Happy Trails (Krissie)

The sun’s sinking in the west and this ol’ cowgirl’s heading for the last roundup.  Okay, enough of that fantasy – the only roundup I want to head for is one with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in Cowboys and Aliens.  Terrible movie, but two fine men.  I’ll take turns.

But I digress.  We’re closing down good old Refab – we’ve both got lots on our plates (a metaphor – we’re dieting) and we need to gather the wagons.

Why am I stuck in the old west?  I have no idea where that came from, but I seem firmly ensconced there.  I can’t think of any other cowboy I’d like to strip down and cuddle with , using his saddle for a pillow …  Aha, I’ve got it! Sam Elliott!  . I’d lay my bedroll next to his anytime. Oh, my!

And of course, David Carradine as Shane, be still my heart.

I never change, lusty old crone that I am. Anyway, Jenny and I are now so completely fabulous that there’s no room for improvement. Just kidding. She’ll be putting the Happiness posts and the Working Wednesday posts up on Argh, and I’ll continue my ramblings at http://anne-stuart.com/blog/ and Jenny and I will never speak to each other again because … God, can’t even come up with a believable joke. Just kidding, folks. BFF means Forever. We’ll do some chats on Argh (surprise, Jenny!) and anne-stuart.com/blog/ to keep you entertained. Hmmm, might even be fun doing a live one.

We’ll close down at the end of the week, and catch up with our guests and favorites and co-founder (Lani). Keep tuned for one last space of time and then, adios, amigos.

(where the fuck did the old west come from?)