Jenny: Mental Health Through Upholstery

Since Krissie mentioned The Chair, and I need a post for today before we go to Staples and JoAnn’s (bliss), I will show you the The Unfinished Chair.  What happened was that the day after I realized I probably had AMD and found the letter from my doctor confirming that I had diabetes, I started doing laundry obsessively (which was good because I had mountains of it).  And in between loads, I decided to reupholster the entire house.  Well, a lot of the dark furniture in the house.  It was too damn depressing.  Since then I’ve painted a lot of it white–more to come–and Alastair painted all the woodwork in the living room white because I was coming unglued and it helped (it’s fabulous)–but that night, I wanted to do something right away, something that was hands on, something that I wouldn’t have to think about but could just do by instinct, aka “That looks right, that doesn’t look right.”  Kind of like collaging a chair. Continue reading

Jenny: Re-Habbing for Re-Fabbing

Last year, in an attempt to re-hab my life, I bought a cottage in New Jersey.   It had sat empty for a couple of years, and there had been an undiscovered leak in the basement that had allowed mold to grow all over the basement, the electricity would short out if you plugged in two things at once anywhere in the house, and the pipes were all galvanized and disintegrating  . . .

But I loved it.   Loved it when I saw the picture on the internet, loved it when I visited it for the first time, loved it when I went back a second time with Krissie.  “Talk me out of this,” I told her before we went in, and then when we were leaving, I said, “So I shouldn’t buy it, right?” Continue reading