Clip Art Junkies, This Is For You

I’ve been researching clip art for a couple of different projects and I found a great source for free images: The Graphics Fairy LLCKaren has a weekly post called Brag Monday where she puts up things people have made using the clip art found on her site, with links to their blogs that give instructions.  The whole blog is a clip art/crafter’s dream.  Plus she has some great vintage kids’ stuff, like a vintage how-to-draw series (my fave is the mice, click on the image to make larger):








I also found a great book, The Steampunk Sourcebook from Dover: Continue reading

Krissie: Home again

Rats. I have to go home. Well, not entirely rats. I miss Richie. I need to return to reality. But I love being with my sisters so much. And lest you think it all fun and games, we’ve each had a mini-breakdown, with tears and vulnerability.
I should mention there’s one topic we don’t talk about here, and that’s the business of publishing, the insanity of careers. This isn’t about Anne Stuart or Lucy March or Jennifer Crusie. It’s about Krissie and Lani and Jenny (oh my). Continue reading

Krissie: Work work work

It turns out I have to go through all 70k words of my (praise god) recovered manuscript, and I had to whine to Lani and Jenny because revising never feels like work. The only thing that ever feels like work is writing new pages — nothing else counts.
Which is bullshit. As Jenny said, the words you put down are simply the raw clay — then you go in and shape it. (I’m paraphrasing her, and I know she’ll correct me, and then feel guilty … no, she never feels guilty when she smacks me down. I need to work on that — it’s not fair.)
So instead of getting the weekend to play and create I have to work.
But screw that. I need something beside work or I’ll go crazy. I went swimming yesterday (found a better time of day) but the weekends are full of kids and much as I love them and don’t begrudge them the pool, it’s not conducive to water-walking and thinking about the book when you’re being bombarded by … what’s that word when a kid makes himself into a little ball and jumps into the water, making the biggest possible splash? Anyway, no swimming.
But I’m taking an hour to work on projects anyway, and I have a steampunk earring update. Photos.
As you see, I have someone protecting my steampunk pieces. That’s the one who sleeps on my stomach and does “Hello Kittys” (bumping noses) all the time. He’s a found cat — showed up one day and we lured him inside with cheese. He hasn’t left since.
Anyway, here’s how I started.

I’m not very good at this — I tend to view crafts with a sort of “eyes are bigger than my stomach.” I see something, it looks simple, and then I create a terrible mishmosh.
But hey, if they make me happy then screw critics. They’re made for me, not to please someone else, so mission accomplished.
Here’s a step in the process.

I’ve got to add another jump ring so the elements face outward. I liked the balance and imbalance of the end result. I wanted more, but they’d be too heavy, which is often my problem when I make earrings. I’m a gaudy soul, a magpie, and more is always better.
But I’ll take a photo when I finish tonight, and I will feel good about the time I took to work on them and not feel guilty.

Krissie: Saturday

First, let me introduce you to Lagoud II. My first Mac was Lagoud I, and he served me for four good years. Then I got Baby Jenny for travel (named after my niece, not Crusie, since my niece talked me into getting a small Macbook instead of a netbook). The name comes from my brother, who was a Mac zealot and techie, amoung other things. I was the only on who held out against the Mac onslaught, and when I finally gave in I had to name it after him. (Lagoud being a name he called himself, a version of his name backwards). Oh, his name being Dougal. Dougal Stuart. Is that not a good Scots name? Continue reading

Krissie: Re-direct

Okay, got on the scale and it was 246. I’m feeling really bloated, and I’ve had an extremely busy three days. So busy that i slept most of the nine hours of the train ride, then got home and slept through the night till 9 am. What’s with that?
But maybe all that traveling, even on a train, is stressful. Had a great time though. And of course eating was difficult, even though I made good choices. Continue reading