Krissie: Saturday on the Road

We’re off today, to the Columbus RWA chapter. Crusie’s giving a talk, Lani and I will heckle, and we’ll have a great time. Nothing like a road trip to get the juices going.
I was so crippled we ended up spending a quiet (ha!) day at home, and then the shopping jones became too much so I had to go to Target (there’s no Target in Vermont) and TJ Maxx. Plus we went through Crusie’s fabric stash and I now have 50 pounds of fabric to ship back.
Mona fell in love with one of my shoes, but fortunately I’d bought new ones. Then, while Crusie was busy writing her speech I went out on her deck and was having a great time sweeping the leaves off (seriously) when she came out and chased me away with a broom, and for some reason I had a coughing fit that went on for half an hour. I guess I don’t like damp leaves. So then Crusie decided she had to do it (making me feel guilty but then I said, “naaah”) and I was planning to go back out with a bandanna over my face but then she called in reinforcements.
That’s Jenny after I went out and tied a cloth around her face so the wouldn’t choke, not the Frito Bandito (remember him?). But then brawny Alastair saved the day … and Lani manned (or womanned) the power washer and it looks mahvelous! After a day on the road we can go out and sip wine tonight and listen to the … are there crickets in Ohio? Peepers? Maybe we’ll listen to the werewolves howl. Sounds good to me.
I’m being relatively on target with the food. We had thin crust veggie pizza (though I ate two slices) and salad for dinner, oatmeal for lunch, a nice huge apple, a breakfast bar, and waaay too many goldfish. But still, pretty damned good for being on vacation. And I have no need for the ritual Steak N Shake visit. Plus, in Jenny’s tighter clothes I pass a mirror and giggle in delight.
Pictures to come.
So it’s Saturday in Ohio and all’s well with the world. At least at Squalor on the River. God knows what chaos is going on in Vermont. Though all was well there, last time I checked.
There! My work is done.