Travels with Krissie Pt.1

That’s me sitting in the BWI airport (I always think of British West Indies when I see that. And I won’t tell you what I think of when there used to be Northwest Airlines (NWA).
But as usual, I digress.
Turns out I have a sinus infection, I call my doctor (who told me to call back if it didn’t get better) and she blithely said they routinely want people to have it for two weeks before they use an antibiotic. Now I understand and agree that antibiotics are over-used and people will become resistant to them, yadda yadda yadda. But a) I seldom get sick, so I’ve had very few antibiotics and b) she fucking thinks I’m gonna stay with this pain for another week?
Might be time to change doctors.
Any, I’m digressing again. Except that the stupid doctor told me to take ibuprofen, which I’ve been to stomach occasionally, but apparently I can’t deal with taking it at night. At least half a dozen Tums, two doses of liquid Maalox, pretzels, a banana, and applesauce with granola and I finally fell asleep in my chair for a couple of hours. (I had vicious heartburn because I hadn’t eaten enough with the ibu and I didn’t feel like dinner, so eating bland stuff helped).
So, no sleep, off to the airport (three hours away) leaving at 6. But Richie and I had a good talk about things, and I’m going to keep a wait and see attitude. At this point I’ll have Richie pick me up in NJ the weekend of the 17th so I’m home for Thanksgiving. If I need to I can turn around and go back to NJ in December for a week or two, depending on how stressful things are.
But I had a mini-triumph. I’ve been eating terrible stuff, just awful So I got on the scale before I left and still managed to be in the 220s (just barely). Stuck here in BWI I went to a diner where I could have had pancakes (I’ve had a craving for them) french fries with gravy, all the sorts of things I tell myself I could have. Instead I chose one of the healthy offerings, a fruit and lettuce salad with chicken and blue cheese and lo-cal dressing and it was incredibly good! So yay for me for making the right choice.
We’re going to have to go to our favorite places on our Farewell to Ohio Tour. Steak n Shake, Ihop, Olive Garden, Panera, and maybe Outback. (there’s not much cooking going on at Squalor on the River, just baking, and in the chaos of Jenny trying to pack I’m sure everyone’s even less likely to cook. (I was proofreading and found I made a Freudian typo. I had “everyone’s even less likely to book.) We must book. All three of us. But that’s part of what this is all about.
Oh, and pot stickers. Must have potstickers.
And maybe we’ll have to have Cincinnati chili just because. Jenny says it’s yucky but since it’s famous (and what could be so yucky about spaghetti with chili and cheese on top?) we might have to do it.
And then there’s Hobby Lobby and Jungle Jims.
Of course, I’m doing all this with absolutely no money. But I’m not gonna think about it. Too much to think about and I’m cherishing my inner Dresden ballerina (maybe she’s Marguerite? Eloise?)
Jenny and Lani (or maybe just Lani) are hauling ass up to Colombus to get me (it’s a couple of hours away) because it was the only way I could get a decent flight. If I’d gone from Burlington to Cincinnati it would have been $540. This flight was $237. And Lani’s got a new to her Prius (has she told you about it?) so the gas will be cheap.
And it will be so wonderful to see them! I’m so happy!
We’ll be better about photos this time, since it’s our last get together at Squalor on the River (presumably).
So the Come to Goddess Convocation is about to begin.
As if Ohio isn’t already overwhelmed.

30 thoughts on “Travels with Krissie Pt.1

  1. It’s not the people who get resistant to antibiotics, it’s the bacteria. Penicillin is almost useless now because the bugs are tolerant. As a result, doctors have to use stronger antibiotics, which have worse side effects. The last time I took antibiotics, I wound up in the emergency room, followed by eating basically nothing but yogurt for a month. The drugs had killed off all of my stomach’s good bacteria, making it impossible to digest food. Eating was excruciating. Seriously, trying to digest a carb was roughly comparable to natural childbirth. It’s an excellent weight loss plan, but it was a miserable several weeks. And given your stomach issues, I would think your doctor would almost have to be actively malicious to casually prescribe you any of today’s antibiotics.

    Mucinex to soften the mucus and techniques to clean out the passageways (saline drips, etc) are much better treatments for sinus infections in my experience. But I don’t envy you at all getting on a plane with a sinus infection. Fingers crossed that it goes okay!

  2. Sorry about the infection and the dopey doc. Who comes right out and says, “I want you to suffer longer”???

    But you’re in for a wonderful week with your sisters so screw all that. Stay safe on the rest of your journey and have fun.

  3. Krissie, try a neti pot–you can get one at the CVS or Walgreen’s and it’ll clean those sinuses right out and probably make you way more comfortable. It’s a nasty procedure, but it works!

    Have fun in Ohio and parts east–enjoy your sister time. Yes, yes, yes to pictures! Lots of them, please. And be safe. All of you!

  4. MJ says:

    What Sarah said. It doesn’t matter how often you’ve taken antibiotics; it’s whether the bug will respond to the antibiotics. And it won’t respond if it’s a virus, or if it’s bacterial but resistant. The CDC has said antibiotics don’t help for sinus infections.

    And I’m saying all this as a congested, sore-throated, sinus-hurting person who finished a course of zithromax five days ago. Schniff.

  5. Rachel V says:

    You must try Cincinnati style chili-you must! I was raised on it and have sucessfully converted my husband to its charms, and my son is thankfully a fan. Don’t go to Goldstar (we call it Deathstar in our family), try Skyline for a chain. Covington Chili Parlor for independent. Now I am craving a couple of coneys covered in cheese…

  6. Carol says:

    Your doctor is actually right about waiting two weeks. A major and definitive study came out a few months back that showed that for almost all sinus infections, antibiotics did nothing – that they cleared up on their own within two weeks. So your doctor is on top of the latest medical research, which is a good thing.

    But hugs, because sinus infections are the worst. My favorite palliative treatment is a warm washcloth folded over my nose and eyes (take off your glasses first! :-)).

  7. Lynda says:

    I’m so glad you all were able to organize this trip. I know you’re going to have a wonderful time with your sisters, despite the sinus infection. As for the chili-cheese-pasta combination, that’s common lots of places. In the South they often throw in a handful of Fritos while they’re at it. Anyway, have a great time, and do try the saline sinus rinses. You’d be surprised what a difference that can make.

  8. However, a good NeilMed Sinus Rinse always helps with my sinus infections. Neti Pots aren’t strong enough in my opinion and don’t flush out much.

    I hate ibuprofen and much prefer tylenol although my favorite is Percogesic which is Acetaminophen 325 mg & Diphenhydramine HCl 12.5 mg (per tablet). It’s coated and for whatever reason works the best for me for pain relief. The Diphenhydramine HCI is found in Benadryl though so if you have an issue taking Benadryl (you pass out and sleep) then you shouldn’t take this for pain during the day.

  9. Pam P. says:

    Hmm. I was going to say try a walk- in clinic because the walk- in clinics around here give out antibiotics like they’re candy, but clearly I’m in the wrong here. What everyone else said. 🙂

    We’re big fans of Vicks warm mist vaporizers with peppermint oil in the medicine cup. That’s a huge help. I’ve heard eucalyptus oil is better, but in my opinion it doesn’t smell as nice.

    Feel better soon!

  10. Cindy says:

    Okay, I’ll give you my non-medical advice. 🙂

    Kiddo also cannot tolerate Ibuprofen because of her stomach troubles. She can take Tylenol, that’s less harsh. So if you have horrid sinus headaches, that will help without giving you acid reflux.

    What everyone said about saline sinus rinses. Get one. They are really easy to use, and they will really help. Oldest kiddo swears by hers. She doesn’t use the neti-pot, she uses the squeeze bottle which is by the same manufacturer. Just make sure you use filtered water.

    Lastly, use a decongestant and an antihistamine. However, if you can’t do decongestants, the saline rinse will do the job.

    Hope this helps. Safe travels! And get better soon!

  11. ChelSierra Remly says:

    I know I sound like a broken record, but for me ‘steam’ is the best way to clean out the sinuses. I do 5/10 minutes 2to3 times a day whenever I have a cold or sinus infection. I use an electric steam inhaler, but I have wondered about trying an electric facial steamer next.

    Mine is somewhat like this one:

    I only use water in mine. Sometimes I might add a pinch of salt.

    I don’t see why a facial steamer wouldn’t work just as well.

    I also use the saline nasal sprays too. I’ve not yet tried a Neti Pot.

  12. C.G. Morrison says:

    Hope everything goes well and that you feel better soon. One of the reasons no antibiotics is that most sinus infections are viral. Nettie pot? Aleve? (You take it less often, so fewer stomach problems.)

    You keep coming back to Marguerite. That could be a sign.

    Jenny’s right about the Cincinnati chili. We thought the same as you, lo, many years ago. Spaghetti with chili, how bad can it be? BAD. It’s one of the few times I just poured the whole pan into the trash. I never do that.

    Have fun.

  13. jinx says:

    And on a plane or in a house, get some warm tea and do a lot of breathing in the steam, because it will result in less overall facial pain. That’s what my sinus-afflicted friends have sworn to me.

    But I’m fixating on Richie driving three hours and you in an airport that’s maybe 30 or 40 miles north of Washington DC. Did he drive you down to BWI and back to Vermont? Did you go to some other airport like Manchester first? Was this one of those Hub layovers?

    (Trying to get the geography straight in my brain.)

  14. WEBS about the antibiotics (which are also likely to leave you battling a yeast infection, which is the last thing you need, and screw up your stomach even worse).

    I can’t tolerate antibiotics, so my go-to’s are lots of garlic (make everyone else eat it too, so they won’t notice) and echinecea. Lots of hot fluids.

    I also prescribe laughter with friends, which I think you’ve got covered.

    I hope you have a great trip and feel better soon. Have lots of fun. The three of you together in Ohio is clearly all we need to tip this election in our direction 🙂

  15. Eileen A-W says:

    Have a good trip. Beware of ibuprofen as it can do stomach damage, as you dealt with last night. Hope that sinus infection clears up soon. I hate that hit by a mack truck feeling. Can’t wait to hear about the goddess adventures. Want to see pictures.

  16. Micki says:

    I love my neti pot! I don’t know how it would work on a bad infection, though. If it can’t get it . . . .

    The process is a lot better than I thought it would be. Remember as a kid, doing somersaults in the pool and getting water up your nose? It’s NOT like that at all! For me, the water usually slides right in one nostril and out the other — if it’s going the wrong place, I can easily tilt my head to stop that. I really love the results, but I have chronic postnasal drip.

  17. Carol says:

    Yes, safe journeys to Ohio. My DH is on heavy dose of antibiotics due to a sinus infection. It took less than two weeks to explode into a major infection. He is in so much pain. I sympathize with you.

    Enjoy your time together and a safe move for Jenny.

  18. stephanie says:

    Flying with a sinus infection was the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had – and this includes nearly dying in childbirth. I didn’t realize I had an infection and during takeoff my head exploded and I thought I was dying. The plane was so small – Buddy Holly small – that the flight attendant wasn’t allowed out of her seat unless there was an emergency. When they let us off, so we could walk across the tarmac to the airport!, she explained what likely happened. Personally I don’t mess with sinus infections. I’ve had some that made my teeth loose!

  19. We drove three hours to Manchester, NH, and I flew from there to Baltimore, waited three hours and then flew to Columbus, then Lani drove me two hours home.

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