Krissie: Back to work

Well, I wish I was back at work. I went swimming today, this time at 7 am to see if the pool was emptier. It was, but just marginally. Got back home but got waylaid by the Serpent’s Tooth (number one son) and went to his place to work on his stereo connections. Listened to Lani’s (Lucy March) incredible new book, A LITTLE NIGHT MAGIC, while I drove and didn’t want to stop. Gotta focus.
Odd, but I’ve got this sort of low-grade anxiety/mournfulness/depression going on and I can’t figure out why. Things are bothering me that absolutely shouldn’t, and I’m feeling ridiculously vulnerable. I need to remember all my 12 step stuff.
Well, I may as well dump. I’m feeling like a failure, which I know is utterly absurd. But still, right now that cloud is hanging over me, and I don’t know why it decided to come visit and I’m not sure how to banish it. I know I’m glorious. I know my writing is glorious. What’s wrong with me, that I’m feeling mournful?
Maybe it’s the time of year (or maybe it’s the time of man — you get to guess what that’s a quote from. One of the most depressing songwriters ever). It’s gray and rainy and miserable, and I feel sort of stalled out. The swimming was wonderful for me (I water-walked for 45 minutes and then did 15 minutes of stretching) and I’ve found I can go a little later (up until 3 pm) so that way I’ll have plenty of time to write before I swim, which really works better. Swimming should have cheered me up.
But instead I drove home (the pool is 26 miles away) feeling … blue. There’s no other word for it.
I’m hoping Lani and Jenny can kick me in the butt (they’re good at that) so this cloud lifts. Maybe I’ll be able to banish it myself.
In the meantime, though, I’m not making the mistake of thinking food would make it better. And thanks to Jamie Oliver for exposing the pink slime that fast food places put in their burgers. If I hadn’t stopped going to McDonalds and Burger King already I would have stopped now. And if chicken nuggets ever appeal to me again I just have to think of that episode of X-Files with the mad cow disease and the cannibalism and the eyebrows in the chicken nugget sludge. Urp.
So life is full of good things. Jamie Oliver. Cruisie and Lani’s books (and Crusie and Lani, of course).
In the meantime, I’m going to make myself a nice big salad and turn on “Layla.”
Yoohoo, Richie!

Krissie: I did it! (plus TMI)

Sorry I’m late. When I got up I decided it was finally time to get to the pool again. 46 miles roundtrip, but hey, I’m worth it. Besides, driving is a great time to think, and I’m coming to the end of a book and really need to focus and brainstorm turning points and the big bang.
So I drove and thought and listened to music, got to the pool and prepared ot listen to a Nalini Singh book on my Sansa, which fits in a little waterproof bag you can get from Amazon. Continue reading