Krissie: Travels with sisters and sinuses

I was thinking Wittle Wattle was getting smaller but my glands are swollen so it’s worse. But we had FUN.
My iphone stopped working (well, it stopped ringing, just as I was waiting for my doctor to call back.) So we all trooped to the iphone store and I got a new iphone 4 and Lani got a new 4S for Alastair and her. And Mini-me, feeling inspired, went out and traded her 4s for a 5 in Tahoe. So we face-timed this morning and had a great time!
Lunch at ihop, which we needed, and I went with whole grain. Dinner was a salad, so I’m trying to be good without slapping myself around, particularly when I’m sick. Let me see if I have the pictures I took on this baby … That’s Jenny’s reaction to my scatological stories. I’m teaching her vanity is a sin.
More later.

12 thoughts on “Krissie: Travels with sisters and sinuses

  1. Oy such a look! I’m so glad you’re all together, and got new phones and pancackes. Hell yes you deserve to go easy on yourself babe. Always, but especially when you’ve been feeling crappy and slogging through emotional fallout and depression et al.

    Raising a toast to loved ones and laughter. And books, always books 😉

  2. Erm, that’s pancakes, not pancackes. Which might be less edible, or possibly the sound made by crows opinionating in unison. Neither of which apply here. Now I want pancakes for breakfast. Good writing food, right?

  3. Kieran says:

    Swollen lymph glands? If you can’t get to a doctor, drink lots and lots of hot liquids. If you get your fever back, u need to be seen.

    Glad y’all are having a wonderful time in spite of the physical discomfort.

  4. Mini-me says:

    Why does this family always resort to scatological stories? Who knows, but it’s a family thing, certainly. And I’ll have you know, I traded up from an iPhone 4 to the 5. And traded in the old phone for cash at best buy. Definitely a good way to get rid of older gadgets. And if they are worth nothing, they recycle them for free. I never had the 4s, as it wasn’t enough of an upgrade from the 4. But the iPhone 5 is awesome! 🙂

  5. Eileen A-W says:

    So glad you all are enjoying yourself. You might not feel good but you sound better! Jenny’s expression reminds me of that teacher look, as in quit acting up!!! 🙂

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