The Great Fabric Beat-Down Pt. 2 (Krissie)

So, this weekend I brought the three giant tubs of notions etc. into my bedroom and dumped everything on the bed. Actually, most of the stuff inside were trips – bias tape, piping, zippers, hooks and eyes, buttons, etc. I started organizing everything into 1 and 2 gallon zip-lock bags, throwing stuff out, and brought it down to one tub of sorted bags. Down in the basement I have all the more important notions, and I’ll drag those up eventually. In the meantime, I have a tall, skinny cheap bookcase in the hall, and I thought I’d bring that in to put between the window and the sewing station and store the notions etc. in shoebox size containers (I have tons) which will clean that up. It’s coming along!

After that it’ll be the Great Linens Beat-Down (I’ve got Tim’s room filled with laundry baskets of sheets, towels, etc., and I’ve already given tons away. Again, it’s a combination of my being a magpie and everyone else dying. I end up with some really nice sheets that I’ve been holding on to).

I always like doing this to some extent, but Fall is definitely a time when I nest anyway, so it’s very fitting. After the linens, I attack our bedroom, because our new bathroom is so gorgeous that it deserves to have a decent bedroom attached. But I’ll keep you up to date on that.

I need to be better about taking photos. Wednesday was going to be my craft day, but I think it’s my decluttering day, and each week I’ll weigh in on what I’ve accomplished. Crusie, I want an update on your efforts, and the rest of you, I want to hear what you’re doing. I think I’m able to channel my love of things into sorting and containing and basking in their usefulness.

Anyone else?

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  1. Lynda says:

    Last night I spent an hour dragging the remaining Stuff out of my master bathroom, a nasty, dusty process, and early this morning the contractor and his crew showed up and they are now in the process of ripping everything out, down to the studs. So the work begins. I need to go pick out tile and granite. (Plus, as a joyful side note, while this is going on, my grandson and his wife and their two babies are down here for a visit, the first time I’ve met my newest great-grandchild. They stayed here a couple of days, then last night I moved them over to a hotel, but they’ll be back here later today, and we’ll visit on one end of my little house while the other end is being demolished. Anyway, it’s a busy week.)

  2. I feel as if I’ve been doing nothing but sorting out for a year now. It has to end very soon: the movers arrive at 9 a.m. Monday. Today I went through the pantry again, and discovered plenty more stuff well past its use-by date, although I thought I’d been really thorough when I did the initial sort-out in February. So now I’ve got hardly any food and practically no herbs and spices. Plus I finally threw out Mum’s antique food colourings, since I really wouldn’t feel happy to feed them to people, however quaint the bottles.

    Just got the cleaning stuff to do, then that’s the kitchen, pantry, utility and store done. But these ‘last tweaks’ are turning out to be a lot more than that. Just hope I can be really productive tomorrow. I’m pretty zombiefied right now.

  3. Alis says:

    I was given most of another household this past summer when my BFF moved overseas and I’m still sorting. Her stuff is good stuff, and I like it, but now I’ve got duplicates (at least) of so many things and a little 1950’s house that isn’t big enough for all of it. The DH is good at being brutal, though, and he wants the garage back by the time snow sets in, so there’s hope.

    Oh, and I’m excited about NANO! November is the one time of the year I don’t mind looking at the family and saying (thanks Jenny!) “Get your own damn socks.” I’m really looking forward to getting the current story finished. 🙂

  4. MJ says:

    Good luck to all with the sorting and decluttering. This week I’m gathering, preparing for a Thanksgiving extravaganza. Tomorrow I start on the giant Twister board.

  5. Kelly S. says:

    I love to organize! It is something I do when frazzled. I occasionally wonder if there would be a career in organizing stuff for people. I kind of do that as a project manager, but not quite the same thing.

  6. Jessie says:

    Oh, Jane. I came here to offer you my sympathy and say that I can’t imagine how exhausting it all is. Then I realized that the contractor is coming in two weeks to discuss doing the kitchen (everything must go and I have lived here for 32 years) and the date is for the second week of January. We are currently in the midst of a housing shortage – or more likely – so overpriced most people can’t afford to move, so I swear the whole city is remodeling and if I give up my slot I won’t get him back for a year.

    Still, I have at least two months and you are facing the countdown right now. At this point have them put everything in boxes and if you don’t need them in 6 months give them away or to charity. No kidding I have stuff we haven’t ever unpacked and we have lived here forever. As soon as the movers leave, go take a nap for two or three days.

  7. Lynda says:

    I know that there are people who run businesses as professional organizers, but I have no idea what they charge for their services or how successful such businesses actually are. I have a writer friend whose son and daughter-in-law recently started doing something along those lines somewhere in Texas. Not much help for me in California. I did find one locally listed on Angie’s list, and I considered hiring her to try to make some kind of order in my sewing room, but to date I have never made the call.

  8. Actually I guess I find decluttering and organizing kind of soothing. When I’d doing a big overhaul I usually take drawers or bags or baskets of stuff and go through them while I sit on the bed -like put all my tights in one place, et. Yesterday I started going through all my jewelry, which is all over the place, in tiny jewelry bags (plastic) and then I’ll donate at least half of it. I hope. and I’ll be able to find the stuff I like and actually wear it.

  9. Lynda says:

    It has suddenly occurred to me that if I follow through with my plans to have the entire interior of the house painted and recarpeted next year, I will of necessity be forced to pack/unpack/reorganize the contents of my sewing room, just so the work can be done.

    Or I could just continue to live with my dingy, scuffed walls. That might be easier.

  10. Sharon says:

    I know this sounds weird but when I read these accounts of you people who are clearing out, de-cluttering and cleaning I feel so proud of you! I don’t even know you except for this blog and have never been to your homes but reading these and seeing all that you have done makes me feel happy for you. All that stuff was like a weight on you and I can hear the pride when you write of accomplishing these tasks. Great job!

  11. I’m with you on the decluttering issue. I also spent a year before moving back to L.A. three months ago, doing precisely that. I’d been moving around the same stuff from place to place for forty years. The only reason two thirds was tossed or donated this time, was because I was moving into an apartment and there was nowhere to put it all. Ha ha.
    It does feel good though. When it’s finally done.

  12. Maine Betty says:

    I’m back in my house, which I’ve been renting. Need to find another renter, but for now I’m so happy to be in my home!
    I also need to cull some stuff, mostly clothes I’ve never worn. Possibly some musical scores of things I’ll never sing and never look at. I’m not a knitter or sewer (needlewoman sounds more polite) so I don’t have that kind of stash to deal with.

  13. Jill says:

    I was raised in a military family. I should have learned from my mother about de-cluttering . I was absent for that lesson. I save stuff, my attic is full of stuff. Barbie clothes in one box. Naked Barbies in another box. Cabbage Patch (one from China), Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, John Deere collectables, Navy uniforms (My dads, mine, Joe’s)etc, etc. I think the velvet painting of a bull fighter is still up there ( NOT mine). I have started to give stuff to the annual church sale. My kids make fun of me–until Michael Jackson died. Then kid calls –do you have my MJ doll with glove ? Or when I finally put the Fisher Price pick up in the church sale-the first thing the grands looked for the next time they came down. I cannot win. I have even been giving books to the library–this is big for me a bibliophile. My niece stopped by today. I have made all the Christmas stockings for all the Purinton family for years. Could I make a stocking for her grand baby boy ? You bet !
    Friday I fell off he end of the treadmill at the hospital. My fault-I was messing with my rosary bracelet that I dropped beside the car seat and then ran over looking for it. Totally stupid. Very embarrassed .
    Today our LOH (Ladies of Harley) group made fleece (knotted) blankets for Childrens Haven. We do this every year,this year we did 39 blankets.
    The Holidays are cranking up (sigh)

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