Krissie: All About You

Photo on 2013-01-28 at 08.12 I’ve been terrible about reporting in, but having a lovely time. Though I gotta say it’s been freezing and right now it’s snowing in NJ! Have I brought winter here? (Though when it was 7 degrees here it was minus 24 at home so I shouldn’t complain).
This is the week we (coz I’m still here) move in. I came down here for two reasons — one, to get a break and start the new book, which I have, and two, to facilitate Jenny’s moving. I thought her furniture would be here but it’s not coming until after I leave, but at least I can help with the stuff here. Hell, I washed floors yesterday (don’t let Richie hear!). Mainly because in Casa de Rental they had a showing, so we had to grab the dogs and get out.
Today we go and wait for the cable installer. I’m coming too because I speak Television. This week we’re going to find the quilt store (looking for Joann’s was a semi-failure because Joann’s was in the midst of moving but there was a great Barnes and Noble and an excellent Marshalls and a healthy Ruby Tuesday). And we may make it to Rockaway Mall. But apart from that, Jenny’s going to be painting and I’m going to be writing and bustling. Doing laundry, dishes, cooking. Such a good little housewife.
Don’t tell Richie. (Yes, I know that’s the second time I’ve said that. Don’t tell him.)
I’ve also been crocheting a lot, and I’m going to continue that. Not a very onerous week, eh?
BTW, Jenny had 51 pairs of underpants. That’s not counting what she still had that were clean. I have a gigantic drawer full and even I was impressed.
This is a very good thing since she won’t have laundry facilities for a while.
Oh, and I’m going to quilt this week. I finished the quilt top I made out of strips Jenny gave me, and now I’ve got a basted Christmas quilt I’m going to do.
Busy busy.
So, my darlings, what’s on your agenda?