Krissie: Sunday by the River

I’m out on the deck and it’s gorgeous. Birds are singing like mad – so many different ones. The river is calm and deceptively still, the woods smell wonderful, the temperature is cool and lovely, and I’m in a perfect moment of peace and happiness. There’s a lot of happy for me here in Ohio. Then again, there’s a lot of happy for me at home, too. It just comes with a lot of pain.
That’s what it looks like from Jenny’s deck. I can hear ducks from down on the river — noisy suckers. At least three different kinds of birds. We usually have one at a time in Vermont. I can just see the ducks through the trees — there’s a long parade of them, like Make Way for Ducklings, making a helluva racket as they announce their travels. Vermont ducks are smarter — they know someone’s gonna shoot ’em soon as look at ’em. And loons are just crazy.
The sky is very blue. The deck has been powerwashed. We get to skype with Crusie’s daughter and grandchildren today.
It’s Sunday by the river and all is well with the world.