Krissie: Make it Tuesday/Bad Krissie

So I gave into temptation and bought a used model of my favorite sewing machine on ebay. I’ll probably be sorry. The price was excellent, though, and I miss my Lily! Shouldna’ ha’ done it, though. (I don’t know why I suddenly went Scots on you all). Big Berthe is now mended and the repair cost half of what the used machine cost, so it was a worthy decision, I think. Or maybe not.
I was sewing with Sally but she had to make an emergency visit to Ann Arbor to care for her daughter after surgery, and won’t be back for five or six weeks. So I’m going to have to figure out my own sewing area here. I can go over to her house, but I’m kind of messy, so I’d rather work on my own and be responsible for my own mess.
With the new baby coming I want to see if crochet-ing is any better than sewing for babies. I made baby clothes for Kaim before she was born and I wasn’t happy with any of them. Quilts are another matter, of course.
So I want to see about crocheting little sweaters etc. for the baby. If they end up terrible I can always frog it.
And I suppose I’ll make a lightweight blanket. And some amigurami. Or is it amigarumi? I signed up for an Etsy course, plus Jenny can teach me.

Crap. Fuss this morning. I’m going to seek some calm somewhere.

Krissie: Make It Tuesday

Image I went to Sally’s on Sunday and we spent the day sewing. I’ve got three sewing machines — a fancy Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer II that’s about 9 years old, a Janome Gem (tiny, powerful portable) and a used Bernina. Well, the Viking (Big Berthe) is in the shop, Bernadette’s feet are missing, and Gemma started screwing up when I tried to wind bobbins. I want a new to me sewing machine. Another used Viking or Bernina. Or a Janome, or any kind, really. Either a base classic or an ultra fancy familiar model like Brother or Singer. I just like sewing machines, and I use them all. But I can’t really afford a new one, but because I want one. Still, I’m haunting ebay. Grrr. I gave my beloved Lily (a Viking, my first really good machine) to Kaim for her 21st birthday present (8 years ago). Sigh. Anyway, I sewed a border onto the batik strip quilt I posted yesterday, then did a little more quilting on the Christmas tea quilt I’ve been working on for … oh … seven years, maybe. Not sure what I’ll do with it — I was making it for my mother.
I don’t really have anyone to give it to.
Might go over to sew again this afternoon — depending on what I get accomplished.
I ate sparingly (and found a free app for the iPad that I’ll also put on my phone — my fitness pal. I remembered some of you mentioned that, and NettieD was too expensive an app. I also downloaded all sorts of interesting writing apps. I’ll play with them and let you know how they do.
So what’s for today? Not sure. Making things. Working on the new story, writing. It’s beautiful but chilly (in the 50’s, I think) so no pool (maybe not for the rest of the summer, alas). But things are coming together.
“I will now count to twenty in the Indian tongue …” No, that’s the play. I will now attempt to upload a video. Be patient with me. And I’m gonna see if I can figure out how you guys can upload pictures in your comments, so we can see what you’re doing.
So, the big question is, will this work? I have two other videos plus a few more pictures, which I will dole out sparingly (too much magnificence at once can be overwhelming).
Isn’t it nice to be fabulous? What are you creating this week? Just your glorious self? Or something as well?