Make it Wednesday (Krissie)

First off, the Daily Surprise. I’m giving away three sets of the first two Fallen Angels books in audio (or physical book if people prefer). The ones I wrote as Kristina Douglas. Go to and the Drama Queen blog and comment. Hmmm, did I say people had to comment in my post? I’ll have to go check. As usual I said too much there. Bad Krissie. Anyway, this is good for people all over the world, unlike the previous deals etc. and whatsername (she’s new) is seeing about spreading the deals to other countries and to the Nook when possible.

Okay, time for creativity. I’m having trouble with my big fancy machine — I keep getting an error message, so I put that away and pulled out my baby Janome Gem. Though maybe I should have Richie haul up the Bernina. (I have too many sewing machines but I love them!).I’m almost finished Emily’s quilt but I have to do some free motion quilting in the border and the Janome needs a little plate over the feed dogs (they don’t go down). I could always put duct tape over them, but given that I have so many sewing machines I might as well spread the love. Then I’ll finish Alex’s snowboard quilt and make up the two other baby quilts I started. And then expand the batik quilt (I’ll ask advice from you guys) and quilt that for Tim and Erin).

Let’s see what’s in Dropbox today. Ah, someone’s been making stained glass! I love art glass — Jenny gave me a bunch that I intend to put into my eventual writing/quilting/sewing studio (when I get one). So far I can’t tell who did them, but here’s what she said.
These are the first four pieces I’ve made. The tree was made several
years ago in a class and the mallard drake and frog were made in the
class I took at the end of February. The geometric piece, I like to
think it looks a bit like a quilt, I made on my own. It’s not perfect
but I don’t think it’s too bad for a beginner. Onward to butterflies!frog

glass quilt



I love them all, but particularly the “quilt” one with the Mondrian-like effect. ‘Fess up and take your praise, lady.

Jenny will probably come in and make the layout look much prettier. Because graphics and layout are important to her she’s taken the time to learn how to do it properly. It’s a steeper learning curve for me, so I don’t know how to make it all pretty, but I bet she comes and does it.

And it’s Richie’s birthday!!! My glorious husband is one year short of a Significant Birthday, but I get to make him pineapple bread pudding and we’re going out for gourmet pizza. Ah, life is good.

Krissie: Home again

Photo on 2013-05-24 at 09.16 We’re home. We’re tired. It’s cold and raining and it’s going to snow tomorrow night. My my my.
I think it’s time to move.
Richie has to be the best man in the history of the world. He’d worked his buns off because Jenny’s his SIL and because he’s Richie. I want more pictures, Crusie!
She did great. She hauled wood, she pulled things apart, she fed us at Kathy’s. Even I got into the action and helped Richie rip out part of the railing, and then Jenny and I, by sheer woman power, rocked the other section of it back and forth and yanked it it from the wall and floor. Richie and Jenny ripped and tossed things down the steps, then realized the steps were hanging by a nail or two, so Richie shored it up. Jenny and I attacked her air conditioner (she and Richie brainstormed how to put it in, and then while Jenny did it I was cheerleader). Jenny built a wonderful shelf and discovered that the porch-which-will-be-the-master-suite is already insulated. We broke a window. Veronica christened the new floor. We brought home enough wood in Richie’s truck to keep Jenny going for a while. And Richie took out the stubborn window and studs that were in the way while Jenny and i did a second run to Home Depot.
And then on our way home we stopped by Richie’s most beloved pizza place in the world, and damned if that man didn’t eat almost the entire thing. Normally we won’t touch pizza (though this one had mushrooms and no meat on it, so it wasn’t that bad an indulgence.
There is nothing better than NJ pizza. Trust me.
So — we hammered, we screwed, we ripped out boards, we … oh, yeah. They hammered and screwed and ripped out boards. I cuddled the dogs and read a couple of really great books. But hey, I’m the one who brought Richie.
So anyway, we’re back in the land of snow, the book is done and now I can some work getting the house in order, work a bit on the BOMH (Book of my heart — which is a project that’s not necessarily practical but you love it so much you can’t keep from writing it) and … oh, probably grandson for the weekend.
And I’d better go food shopping.
So now we’re up to date. I imagine Jenny will put pictures up for Cottage Saturday, but in the meantime we worked hard, even me, and got so much accomplished the mind boggles.