Krissie: Aiyee!

I couldn’t sleep last night, thinking of all the things I have to do, all the things I want to do. Right now I’m printing up the mss. so I can curl up and start revisions. Of course, I need to find a neat, quiet, secluded place to read through it — good luck with that.
I need/want to put the autumn stuff away and start bringing out the Christmas stuff. I need/want to sew. I need/want to finish clearing the decks, rearrange the living room furniture, bring up the christmas mugs, get rid of one book case (consolidate stuff), bake pumpkin bread, see my therapist, do some food shopping, read the stack of magazines that piled up, figure out the entertainments for the church Christmas luncheon this Saturday, bang my head against the wall, work on revisions, make a trip to Goodwill, send off the advent calendars to my daughter and her roomies, go food shopping ….
As I said earlier, aiyee!
Okay, priorities. Which is get the book done. Get the revisions done. Once that’s taken care of the rest will fall into place. I tend to be pretty good at letting go of the things that don’t get done in time (like my daughter telling me yesterday that she’d like a new quilt — six months warning might have been nice).
So I guess I go with time-sensitive. As in, first book, then holiday stuff, except that everything that’s not book is holiday. It’s weird — I don’t have to send any presents away — we’re not exchanging presents with Richie’s sister. (I doubt I will ever ever forgive Richie’s sister). Everyone in my family is dead besides Mini-me (except, of course, for my nuclear family, and nothing better damned well happen to them). So it’s just us chickens.
Inch by inch, row by row.
the problem with writing is that it’s so overwhelming. It’s hard for the brain to encompass the big picture, and my brain hasn’t been working at top capacity recently. It’s sort of like someone’s thrown a blanket over a light — everything’s shadowed and muffled. Depression sucks.
But I do see my therapist today. And they’re changing … crap, my printer’s running low on toner, goddammit … anyway, they’re changing my meds, so that may help (we’re trying cymbalta).
And the draft is done, Alleluia, (or Hallelujah, depending) and we just take one step at a time.
Inch by inch, row by row.
Anyone else feeling overwhelmed by the holidays? I usually just flat out adore them. In fact, even now I mostly do, now that Thanksgiving is over. I just have to figure how to get my work done and make things a little easier on myself.
In the meantime, down in NJ, Jenny will get one or maybe two dogs to cuddle with (even though she’s dealing with snow right now). Over in Ohio, Lani and family are dancing around all 5,000 square feet in their underwear playing air guitar. Sisters are doing it for themselves, even if they’d rather have each other around.
Next year we’re going to have to plan a way to spend some quality, holiday time together.
Next year, I’ll be happy and healthy and wealthy and wise.
Next year, pigs will fly.