Celebration Wednesday (Krissie)

krissiechristmas I probably should have used the term “holidays” instead of Christmas from the beginning, but in my mind Christmas is sort of a blanket term for Solstice, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, , Kwanzaa, and anything else you want to celebrate. Not meaning to be Christian-centric, just being lazy. I like to celebrate everything — when my kids were young we celebrated Hanukkah (no menorah to be bought in northern Vermont but I used 8 candles) and we’d eat potato pancakes, etc. Years ago when Luke and Laura got married (General Hospital) my niece and nephew (ages 12 and 10) came over to watch and we drank ginger ale in champagne flutes and I baked a wedding cake. One should celebrate anything you possibly can, say I.
So I’ve written two days in a row, and that helps. I can visualize my box of sorrows and worry and where it goes — I might even put a box up there to remind me. Still a bit weepy — heard Band Aid singing “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” on the radio this morning and that set me off. But I’m being nice to myself, gentle. Some times are just more difficult than others, but Thursday we’ll have a town dinner with some of the professional actors and singers from the summer returning back to do some songs and readings, and then we’ll all sing Christmas carols, something I miss because we don’t start singing them in church until Christmas Eve and after four weeks of advent I’m usually in the mood for a sleep-in on Sunday morning. We have a new interim minister who’s so low-key I was afraid I might take a nap and start snoring, but I think having someone new in the pulpit is a healthy change, much as I miss our previous minister. (The one who, during a sermon, unfortunately came up with the following line: “the men’s movement petered out.” He was lucky I wasn’t singing in the choir and therefore in front of everybody with my efforts to keep from chortling.)
So carols and turkey and listening to Marla and Sean – we don’t have Christmas parties to go to (haven’t in decades) but this will do.
And I’ll be sporting my lovely, pampered toes. toes

Richie and I made tons of progress on the bedroom – now we just need the Christmas sheets and the Christmas comforter and pillow shams. The holiday season is shifting into high gear, and I intend to go along for the ride!

Dashing through the (lack of snow) ….