 cans of spray paint, my turn-a-fake-green-tree-silver project is a flop. The tree looks good but sheds silver at the slightest touch. And it still stinks. (Our new neighbors must wonder why I spent the week putting up a silver tree in our back yard every morning, and taking it down every night.)

    Then I stumbled on an ad for a local nursery/landscaping shop that had pretty much the tree we wanted, at pretty much what we pay for a real one. We bought it last night and will decorate tonight. YAY!

    Now I’m plotting a clever way to use the spray-painted tree as yard decor. It would be cool to hang it above the front hedge…

  6. Carol says:

    5 mile walk this morning (air here in SoCal is still not great, but it was good enough for a walk), a cat currently curled up in my lap, and later today we’re taking a friend in serious need of some laughs to see Something Rotten, which is pretty much guaranteed to fill that bill.

  7. Thea says:

    Activating Thanksgiving here. Cooked all the everything last night and this morning, about to reap our foodie rewards. Yay! Suitably grateful, counting blessings all day.
    Laid-back lunch in Balboa Park Sculpture Garden eatery with a high school/college friend. Oh, the times we had, then and now.
    Say what you will about smoke in the air, it makes for some mighty neon-colorful sunsets over the sea.

  8. Jill says:

    decorating -we did not do any
    48 candy cane reindeer -check
    94 Little Debbie cosmic brownies for church dinner and Hospital tea–check
    reading time-check – thank you Robena
    watching the hard working landscapers work in the cold-check
    ugly sock exchange with friends-check

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