Lani: Simplicity


I gotta say, I’m with Leonardo on this one. I know it’s more fun to shout, “Go big or go home!” and that philosophy has its time and place, but overall… I like things simple, elegant, uncomplicated and beautiful.

So, how are things shaping up for you this week, complicated or simple, fucked or fab?

Lani: WTFW Release


I’m not a big fan of the idea of sin, but using “differently than” instead of “differently from” makes me insane. And it’s stupid, because I’m a big fan of clarity, and in my book if the meaning and intent are clear, it doesn’t matter.

It just doesn’t matter. Let it go, Lani. Let it go.

This week, for fucked or fab, what pet peeves could you stand to release into the wild?

Lani: WTFW Want

decide that you want it_thumb

This is what it really comes down to, isn’t it? What do you really want, and what fears are you willing to face to get it?

This week, be it fucked or be it fab, what do you want? And how far are you willing to go to get it?

Lani: WTFW Strength



Sometimes I look at pictures of Jackie during those early years and I think, “I know your future,” and I get sad thinking of everything this woman will endure in her lifetime. And yet, in that moment, the now of that picture, there’s always this look of incomparable strength in her eye that seems to say, “Bring it on. I can take it.”

God willing, your week, fucked or fab, didn’t require Jackie-O strength, but whatever it took or gave, report in here and tell us about it.

Lani: WTFW Capability

We spend so much time worrying about our makeup or our bodies or are youth, all in an attempt to be or remain sexy. Yet, in my experience, there’s nothing sexier than capability.

How have your capabilities served you this week in dealing with the fucked and the fab?

Lani: WTFW Shoes

I am not like my sisters. I hate shopping. Most of the time, when I look at something I like in a store, I ask myself if I want to pack it and move it. The answer is almost universally, “No.” If I do want something, I usually treat it like a rabbi treats a convert: it has to ask me three times to take it home, and then, usually, I will.

But there are days when you should just buy the damn shoes, you know? Maybe not every day, but some days. And so today I saw WTF not as an expression of frustration, but as a universal, “Why not?” Say yes to yourself today, and see what happens.

And while you’re at it, maybe spend a moment telling us how your week’s going, for fucked or for fab.

Lani: WTFW Vagueness

Nothing WTF about this. I just kind of loved it.

Also, no real deep thoughts this week. I’m embracing the theme. Vague.

But don’t let that keep you from being very specific about your week, for fucked or for fab or maybe a mix of both. Go ahead, give us your shades of grey. We can handle it.