Krissie: Busy Days

This is ancient Pooska, Kaim’s kitty. She’s seventeen, and she was being sickly, so we took her up to the vet and he thought she had kidney failure. I’m not going there. In fact, I didn’t think he was actually very good — he gave Cello antibiotics for a bladder infection but didn’t take his temperature.
So we’ll see. $258 later …
However, I got wonderful ideas for Richie from you guys (ideas for Richie to get me), and I cheered up and even put stuff on my wish list at Amazon. YOu guys cheered me up with reminding me what was important – time with Richie, foot rubs, etc.

So I thought I’d explain about a good friend of mine and her daughter. She and her daughter were very very close growing up and then her daughter, we’ll call her Mary, ended up in school on the west coast (after three years of drifting through other schools). Her daughter has emotional issues. Anyway, she settled into school very happily in San Francisco. She’s very reserved and somewhat shy, but eventually she found a comfortable situation and good roomies. Anyway, things happened, she decided she was Gender Queer (which means kind of androgynous and sort of waffling between male and female) and didn’t want to be called “baby girl” (a term of affection from her mother) or daughter, or Mary. She chose a new name that no one had ever heard of (let’s call it Maim) and now her family has to call her that and they get corrected every time they get it wrong. And they get it wrong a lot. Though she corrects them nicely enough. And they’re allowed to use her and she. But she’s not their daughter, she’s their child. And don’t get me started on wanting her breasts removed, and she’s a tiny little thing with probably a 34 B.
Infer what you wish. My poor friend is very supportive but a little frustrated, and her father is confused and annoyed. He just wants her to finish school after about 9 years of school and never holding a job and being supported by her parents her entire life.

Anyway, that’s the story of Maim. Oooh, that’s a terribly alternative name. Maik. Ah, that’s a good fictional name.

Anyway, just another thing to add to the mix of depression.

But anyway, off to get the car looked at and do some last minute shopping (plus have a nice lunch). So we’ll have a good day.

If anyone had advice on how my friend should handle Maik let me know and I’ll pass it along.

Krissie: Banner Day

My heavens, yesterday was a frabjous day! I had a lovely (though exhausting) time. We filled Sally’s Subaru with with bags and boxes for Goodwill, and we stopped there first. Then we slogged through Bed Bath & Beyond (3 coupons), AC Moore (1 coupon), Marshalls, Toys R Us (15% off toys coupon), then Japanese food for lunch. Then, god help us, Walmart. Off to the bead store to get onyx beads for Kate, and then, by god, we got pedicures, and man was that nice. Massage chairs, nice women massaging our feet, nice rest, and adorable results. Here are Sally’s feet from FB: Mind you, Sally has gorgeous feet. I have better fingernails, but she thinks her feet are her best feature. Not true, of course.
So we were very festive as we went to Costco and I spent $460 (mainly stocking up on food and meds) and went into shock and then we drove home, still feeling very merry and bright (This was an 11 hour day since the shopping place is 65 miles away and it doesn’t even have a Target — none in the state, in fact.)
And arrived home to hear Jenny’s fabulous news!
She’s definitely felt like she’s turning a corner, Lani already did, and now maybe I’m ready to. It’s fragile, but hopeful.
I see my therapist today, and we’ll talk.

Of course, our household trail of disasters has been disheartening. Richie dug up the septic tank (almost as bad as digging a grave in frozen ground and we got that drained (the dishwasher and sink were leaking). Then he found a sagging waste pipe and he fixed that. Still water gushing everywhere. So now we have the VT equivalent of Roto-rooter here, (Hartigan) flushing out our pipes. I shudder at the cost of all this. The hot water heater is rusting and leaking so that will need replacing (do we go instant, which is expensive but saves money). The tv was acting wonky but I’ve fixed that (I think). Our kitchen sink is rusting through. We’ve been in the house 26 years and we put on a 20 year roof.

But hey, I’m not going to think about it. I’m gonna have a Holly Jolly Christmas, god damn it. Tonight I’ll go to the Advent sessions we’re having a church (prayer and meditation and music). Speaking of which, I still can’t sing from all the screaming. Probably shouldn’t try for a while, though I do love to blast out “Joy to the World.”

So, a wonderful time shopping with a dear friend (that’s what Lani and Jenny did yesterday too). I’m feeling merry and bright, and I’ll have a dishwasher and sink back. What more can a girl ask?

To quote Bob Marley in “No Woman No Cry” – “everything’s gonna be all right.”

And then we ended up with the Who and the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger saying it was the largest collection of old British musicians ever gathered, and I sent money, of course (Sandy Relief).

So all in all a stellar 12/12/12. How was yours? Any of the rest of you turning corners?

Krissie: What to Do

The face is getting thinner. I think the wattle is actually shrinking as well. It felt smaller, so I took a photo, and it seems a little less.
But I digress.
I have to figure out what I want to do today. I have options: I could go swimming again. I’ve gone only twice this week, for PT, and I prefer three times, but I did overdo yesterday. They put fin-things on my ankle and when I didn’t feel a difference they told me to move faster, which was a mistake. So I’m a little owie.
But I love water-walking, and I’ve got something I’m working on.
Or I could drive to the big city and go shopping. Haven’t done it for a long time. I want to go to B&N and look at the magazines and pressure cooker cookbooks, I want to go to Costco and buy lots of lovely fruit and vegetables (in the frozen north Costco has the best) and even go to Home Goods and Michaels and TJ Maxx just as a little indulgence.
Except that we’re skint (isn’t that the British term for being very broke) and can’t afford indulgences. I can find pressure cooker recipes online, I don’t need magazines, even if I’m dying for the newest “Where to Retire” one.
Driving is also almost as good as water-walking for coming up with plots, so it would be a working trip.
Or I could stay home, combine some decluttering with some sewing. The problem is I’m trying to set up a sewing area in my son’s old bedroom, but most of my stuff is in the basement an the basement is such a wreck …
Can’t decide. I shouldn’t be feeling restless — we drove to Syracuse last weekend and I went to the pool (25 miles away) twice this week.
But I am. I’m feeling in need of treating myself. Of getting away by myself and poking through things and …
But the idea of staying home and nesting and sewing is just as strong, so I’m torn. Which is the best way of nurturing myself?
Next week I’ve got PT Tuesday, doctor’s appt. for my mother Wednesday, PT Thursday, doctor’s appt. for my mother on Friday. Plus see if my shrink has a cancellation that week. And before then I need to take my mother out to lunch because she’s been trapped in her apartment for a couple of weeks without getting out.
. Gotta find someone to help with my mother.
If I don’t go to the big city today I won’t get there for another ten days. But I don’t think I want to get into a car again. Maybe today will be just for me and I’ll stay right here and only do things I want to do. Except …
Aaargh! I can’t make up my mind. Just for today I want to do exactly what I want. Just for me.
I just can’t figure out what it is.

Krissie: Day 2

You know this isn’t going to be business as usual. God knows how many times we’ll post daily (more than once, most likely), and Jenny’s shoving her iPhone in our faces so much we’re gonna need to reciprocate.
I’m up early, in the living room with the gas fire on, planning to work. And it’s freaking snowing outside, when you guys told me just to take a raincoat. It’s all your fault.
Maybe I’ll make a new coat. My current coat, which I made, is so fabulous I get compliments on it almost every single day. I’ll take a photo of it when I get home, but it’s a hooded micro fleece with a hood and bell sleeves (looks sort of like a wizard’s robe) made of two Chinese-patterned panels. I’ll never find fabric that good but I could still use some zebra patterned fleece and look like an enormous zebra on wheels when I’m at Krogers.
So I’ll work, and then I’m going to make Jenny and Lani take me to two Targets farther away, because she found almost enough matching curtains at the two Targets nearby (just last week) so I figure we might get lucky. Unfortunately the main thing Crusie threw out was the packaging, so I can’t call around and ask, but if we even find one panel that will make tracking down more easier. Great curtains.
And Joanns! And I’m taking them both to Applebees for the low-calorie menu, and once more we will laugh till we pee in our pants. Best story so far — Alastair and Lani have a habit of respond to almost everything they say to each with a besotted look and an “I lurve you.” I saw them do when Alastair handed Lani and DC (which may or may not be worth a declaration of eternal love). Apparently recently they were about to depart, Lani said “I have to pee first,” to which Alastair replied “I lurve you” and Lani responded in kind.
Jenny wants to secretly record it and make it a ring tone.
So, more photos, more stories, more fun at Squalor on the River and the states of Ohio and Kentucky (who woulda thunk it?).
Sisters are the best thing in the world.

Krissie: And now for something entirely different

We haven’t talked about clothes yet. You know, those eight baskets that I cleaned out in my bedroom were about 3/4 clothing, most of which I hung up or put away. I do confess I left what I thought was a small pile in the closet to hang up later, and then I proudly installed my tv.
And then it came time to pack. 8 days, two of them traveling. When I’m at SOTR (Squalor on the River) we basically go out shopping most days, to Hobby Lobby or Michaels or Target (no Target in Vermont) or TJ Maxx. Why do we shop? Because it’s there. Neither of us (Lani’s more controlled than Crusie and I are) need one more damned thing. For Christmas I’m giving Jenny trash bags, clear for donations, regular for tossing. And yet we will shop.
We might go to a movie. We usually go out to Steak N Shake once, Olive Garden once, maybe throw in an IHOP and an Outback. That’s gonna change.
I plan to introduce Jenny to the wonders of Applebee’s low cal menu. In our state they have to put the calorie amount of everything on the menu (at least, if it’s a chain restaurant) and everything else, including the salads, is well over a thousand. But the diet menu is actually good.
So anyway, we mostly stay in and talk and sleep and watch movies and talk.
So what am I going to wear?
8 days, 2 days travel. For the travel maybe a loose dress with tights and a sweater or jacket. Maybe the slinky knit black one I wore in New York with the kimono sweater Crusie gave me. Or a slinky knit skirt and one of the … what’s it called when the neckline crosses each other, like an old Diane von Furstenburg dress? And a jacket or sweater with that. That would do for anything fancy, which we absolutely never (except when Crusie made the NYT for BET ME).
I think I can make do with two denim skirts, one pair of pull on jeans and one of corduroy, and black tops. Because in my closet I found a basket chock full of about six different long-sleeve cotton tops, all black. Sigh. Along with some sweatpants, and then another basket with more sweatpants and sweatshirts and winter nightshirts. And another basket with things to hang up.
Waaaah!!!! And I just did all the laundry so we can add two more baskets of my clothes, neatly folded. 5 fucking baskets, if you’ll pardon my French.
It’s depressing. To top it off, I went to the bag of donation clothes and pulled things out of it, because they’re wonderful and I’m losing weight and I could wear them soon.
I’m drowning in clothes.
It doesn’t help that Crusie weeds through her closet, holds up something and says “want it?” and almost half the time I grab it if I can squeeze my body into it (Crusie’s much smaller than me but she likes loose clothes).
So now I’m completely overwhelmed, and I have a lot of things to do.
Simplify, simplify.
Clearly, I need to divest myself of all those sweat pants and sweat shirts, since I don’t like to wear them. I need to go through the black tops and get rid of the ones that are faded or pulled out of shape. I need to hang up the clothes and put away the summer ones and for god’s sake stop buying clothes!
At least, not until I’m hovering between XL and 1X (I’m now hovering between 1x and 2x, whereas before it was between 2x and 3x. When pants get really baggy it’s nice to replace them, but I have a lot of fairly new pants that are only a little too small. I could squeeze into them but they wouldn’t be comfortable.
Deep breath. Okay, I can’t solve all this at once. I like skirts because they’re comfortable, and I like loose pants. 8 days. 2 skirts, 2 pants. Screw the slinky knit, I’ll travel in something I plan to wear.
OK, that gets the bottoms taken care of.
Tops. A handful of the black, a couple of flannel big shirts, maybe a couple of lighter shirts. Let’s make that only 2 black ones. 6 tops. That’s enough.
8 pairs of of socks and underwear, two bras, one pair of shoes, one nightgown and one lounging outfit kind of thing. The kimono sweater, maybe my long gray duster, and one more over-thing, like a jacket or sweater. Oh, and the bathing suit in case I can talk Lani into taking me to the Y.
There. (Sigh of relief). That’s better. When I get back I’ll sort through the rest. I hate to end up with baskets again, but I can and will pile them in the walk-in closet so my bedroom stays neat.
Problem solved. I needed to walk through it with you guys to figure it out. You know, I think I’m gonna post this today, even though I already put one up, because by tomorrow I’ll be on a plane and I won’t be able to use your wisdom.
Plus, I have to figure out whether to take my winter coat or rain coat, since the temperature’s gonna hover around 40 and for me that’s balmy.
Okay, this is going up, in case any of you have wise advice on the packing and too many clothes department.
And I swear, as god is my witness, that I will not buy any clothes when Jenny and I go out shopping. Nothing. Nada.
I can do it!