WTFW: Awareness

Click on the picture for the accompanying article from Huffington Post.

“Asking for it,” is the only one I’ve never thought about myself or another woman. That’s the one that makes me see red. But I’ve had all of these thoughts before. The thing about slut-shaming is that they somehow get us to do it to ourselves. It’s brilliant, and evil. And awareness is the best defense.

(Rosea Lake, the artist who took the picture, did this in high school. Gives me hope that our girls are being raised more aware of the poison in the air of their society than I did.)

So, Fucked or Fab… where did your hemline fall this week?

Lani: Ridiculous

riduculous_beginningI’m not the kind of girl to quote Camus, and let’s just be clear… I’ve never read a word of Camus. I just found this on the internets, inside the wilds of which reside persons who have read him and find him of merit. This is not the first time I’ve come up against his thoughts, and I quite like this one.

Whenever you start something, you feel ridiculous. Whether it’s losing weight, and you feel ridiculous trying to exercise in your current body, even though you can’t get to your new body without exercising; or starting a book, and you feel foolish because you didn’t know adverbs were lazy, or that stories need structure. Any first step, any first movement, must by necessity be swathed in the ridiculous, and it is only by having the courage to feel, look and be ridiculous, that we ever do anything truly meaningful.

How are you embracing the ridiculous this WTFWednesday?


Lani: Yes

In improv, there’s a Yes, And Rule. Which means, that whenever someone proposes anything in the fiction, no matter how preposterous, your role is to accept that reality, and then add something new to it. No shuts things down; no stops all movement. Yes keeps things going, and And brings them somewhere new.

It’s kind of a beautiful way to live life, isn’t it?



Fucked or Fab, what are you saying yes to this WTF Wednesday?

Lani: Fabulous



At the end of my classes and workshops, I make my students claim their awesome… I make them say, “I am a great writer.” Out loud. To the world.

For some people, that is so hard. It was hard for me at first. Some days, claiming any of my awesome is really hard.

Today is a day for claiming your fab, even if your week was fucked. So, how’s your WTF Wednesday shaking out?

Lani: The Educated Mind


This is one of the things I often fail at… listening to what other people have to say without agreeing. If I agree, we’re good. If I don’t, I stop listening. I do like this idea of being able to look at something and enjoy the shape of it, wonder at its meaning, consider where it’s coming from and why, and not place judgment on it one way or the other.

So… what insights are shaping up on your WTFWednesday?

Lani: New ReFab, New WTFW

With the new ReFab comes the continuation of WTF Wednesdays… be they f**ked or fab. What went unexpectedly well this week? What had you fuming in your winter boots? Go ahead and share!



Meanwhile, when I see something on the internet I find interesting, be it f**ked or fab, I’m going to share it here, and you can decide… f**ked or fab?

WTFab Wednesday: Medical Edition

Sorry for the late post! Today was a crazy day. Crusie and I did a couple of her medical appointments, mixed in with some Christmas shopping and dropping her car off at Toyota for service. In the midst of our running around, I got this Krissie Ku on my iPhone:

I’m on the road and can’t

Blog. Can one of you just say I’m

Having fun with Sally?

There was something so beautifully poetic about that that I had to copy-paste and share it with you, as part of a Fab WTFW in which Crusie got her eye shot and discovered that, while they made no promises that her eyesight would improve, it did, and is now almost as good as it was before her AMD went wet. It was 20/40 originally, 20/400 after it went wet, 20/100 last time, and 20/50 now. Celebration!

Then we went to the blood doc; some of you may know she has a blood disease that means they basically have to bleed her every three months to keep her healthy. The last two times, her counts were so good that they didn’t have to bleed her. She’s never gone three times in a row with normal counts before… but today she did!

Sadly, her Prius isn’t in quite as good shape, but the good news on that is that for six years, it’s given her almost no maintenance troubles so… fair enough. And the good news is the car is going to be nice and reliable for the long drive back to New Jersey.

So, ReFabbers…. how was your Wednesday?