Krissie: I love TV (Spoilers)

So it’s been a long year of tv, and an incredibly fabulous one. Shows that started slow have suddenly gone into overdrive, some that stalled midway and came back strong, those that I used to love and just tossed along the way and never got back to. And those I got back to.
And there are those that might not come back (waaaaah!). So here’s a short list of my fave raves, as Tiger Beat used to say (hey, I remember Tiger Beat — it still exists, doesn’t it?).

Not necessarily in order of adoration:

1. Bitten. Took me awhile to get into their Clay, and I’m sorry they came up with an excuse for what Clay did, and I don’t really like beefy guys with hairy chests and slightly greasy hair but man, he works for me! And I like Elena. Not quite the Elena I envisioned, but still. It’s still not renewed (at least as far as I know) so fingers crossed.
2. Agents of SHIELD. Boy, was that limp when it started. Amazingly, because, I mean, Josh Whedon? He’s a God. But it just didn’t jell. I stayed with it, because I kind of liked Ward and Skye. There was a subtle, hidden protection/attraction/antagonism going on that had a lot of possibilities. Once Bill Paxton arrived things got really interesting, but then when … well, you know what happened. Maybe I’ll warn about Spoilers. When Ward turned out to be a murdering, creepy traitor (who I still want redeemed) it was such a shock it was riveting.

3 Person of Interest. Always fabulous. Always brilliant. Killing Carter was brilliant. The kiss (improvised) was brilliant. Everything about this show is amazing, and on top of everything this is the first time I’ve seriously have the hots for Jim Caviezel. Yum.

4. Arrow. Started brilliantly. Jumped the shark a bit. Came back around again, so that the penultimate episode was completely and utterly fabulous! I don’t trust the people who do the show though — I’m afraid they’ll go off again, but I’m glad I stuck with it. Crusie gave up, but it was worth hanging in there.

5. Dancing with the Stars. Yeah, I know. I suppose it’s a guilty pleasure but you know, fuck it. I love it! The main reason I watch it is Derek Hough’s amazing choreography and dancing. (He ain’t bad to look at either). I’m very fond of the other professionals, particularly Bad Boy Maks, and it all depends who the professionals are, but I hadn’t realized I liked dance as much as I do. I’m torn between who I want to win, Meryl/Maks or Amy/Derek. I love that Derek was so hard to beat they gave him a partner without legs and it still doesn’t stop him. He really is amazing.

6. Blacklist. Of course. Perfect from beginning to end. Goes where other shows wouldn’t go. Love it to pieces

7. Once upon a Time. Well, I watched it and sort of half paid attention to it when Captain Hook caught my eye. And grew. (I’d always loved Mr. Gold). And then I listened to The Windflower by Sharon and Tom Curtis and thought of Hook as Captain Morgan and I’m a slave. I just hope he gets Bella. The one problem with the show has been no one to lust after save Mr. Gold, and sometimes he’s disgustingly green and sparkly. They had a possibility in the deputy and then immediately killed him. Ah, but now they’ve got one in Hook, a Bad Boy. Long live Bad Boys forever.

8. Dracula — Never much cared for Jonathan Rhys-Meyers since Bend it Like Beckham. Didn’t like his American accent, found some of the stuff clunky. And yet I was an absolute slave of the show. When there’s great chemistry certain actors who leave you cold suddenly warm up. With Jim Caviezel it was the great role. With this it’s the great chemistry. More more more.

9. Sleepy Hollow, of course. Just kill the wife.

10. The Immortals. Again, the same as Dracula. Who could like Klaus? Except I sort of began to like him when he had the hots for Carolyn on TVD, but now that he longs for Cami and doesn’t even realize it …. yum! So much good stuff. I love the world-building, the New Orleans setting, the broken father/son relationships. Nice chewy stuff (maybe that’s the wrong term for a show about vampires and werewolves).

I just went back and checked. The majority of these shows have men I’ve lusted after. Only Blacklist (I adore James Spader but I really wouldn’t want to sleep with Red. I’d like to be loved by Red, but other than that I’d keep my distance). Every other show has at least mancandy, if not a real relationship I want to see explored.

When I have good fantasy feeding me I write more and I feel better. I think love stories (in books, on tv, in movies) are necessary for my health and always have been. I already deduct all these things for my writing — I wonder if I can take a double deduction for health as well?

Nah. The IRS has no sense of humor (as well as being the spawns of Satan).

Did I miss your favorites? Jenny and I don’t agree on everything — when it comes to a choice between heart and smart she goes on the smart side and I go on the heart side. Unless she comes here and tells me I’m full of shit. (heh heh heh)

Krissie: Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday

Well, I’m trying to upload a photo and it’s not working, so screw it. Got up and worked on taxes for three hours and am now in a foul mood, so I’ll think about something pleasant. Like the hero of the utterly ridiculous Sleepy Hollow. Doesn’t he ever change his clothes? Doesn’t matter — when he stands in a graveyard with the wind blowing through his hair (which has to be a wig since it was short at ComicCon) I’d follow him anywhere. Perfect avatar for my current hero. The show is ridiculous but pretty funny if you can wade through it. And, oh, my, the hero.
The avatar for my heroine, and always has been, is the character Maxie on General Hospital. I don’t know why, but when I pictured Sophie, pretty, selfish, wounded Maxie was the one I envisioned. You know, Jenny usually knows who her avatars are, and she makes the most astonishing collages. For me, I sometimes start with someone, sometimes not. And of course, they soon become their own characters.
So, tv.
I’m loving The Blacklist, of course, not won over by S.H.I.E.L.D. yet, and thrilled by my old friends, like Person of Interest and NCIS (damn you, Ziva!) and the Mentalist. Too much good stuff nowadays, and I’ve got taxes to get done. Aaargh!

I’m wondering if Barbara and Toni are locked out of Refab. With the constant troubles they may have gotten lost in the shuffle, but we’ll see what we can do to get them back. Crusie’s overwhelmed, and I moan too much. Trying not to, but life certainly can be a challenge. We need Barbara’s good advice on moving our butts, and Toni’s rehab inspiration.

I keep looking for the Meaning of Life. I don’t know if life has any meaning — I wrote a series of books where God gave freewill and then took a powder, leaving someone bad in charge. I think that tends to be my general belief — so many wretched things happen that a loving god would interfere. Therefore he’s sunning himself on some beach on the Caribbean with no cell service while an evil archangel is in charge, dispensing plagues and war.

NOT that we should talk about theology or politics or we’ll all start fighting. (Krissie immediately zips her lips about congress but you know what I think).

I wish everything didn’t feel so out of control. I think I need to get someone in to help me on the house — someone who can stand for a long time and carry things, etc. No one can do the taxes but me, no one can write the books but me, but damn it, I can get help with the other stuff, can’t I?

OK, that’s my goal. To call the woman who was going to help me work on this place and see what I can do about it. That, and maybe drag my husband out to work on the storage areas.

But first, I gotta write. Because if I write, the rest of the world is manageable.

But man, do I hate taxes.

Krissie: Turtlenecks from now on

It’s not just my neck and Wittle Wattle, it’s the top part of my chest. My God, the old-age fairy jumped me when I wasn’t looking.
Maybe it was the angle I was sitting. Turtlenecks from now on.

Anyway, we’ve come up with a plan. Speaking of Dark Days, Casa de Rental is just too damned dark, and that’s been part of the problem. We didn’t even connect it but last night Jenny had an epiphany. It’s been too dark even to crochet, and it’s bad enough she doesn’t have the dogs. She needs to crochet — it’s part of her creative process, part of the way she relaxes. It’s a zen-like thing. So step one is to move lighting around here, go to the cottage and find lighting to bring over, and if necessary, buy some new cheap lights.

Second problem, no tv. All the tv’s here are small and analog. Lani talked Jenny out of buying a tv at Walmart, since she has a couple at home, and I do realize my job is to control help avoid impulse shopping, but man, she needs a decent tv. Basically all we’ve got here is HGTV. Yes, we get spoiled with tv and digital but in fact Jenny gave up cable and satellite and went to streaming and has been completely happy with it. And I’m the wrong person to tell people not to buy electronics — I find them necessary.

And she’s been in a lot of pain, and she needs to check out the bed and see what in the world it’s made up. A cheap memory foam mattress topper might make all the difference.

So we have a plan to make this place habitable. Don’t curse the dark, light even one candle (a little too apt in Jenny’s case). But we’ll get this thing working. And maybe Mona will come to stay (she’s the most independent — the others are more pack animals and less house-trained).

As for me, I’ve been waffling between Richie coming down on Friday and us going home on Sunday, or Richie coming down on Tuesday or Wednesday and going to my cousin’s for Thanksgiving. The problem with that is the hideous traffic and I’ve been away too long.

I’ll figure that out. In the meantime, we’re got a plan for the day (after I do my words) and we’ll get this show on the road, as my parents used to say.