Krissie: Torn

Mercury Retrograde was in full force yesterday. I settled down to write, did about 500 words and then Word went kablooey on me. Cursers were stuck where they shouldn’t be, I tried to find a view where I could see code to get rid of it, then I couldn’t get the mss. back to where I wanted it to be, so I cut the last chapter, saved it in another file, and then closed the original file without saving it, so I could get back to where it had been before. I knew I’d saved the file that morning, but I deleted and saved an extra large amount just to be on the safe side. I closed w/o saving, re-opened the file and 4 pages were missing. Couldn’t find them anywhere, not in a back-up file, etc. For some reason there were three versions of the file with the same name, which isn’t supposed to be possible, and none of them had the missing words.
When that happens, you give up for the day or you’re likely to smash your computer. So then Jenny and I had a nice cozy talk, we went to her house and found lamps, etc., and then went shopping (retail therapy and necessity). Jenny bought new towels and a couple of nightgowns (Marshall’s), we ate steak at Applebees (I left most of my mashed potatoes) and then we went to Walmart to buy the necessities (lightbulbs mostly). And Lani read Re-fab yesterday and immediately said “Nooooo! No new tv!” and she immediately got the tv in the mail and it’ll arrive on Friday, so we’re making this house livable.
Unfortunately I’m feeling the need to get home. No, they’re not demanding I go home. In fact, they’re doing very well, though they miss me. It’s just that you feel things start to pile up, and all this moving and sorting has inspired me to go through my house, and Christmas is coming, etc.
The problem is, I could stay a few days, Richie could drive down later and we could go to my cousin’s for Thanksgiving.
Here are the cons:
the hideous traffic
another week away from home
another four days away from Richie
I really really want to get home (did I mention that?)
It’s a little late to tell them there’ll be three more for Thanksgiving
This is the best possible time for us to go to my cousin’s, since Jenny’s rental is big enough to hold us
It would be good to have a change-up since this will be the first Thanksgiving my mother won’t be here
More cons:
My cousins were very close to my mother (they’re her niece and nephew) and she always used to have T’day with them, and they’ll wax nostalgic
Jenny can squeeze us into her new place for a few days when I feel more ready to face things, so this isn’t my only chance

None of us can decide. At this point we’ve swayed toward Richie and my son coming on Friday and driving back on Sunday. Richie and my son will go wandering, since he grew up a little south of here. I think that’s what I need to do. But I’ll come back in December, depending on when Jenny takes a trip back to Ohio and how long she stays. Otherwise it’ll be January. Or maybe both. I think it’ll be an easy trip, and I’ll leave enough clothes here that I can travel light.

Deep breath. Yes, that’s the plan. I hate uncertainty, I hate being torn and not knowing what to do. Both options have their drawbacks, but I think the strongest urge is the need to get back home for a while.

Oh, as for the computer mess-up. I turned off the computer, and when I came home the missing pages had returned, it was still acting up but Jenny fixed it, we have lights in the living room so we watched HGTV while Jenny finally got to crochet again and I did some hand quilting since Jenny doesn’t have a free-motion foot (fortunately I have a couple so I’ll bring one down for later). We got to ogle the Property Brothers and decry everyone’s taste and enjoy ourselves tremendously. And I ate a salad for dinner.

So things are settling in, we’re eating better, the light is better, the work is going ahead (I went and wrote in the late afternoon). Despite the annoyances of Mercury Retrograde (again, we don’t follow it like a religion, Kieran, it’s just that a lot of things screw up and break during Merc retrograde) we’re moving ahead.
Looking out of Jenny’s back porch yesterday (where she DOES get cell service after all), the view was incredibly beautiful and soothing (she overlooks a lake). It’s really going to be quite wonderful for her. And if the Property Brothers can rehab a large house in 4 weeks then Joel can manage a simple bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. Things have already been stripped to the studs and most of the insulation in. Now they just need to get the fuck to work.

Speaking of which, this was the funniest thing I’ve seen in so long that I practically collapsed on the floor of Marshall’s in joyous glee. I think I should make up Christmas cards. Enjoy! (I’m going to put it on Pinterest too). Naughty Krissie.