Travels with Krissie’s Sinus Infection

that’s Krissie with a sinus infection. Now every time I blow my nose (not often) it’s bloody. Glands are swollen, ears are screwed coz of the airplane pressure. Felt horrid yesterday, better today. Don’t know what to do — the cough is worse and my throat hurts. All the warnings are justified — I’ve seen how antibiotics can screw people up. But Richie gets chronic sinus infections and they fix them. (Shrug).

But I digress. I’M HOME!!!!!!!! Of course, anywhere Jenny and Lani are is home, anywhere just one of them is is home. I still have to deal with the cruddiness that’s bothering me (or maybe I don’t for a few more days, till the meds take effect) but I’m here, and I can breathe a sigh of relief.
The place looks fabulous. Well, it looks like a bomb hit it, but that’s because so much stuff is cleared out and gone. it’s wonderful. They’ve both been working so hard. Today we’re going to go through Jenny’s clothes, ruthlessly, I’ll take what I want (because I’m getting skinnier — I’m moving into a XL and Jenny’s moved out of it). The main thing I need to do is get rid of clothes when I get home, which is easy. It’ll be fun to replace old stuff with new, even if the old stuff is perfectly good.
There’s also a huge goodwill pile that I’m hoping we’ll sort through. I’d love to take it to Goodwill and then poke around there. They have an excellent Goodwill.
For food we’re gonna have to be adaptable. I’ll eat well as often as I can, but f’rinstance I’ve had a craving for pancakes and in my pitiful condition I deserve pancakes, so we’re going to ihop this morning. And I need to buy a gallon of water because Cincinnati water is so god-awful you can’t even make tea with it, and I need my tea with honey.

Anyway, now I’m torn as to whether to call my doctor back. It’s been 9 days now, and just gets worse (though the first two days were awful — I just slept). This is distracting me from my depression — how dare it! Nah, I can’t be too depressed here at Squalor on the River.
So happy to be here, but missing Richie, who’s been nothing but wonderful. Hey, and so has my son since he’s been back. We’ve had long talks, he vacuumed the house yesterday, he tells Erin he loves her, he’s good with Alex.
And my daughter is taking care of business, god bless her, and I’ll see her soon. It’s gonna be okay.
And it’ll be so great with Jenny close enough that I can jump in the car and visit for a few days any time I want. And when Lani moves she’ll be even closer.

Nothing but good times head.