The Bluebird of Happiness, Part Six




Hope is the thing with feathers that perches up in the soul
and sings a tune without words and never stops at all
– Emily Dickinson

11 thoughts on “The Bluebird of Happiness, Part Six

  1. So I guess it was hope that got me rethinking, yet again, what I could do to make a little terraced house work for me in my budget (add a little conservatory beyond the back kitchen so I can sit somewhere light and connect to the garden). Now all I need is for a suitable house that hasn’t got a shared-access alley running immediately behind it, separating it from its garden, to come on the market.

    My lavender passionflower has started flowering: very exotic. And the blackberries are coming, three or four weeks early, which makes my walks even more fun.

    Fernando in Portugal has just got my Mac to see all my fonts, so my letterhead is no longer gobbledegook. (Turned out permissions needed repairing, which is the first thing I tried to do after upgrading the OS, but Apple have hidden it in Terminal now – so their free phone support makes me happy, but not screwing things up so I have to spend 8 hours trying to sort them out, so far, would have made me even happier. I’m also happy that I knew enough to ignore the idiot I got on Fernando’s day off, who tried to make me reinstall all my third-party software from disk, or else revert to my old OS.)

  2. NOW I’m happy: finally sorted out my iMac (I hope), by solving the problem that Mail wouldn’t allow me to attach signatures to my emails after the upgrade to Sierra. This had flummoxed a first-tier tech, a second-tier tech (Fernando), and had been escalated up to the engineers. Three hours at it on Thursday, and Fernando was trying again this morning, alongside the fonts problem; and once again it turns out to be the result of Apple trying to make everything terribly simple, and in the process breaking stuff that used to work fine. Anyway, huge relief, and feeling extremely chuffed.

  3. I lost my internet this morning when the power went out.
    Bluebird number one was when I realized it was a neighborhood wide power shortage and not some mouse chewing through my wiring.
    Bluebird number was when it came back on.
    Internet. I cannot survive without it.

  4. Lynda says:

    Last Sunday on a whim I took the kids out to dinner at a nice restaurant, and during the evening we got to discussing the possibility of my renting a beach house around New Year and getting all of my children and grands together for a few days. Don’t know if we can do it, but just the thought makes me very happy.

  5. I am happy to have made it to, through, and safely back from the Orlando RWA conference with no major (or even minor) trauma. Plus, I had a good time, especially because I got to spend time with my writer friends that I rarely get to see. A few “ah ha” moments in the workshops were icing on the cake.

    Here at home, there is a bird nesting on my porch. Not a bluebird, but it makes me happy whenever I glance up and see her.

  6. Thea says:

    At Bayside Park, rocked out to master musicians, Dr. John and his crew. Eerie, jazzy magic.

    We were joined by good friends we don’t see often enough, and shared a pre-concert picnic on the green.

    Took a friend to lunch; we both talked and talked, and resolved to do it again next month.

  7. SMcClelland says:

    Lovely week at the cottage with my youngest brother’s immediate and extended family. DS turned 16 surrounded by family. My other brother came to the cottage for dinner. It’s the first time we’ve all been there since our mother died last year – we raised our glasses in her memory. The bluebird house is full of happy.

  8. Mama_Abbie says:

    Happiness: Face Time with daughter and almost 6 month old granddaughter. GD has the most delightful smiles!

    While we were face-timing she turned over onto her stomach from her back for the 2nd time – while her mother was in the next room getting her a bottle. The first time was also while her mother was in the other room (10 feet away). Seems as if she will do it herself if no one is there to help her…..

  9. Bridget says:

    I was the aunt. Repeat after me.

    If it happened when their parents weren’t there to see it, it didn’t happen.

  10. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’m so excited (and I’m kind of being a bag and gloating) because Tall Boy caught a 47 lb halibut on Sunday. I’m gloating because his BFF is always the one who catches the biggest fish, brings down the biggest moose, has the better hunting/fishing/smoking/BBQing gadget thing and this time Tall Boy beat him to the punch as he was the first of the 2 to catch a halibut ever and it was a good sized one. BFF is one of those guys who always has to get a little jab in, he’s a little low in the self esteem department, and it doesn’t bother TB but it bugs the heck outta me so to see TB catch their first halibut was pretty sweet.

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