Jenny: Krissie’s Coming To Stay!

Krissie’s coming tomorrow!  I’m doing the Snoopy Dance all over the place.  I NEED Krissie here.  WE need Krissie here.  And even before she gets here, she’s improving things because while I was cleaning out her room, I uncovered the sewing machine and took a break and tried this idea from a Japanese sewing book I bought on eBay.

It’s a book on how to remake men’s shirts into women’s clothes, and there was a nightshirt/smock/duster that was easy, so I knocked it off fast just to get back in the swing of sewing.  I’d forgotten how much I loved sewing.  Of course I screwed up the bobbin, and it’s the new machine not my trusty old one so I have no idea how to get the bobbin case out (Krissie threaded it, I screwed it up) but KRISSIE’S COMING TOMORROW, so she can fix it then. She loves fixing sewing machines.  She’s brought my serger back from death more times than I can count.  Where was I?  Right the shirt.

1. Get two coordinating shirts from Goodwill.  (Go on Sunday; it’s half price for senior citizens.)

2. Decide which one you like best.  That’s the top.  Trim the bottom so the shirttail is gone and it’s straight all around.  Press down a quarter inch hem.

3. Cut the other shirt off just under the armpits.

4.  Pin the top shirt over the bottom shirt, overlapping by about a quarter inch.  Top stitch.

Ta Da:











Nightshirt with a shirttail hem.  For somebody who lives in her pajamas, this is high fashion.

Did I mention Krissie is coming?  TOMORROW!  Must go do the Snoopy dance again.