The Great Yarn Beat Down, or Life at Jenny’s

So I’m here in NJ where we’ve been having a Gathering of the Goddesses, including Lani and her two amazing daughters, Sweetness and Light. I hadn’t seen the girls for years, and I still thought of them as around 11 and 13, which was way off – they’re now 15 and just-turned 18 and they are admirably fierce. Sweetness got her nose pierced for her birthday, the fearless creature, and Light kicks butt (in a thoroughly charming way). Lani, of course, is the goddess she is, with a great streak of pinkish-purple in her hair. She’s got a fabulous job, a fabulously empty bed no longer filled with a faux-Scots wanker, and life is good.

I got here on Wednesday, drove Jenny to the eye doctor on Thursday and on Friday we played. Saturday Lani & Co. arrived and we went out to breakfast, where Jenny terrorized me. Of course, I’d been jabbering in Danish at her for two days so it’s no wonder she was looking a little glassy-eyed and and thinking wistfully about “Saw II: The Reckoning.”

We ate too much at breakfast, then Crusie crashed, Sweetness and Light crashed and Lani and I went shopping. (When the going gets tough the tough go shopping).

And we returned for the Great Yarn Beatdown, similar to this summer’s Great Fabric Beatdown.

First of all, Jenny’s got a stash that she’d never get through if she lives until 100, and the sheer amounts are crushing her. So she’s doing slash and burn – she’ll still need to go through things again, but right now she’s made a huge difference, and Lani went home with a bag of yarn, a half finished sock (her knitting is phenomenal) plus a new Crusie purse that I reluctantly passed over (happily Crusie showers me with treasures, so I was willing to give it up since I already have the Disney Villains on my usual purse.) So we came back from brunch at Kathy’s and Jenny attacked the pile.
It’s been a massive undertaking. The girls played outside with the dogs (Jenny’s house is basically a tiny house full of treasures and magic) while Lani knitted and I crocheted.

So I’ve got a dozen trash bags full of yarn (plus a car loaded with other goodies). Which means I can crochet madly while listening to audiobooks, which I need to do because I need many ways to wallow in story. I’ll be showing you my creations and the books that I read – hey, maybe I’ll even do that on Facebook.

Anyway, Lani and the girls left (sob) and we were all set to watch “Moana” when we had an epic brown-out and we both toddled off to bed. Today, more yarn, then (heehaw) clothes. Tomorrow I head back home.

Anyway, peaceful goddess time in NJ (we weren’t in the mood for wild right now) and we have to do it again. Maybe next time with tattoos.

So, with all this excitement I gotta ask – what’s on your agenda?

21 thoughts on “The Great Yarn Beat Down, or Life at Jenny’s

  1. julianna says:

    It sounds wonderful. And I can’t believe Lani’s kids are that old — where did the time go?

    I am incurably nosy and feel compelled to ask about the “faux” in “faux-Scots wanker.” (It’s obviously none of my business, so just ignore if I’m overstepping.)

  2. Diane says:

    It looks as if Jenny could open her own yarn store. Or be a guerrilla crotcheter abd nake a decorative cover for her cottage. ???

    I am glad you all had such a fun visit!

  3. Lynda says:

    Wow. I thought nobody had more yarn than I did when we lived in Sacramento, but Jenny’s stash is at least two or three times bigger than mine was. You win. But I do think the biggest win is how amazing you guys look, so bright and full of joy. Just seeing your picture is a great way for me to start my day. I have assorted odds and ends to do this week, starting with an eye doctor appointment tomorrow. I’m going to ask whether the time has come to do cataract surgery. Honestly I’m kind of hoping she’ll say yes, because I’m tired of trying to wipe smudges off my glasses that are not there. Will report back. And hopefully my Sacramento kids will be able to come down for a visit on Wednesday. They had to cancel last week because my son was sick. I had a great time during spring break doing some major decluttering with the help of my grandson Preston– lots more left to do, but there is now actually visible progress–but now I need some time with the grandbabies who are still young enough to let me get away with calling them grandbabies.

  4. Wow! It looks like a great time was had by all. And that is some serious yarn. I was shocked to learn how old the girls are. Where the hell does the time go?

  5. Diane says:

    Maybe there’s a local yarn shop that would do a buy back, or offer it in consignment?


  6. Kelly S. says:

    My yarn stash is probably about 1/4th of that, but my fabric stash might rival it, maybe.

    Glad you all are having a wonderful time! I too had kep Sweetness and Light in their preteens, poor girls.

    This week is normal worth work & life until Friday when I’ll be taking off for a quilt retreat. It is hard to do what I need to for work as I just want to have fun. Anxiously awaiting the weekend!

  7. I had the surgery in January and even with a longer recovery time for the side effects, it was still night and day. SO much better.

  8. Krissie has a theory that Lani’s ex-husband was never Scottish. Since I’m pretty sure he had a Scottish passport, I’m staying out of that one.

  9. Eileen AW says:

    Those pictures are wonderful and it’s been a while since I’ve seen you ladies that happy. We have to purge hubby’s books and hording before I would consider my fabric. I can’t believe the girls are that big either.

    I had dinner with some wonderful people who I used to teach/work with last night. Some I haven’t seen for nine years plus. Others a week or so ago. It was wonderful to see everyone.

  10. Lynda says:

    Back from the eye doctor. She said their practical benchmark for surgery is whether or not the cataracts are interfering with driving, and I’m still a long way away from that point, thank God. But there’s been some change in my prescription, so I am getting new glasses and I’ll be seeing a specialist in May to evaluate other stuff.

  11. How great that you all got goddess time together, even including the up-and-coming goddesses, Sweetness and Light. I’m don’t even have amateur status in the yarn stash department yet–I’m a rank beginner knitter, but I’m working on it. 😉

  12. Jessie says:

    I used to do embroidery. I think I have every color of DMC thread ever made. Fortunately it is very fine so it doesn’t take up much room and I can keep it. But I decided to get a degree in art many, many years ago And I can no longer be trusted to go into an art supply store. All those brushes, all those tube of paint. And I haven’t finished a painting in years. And I still can’t resist them. I WANT IT ALL.

  13. julianna says:

    That’s funny! Maybe Krissie can write a character into her next book who fakes his nationality (and meets a creatively horrible fate).

  14. It did take awhile and I don’t think it’s completely done. They said it took six months to heal completely, so I’ve got until July. But my right eye is now 20/20 so that’s great, and there’s a LOT more light. It was like living a tea-colored world.

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