Krissie: Back to the Dark Place

Photo on 2013-11-01 at 09.28 No, it’s not the emotional dark place, it’s the rain and month with least sunshine place. Gloom and doom abound.
The drive home was a piece of cake, though I felt sleepy. My stomach’s wonky (not sure why) so I’m being very careful about what I eat and eating a lot less than usual. It’s like my gall bladder’s acting up but I no longer have a gall bladder.
Shrug. I’ve been too self-indulgent anyway.
So. Today I write. Tomorrow I write. I’m more than halfway through the book with two weeks to go — even though I wrote steadily I still got into this mess. I always do. My books want to be finished in a white hot blaze. Sometimes that blaze comes on me at the very beginning of a book and soars all the way through. The few, rare, precious times.
Mostly it’s hard work.
You know, it’s hard when your heart is torn in two places, I want to be in NJ and I want to be here. If/when we move it’ll be three places.
But I’m not going to worry about that. I’m going to go deal with the wicked Viscount, get him married off in a marriage on honor if not convenience, and see what happens.
There certainly could be worse jobs in this world. I really am blessed.
No good wolf bad wolf today. I think the Bad Wolf is busy eating Jenny’s liver, telling her she should be writing, telling her she should be doing this and doing that.
The good wolf came with me, and I’m sorry about that. I’ll try to send him back.

Krissie: If It’s Tuesday

Photo on 2013-10-29 at 08.51 Urgh. My stomach is upset, and I’m not sure what to do about it. It was probably the chili and no gas pills, but I decided to just get up and work this morning. I spent yesterday doing the kind of stuff I hate — non-writing writing business. Like coming up with a calendar for reprint sales. And updating the website. And finding quotable lines for a promotion. And writing a stern letter to Harlequin. (It started out cheery and helpful but I read it to Jenny and she said it wasn’t professional. I should say what I want and leave it at that, since this is the third time I’ve asked and was told someone would get back to me shortly.) She was absolutely right, which is why I asked her. And by then I was too worn out to go back into the Magic Kingdom or Secret Garden or wherever my characters are living so I took a four hour nap instead.
But today I work, and plan, and probably nap as well because I didn’t get enough sleep, but worse things can happen. Tomorrow I visit my cousin while Jenny’s at the eye doctor’s and that will be a treat. But right now i have to start running in place, getting ready for blast off on Thursday (going home then) and a huge push to finish the book. Which should be a piece of cake, but we shall see. Gotta tie evverything up and I had a brilliant idea last night.
In the meantime, Crusie and I are staying home most of the day, getting work done.
I’m so fucking blessed to have Crusie you can’t imagine. One by one my friends in VT have drifted away — I’ve already talked about how I was dumped by my oldest friend, and others moved, and others are unsure of me because I’m a little more over the top than a lot of people and they don’t know quite how to take me. And my BFF, whom I love dearly but who frustrates me a bit, is gone all the time now with a sickly grandson. Not to mention all my family is dead. (My brother, sister and mother all moved up to Vermont and ended up dying there).
Oh, I’ve got Richie, and I adore him, but he’s been depressed and morose and I can’t fix him and I need someone to just laugh with. I need family, and Jenny’s it, thank God.
So today it’s crocheting and writing and Kathy’s and watching more “State of Play” (we’re on a John Simm kick).
Now if she just lived a couple of hours closer …
But you know, having two close friends of the heart is really a blessing. And Lani counts in there too, but right now she’s pretty tied up with her new job, new place to live, new school for the kids, and the eternal honeymoon (lucky girl) so we don’t see much of her. But sooner or later things will settle and we’ll have Lani back to.
Three’s more than enough for anyone — it’s quality, not quantity.
Which do you guys have? Quality, quantity, both, or isolation?

Krissie: All About You

Photo on 2013-10-28 at 10.30 Okay, okay I overslept. We stayed up late watching a marathon of the British “Life on Mars” which is so wickedly good it ought to be illegal, and the I couldn’t fall asleep. It was after four when I eventually conked out, so I’m late and evil and Crusie and I are having a great time.
She woke up earlier and she’s baking pumpkin custard and sugarless brownies and chili for tonight, and then she’s going to clear off the couch so I can write and look out at the water (always a good thing — I write best by water).
Once I got here Jenny went and did her Princeton thing (remind me to talk about Princeton sometime) and I dogsat. She came back and we did some yarn shopping and ate at Kathy’s (Saturday). Yesterday we went to Marshalls’ (hey, I live in the Boonies and we love to shop) and came back. I managed to write close to 5k words on Friday, 4k on Saturday and even 2,400 yesterday in between going out, a long nap, and finishing up Life on Mars. Crusie’s been feeding me very well, and today stay home and look at the water and write while Crusie catches up on things.
Tomorrow is a free day, Wednesday I take her to the eye doctor, zip over to Livingston to visit my cousin, and then we come back for my last night. I leave early Thanksgiving so I can get back in time for my grandson – my new shortcut keeps me on empty roads (in NJ during rush hour!!) so I can leave when I want and my only concern is Albany.
I’m being self-indulgent with the food, but not insane, and I get back home and finish the book in a white heat (please god).
So, what’s on your agenda?

Krissie: Three Dog Night

IMG_1026 So I’m in NJ, staying at Crusie’s while she goes and impresses at Princeton, which is the family school (father, uncles, BIL, cousins, cousins-in-law, BFF’s husband … plus my grandfather and BFF’s grandfather were professors there — mine was Classics, hers was Archeology). But I digress. While Jenny strides through my old haunts, which, until the time I was 18, were all male, I’ve been playing with the dogs and writing my ass off. The first thing I did, after she left, was strip down to my tighty-whities, put on “Old Time Rock and Roll” and dance around with a broomstick.
Then I wrote. And wrote. Jenny’s new computer arrived. And I wrote. And I went out and bought food. And I wrote. And then I watched three episodes of “The Originals” and I’m falling in love with Klaus, and three episodes of the original “Life on Mars” and then I went to bed with three dogs on the bed and Wolfie on a cushion on the floor. And we’re talking a twin bed, folks, with a large woman. We slept very well, thank you.
Now i’m up and writing like a madwoman. I want to see how much I can accomplish before Crusie comes back in the evening. I’ll go out to lunch to break it up, but right now it’s just me and the dogs and work work work.
And behold, life was very good.

Krissie: Squalor on the Lake

Photo on 8-22-13 at 11.44 AM Oh, my, look at the time. I’m sitting here in my nightclothes, Jenny’s still asleep. Sloth!
Well, I did wake up and read email on the iPad and then played a few hundred games of slingo before putting the Cpap mask back on and going back to sleep.
I get to feel so deliciously self-indulgent here.
Though I need to write some more, and I have to get dressed to do that (I almost never write in my jammies — don’t know why. But then, I don’t like going around in my jammies. I have no idea why.) I think we’re staying home today though I can always be lured into a quick dash to a store or Kathy’s. I toned down the food yesterday — not great but at least fifty per cent better than the day before. Nibbled carrots last night, ate cherries instead of cookies. If I can eat better down here I can triumph!
We’ve been talking about writing, talking about crocheting, our dysfunctional family relationships, our cars (I haven’t even taken a photo of Eulalie for you guys to see — she’s a beaut!). I need to write a discourse on celebrity, on finance, on god knows what. My brain gets going when I’m here — Jenny and I stimulate each other. Tonight we’re watching movies while we crochet — we couldn’t find the remote controls beneath the yarn last night. We’re starting with Warm Bodies, which I’ve seen twice and absolutely adore, and maybe the first disc of the Tenth Kingdom.
Ah, life is good down here in steamy NJ. And I intend to try mountain climbing down to the lake and jumping in. But not today, when thunderstorms threaten, because once we get down there we’re not getting up very quickly. Particularly if there are bears between us and the house.
Life is an adventure down here in the tropics. If you read about two women in eaten by bears in NJ you’ll know we died happy.
And you can fight over our yarn.

Krissie: Tuesday, Make it Or Break it

Photo on 8-20-13 at 9.19 AM
But first, a commercial. The new book, NEVER KISS A RAKE (as opposed to the gardening book, NEVER KISS A HO’) is officially out. Here’s what it looks like. (Hey, I made it, so it qualifies!) link You don’t have to go buy it, but I think you can go “like” it. Oops, no, they seem to have dropped the option. Well, you can forward the link or something. Or hell, you can go out and plop down money for it because God knows I’m worth it!
Can you tell I’ve got my moxie back? I’m not feeling pitiful and irrelevant any more. This is a damned good book. It won’t cure cancer, unlike one or two of my other books, but it’s sexy and fun and admit it, there are some of you out there who’ve never read a book I’ve written. Come on, admit it. You know who you are. ¬†You’ve read all of Crusie five times over, each one of Lani’s at least twice, and not a single one of mine. It’s time to start. And my godfrey, as the old Vermonters would say, you can get the Kindle and Audible versions for a combined price of $6.99 ($4.99 for the ebook & add-on Xe Sands wonderful narration for only $1.99). BTW, that’s a great way to get cheap audio books — I’ve done it several times with authors I love. Okay, end of commercial.

So I’m here in NJ and happy as a clam or a lark or whatever. Why are clams happy? Because they have a pearl inside? They’re going to be eaten. But I digress. While I’m here I’m going to learn amigurumi (pronounced amigrumi because the Japanese like to smoosh some vowels together, don’t they, Micki?). Jenny’s already making a baby blanket for Alphonso (Richie’s name for the little one, even though we don’t know what sex) and I think I’ll start with a little kimono type thing. Crochet and write and watch movies, with the occasional shopping excursion.
I want to show what you guys are making, so Jenny came up with a great idea. I’ll start a dropbox folder you can upload your photos too, and maybe some thoughts of how or why you did it. I’ll set that up later today and give you a link tomorrow. And don’t worry if you don’t have dropbox already. It’s free, it’s the best program around, and when you sign up I get even more storage space.
But first.
I never go to my post office box, and when I finally went down there I found a fabulous present from our Lynda! Too late for rehearsals, but I shall wear it with pride. I don’t know how she did it — she must have some kind of software and/or machine so she could make the template, but it’s cool as well and I want a dozen t-shirts with sayings of my choice.
But here’s Eulalie’s T-shirt:
Shit. It’s not on this computer — how helpful is that? And if I’d already set up the dropbox folder I could have put it in there. You’ll have to wait till next Tuesday to see Eulalie’s T-shirt and Sister Margareta (who precedes last year’s Sound of Music but I renamed her in honor of my first role).
Not too helpful today, am I? That’s all right. I’m excited about my book, excited to be here in NJ, it’s a beautiful day and I have a nice big piece of crumb-topped coffee cake that I’m going to throw out instead of eat. If I can eat wisely down here I can eat wisely anywhere.
Pray for me, boys, I’m going in!
I’ll set up the dropbox folder and give you guys a link later today. Little Krissie is in a happy mood today (which is nice, because it’s easy to get edge and gloomy when a book debuts)).